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NFL????|??????????a???????????????|????? played only a game in the 2014 season after season, tight end Taylor efot (Tyler Eifert) showed a rebound in the last season, the first selected occupation bowl. recognized as one of the Cincinnati tigers efot red weapons alliance the most effective growing value, choose to perform his rookie contract fifth year option. Efot now will play the 2017 season the tigers. when we picked him for efot we have high expectations, but he achieved all expectations, coach Malvin - Lewis (Marvin Lewis) said. He is a very important part of our team in the future. last summer training camp would be difficult to be defended in season efot growth in the number one foreign powerful tiger beyond all expectations passing attack in A.J. (A.J. Green) took over Green's good partner. efot that is smaller than him safetys have a headache, he relies on his body, the ball range and ability to jump jump height received both sides are likely to grab the ball. Half of the season he had to break the 46 year old tigers catching touchdown record history of proximal front. in the wide receiver Malvin (Marvin Jones) Jones joined the Detroit lions and Mohammed (Mohamed Sanu) Thanou joined the Atlanta falcons under the condition of efot s cheap nfl jerseys free shipping hould play a more important role in the next season.The whole audience who love , the offseason can look at the Atlanta falcons. The team recently announced the full guard Derek - Coleman (Derrick Coleman) and soma (Soma Vainuku) - Weinuku signed into the big list. Earlier this month, Patrick DiMarco (Patrick DiMarco) as a free agent and signed for Bill, these two people will compete for him leave vacancies. Coleman was a member of the Seattle Seahawks. He played 14 games in the 2015 season, but after being accused of being involved in a car accident, not only escapes, was suspended for four games, making him a free agent. Coleman and Weinuku last year two people have not played the regular season. Vinuku, the South enlarging draft, had played in Dezhou for the pre - season, but did not enter the list successfully.The | squash players and Youth Olympic champion dialogue rich cultural activities carried out The map and Bubka Isinbayeva attended the Youth Olympic Village in the dialogue with the title Li Lei / photo In August 17, Singapore Cleveland (correspondent Li Lei) two legendary pole vaulter star and Isinbayeva Bubka, tonight came to the Youth Olympic athletes village hall, and hundreds of athletes from around the world together, communicate and share their experiences and feelings of the game. This is a special organization's dialogue with champions in this Youth Olympic Games. It aims to enhance communication between young athletes and stars, and better promote their growth. 's cultural education for young people through sports is also an important purpose of the Youth Olympic Games. Before the opening of the Youth Olympic Games, Roger, chairman of International Olympic Committee, once said, "International Olympic Committee's responsibilities should not be limited to hosting sporting events. We should also shoulder the responsibility of educating young athletes, because sports is an education. this Singapore Youth Olympic Games has designed 5 themes and 7 forms of 50 activities for athletes, providing athletes with learning, contributing, interacting and celebrating platforms, especially emphasizing the active participation of young athletes from all countries and regions. The 5 themes are the Olympic movement, the development of skills, the healthy life, the social responsibility and the ability to express. The 7 forms of activity include dialogue with champions, self excavation, world cultural villages, collective activities, art and culture, exploration and island adventure. through these activities, athletes will understand the values of the Olympic Games and how to apply these values to their lives. The Youth Olympic Games in the hope that through this series of activities, let them learn Olympism, the Olympic movement, and the problem of globalization and sports; let them learn beyond the self, positive impact on people and the environment around; communicate with other participants, promote the exploration of new ideas and new learning culture; and praise the Olympic values the world outlook and cultural diversity, and feel the power in the spirit of the Olympic Games and the unity of multicultural population. Another key element of the culture and education program is that it also includes non athletes, Young Ambassadors and youth reporters. Young Ambassadors aged from 18 to 25 years old will participate in the culture and education plan on behalf of the Olympic Committees of all countries, and continue to promote Olympic values in their communities after the Youth Olympic Games. Young journalists from Singapore and other countries in the world are young journalists who are ambitious from 18 to 25 years old. They will provide news, interviews and reports for the Youth Olympic website and the Youth Olympic digital platform. at tonight's relaxed meeting, many participants and athletes, including the Chinese Youth Olympic delegation Ambassador Wang, put forward their own problems to the two stars, and they got one by one.15 QB depth chart ranking Dak Prescott, Cooper RushTo be clear: The Cowboys are in love with Prescott, totally convinced he's their guy for the future and of the belief he will build on his historically impressive rookie season in Year 2 and beyond. There's nothing not to like about Prescott. But many who are reading (I know from experience) will think this is too low for the Cowboys. My answer is simple: It was only one season. As brilliant a year as Prescott had, you have to give me more than one before we can talk high-level confidence. And this is a confidence ranking, not a who-had-the-best-2016 ranking. Prescott looks as if he'll be without star running back Ezekiel Elliott for some period of time this season, which will be a major test for the Cowboys' young signal-caller. And undrafted rookie Cooper Rush as the backup is a total unknown, though Dallas is expected to bring back Kellen Moore after releasing him over the weekend. This situation appears to be on the rise, but it'd be crazy to think there's no chance it could break the other way. -- DAN GRAZIANO

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