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even-even soccer equipment network at the beginning of October, Puma company four of the Mexico League club jointly launched a special "pink plan (Project Pink)" Jersey, for seventh consecutive years, the global sports brand to cooperate with the club together to continue to promote the fight against breast cancer "pink plan", aims to arouse the concern of the the disease, raise awareness and help people discover and treat. The new season of "The official website of NFL | Brady's April Fool's Day: I was really hurt | football you know, Tom Brady (Tom Brady) would never miss a good chance to fool you with! our new England Patriots quarterback, on Wednesday morning sent a Facebook photo, it makes you think of him in the Bahamian archipelago trip, and that his jumping video. Brady wrote in his face book that Michael Jordan (Michael Jordan) is not a joke! Look carefully on his leg and Jordan's signature. well, Brady didn't actually what happened, he played a game of basketball at Bahamian archipelago and Jordan, playing golf laps, jumped up and down the cliff, then come back. Love the Patriots' fans.The third AFLC League in various difficulties eventually kicked off, a total of 10 teams, namely: Shanghai, Shanghai, Shanghai N cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ighthawk Titan warriors, Chongqing panda, dochers and Chengdu Hongkong, Hongkong, Hongkong, the cobra killer whales and Guangzhou Apache, Guangzhou attacked by tigers. Shanghai Shanghai Nighthawk VS Titan second AFLC last year as the championship team, the Shanghai nighthawks away Shanghai Titan Games has become the focus of the battle of the first round. The two teams in the pre-season game, the Titans team had narrowly defeated the nighthawks, and the start of the new season journey also gives different colors for the game again in the final last year held in Zhangjiang sports center. at three p.m., the game starts on time. The first section of the game, the Titans grabbed offensive mistakes and Nighthawk fluent an attack with leading to 12:0. In the night in the first section of the game offensive blocking a shock four times off the ball, the game can not be optimistic about the form. After some adjustments, the Nighthawk attacked had significant improvement, the completion of the 1 ball touchdown run. At the end of the first half, at 8:12 behind the nighthawk. to start the second half, the Titans were repeatedly attack defense Nighthawk damage. The Nighthawk offensive team experienced in the first half of the downturn, the second half has a great improvement, by constantly running the ball finished with four touchdowns to help the team get a victory. Finally, the success of 35:12 at Comeback goatsucker, won the League opener, embarked on the road. (1973, legendary Steelers quarterback Terry Bradshaw worked in the first half was intercepted 4 times, the second half of almost Comeback success, but did not do the Steelers goatsucker.). Chengdu panda VS Chongqing wharf worker Chongqing wharf workers sit in the town at home to visit the Chengdu new army, the new Chengdu panda. As a veteran team, dochers in this game is frozen more than foreign aid, did not play a full level, eventually in the home court improbable lost by 6:0. The Chengdu pandas have won the first victory in AFLC, giving fans a greater expectation of the new army,. Hongkong Cobra VS Guangzhou Si tiger Guangzhou Si (Guangzhou Southern China tiger tiger) ushered in the last AFLC South champion Hongkong Cobra challenge in a heavy rain, due to the strength of a big gap between the two sides, the match results as expected, the cobra 17:0 to win easily. But the weather, as well as many reasons for the site, led to the failure to complete the match, which is a pity. Hongkong VS Hongkong the killer whaleThe between the two teams in Hongkong battle, and ultimately by the more powerful hawk had the last laugh, 68:0 also created the largest League this year difference. Since AFLC, the first regular season round all over, the team lost all home court. The next round will be held in August 29th. The match is: Shanghai Titan VS〉Zhou Jihong: Olympic Water Polo | list yet to be finalized | injury for the biggest problem Cleveland May 23 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Kang Shaohan) the London Olympic Games close at hand, China diving team to participate in the London Olympics final list yet to be finalized; and the injury has become the biggest difficulties and challenges during the China team preparing for the. On the morning of 23, the State Sports Administration held a news courage meeting in Beijing. Zhou Jihong, deputy director of the General Administration of swimming management and China diving team leader, introduced the related situations of China diving team preparing for and participating in the London Olympic Games, and answered questions from the media. Zhou Jihong said to everyone's attention to the list, the end of April, May in Changzhou at the beginning of the national diving championship is Chinese diving team the last leg of the Olympic trials. Although the Olympic list hasn't been finalized yet, from last year to the five trial of this year, you can also know about the selection, because the selection is open. But so far, the list has not been implemented to anyone. London Olympic Games, the Chinese team is fighting in different places. When it comes to the biggest difficulty facing the Chinese team, Zhou Jihong said that from all aspects of life, all the competitors are the same. They must first overcome them. At present, the most difficult is that the players have different degrees of injury, these injuries are not formed in two days a day, but a long time accumulation. It is a big challenge for the players to have injuries and to keep the system training. Beijing Olympic Games, Chinese diving team scored 7 gold, 1 gold medals by Taiwan male only. With the World Championships last year and this year's World Cup team of China gold blanket, people on the dream team in London is also looking forward to prospects. In the London Olympic Games, can the Chinese team play a good play again? Diving is a traditional Chinese project, we will do our best to strive for the best results on the 8 projects. Zhou Jihong said. (finished)

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