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Oakland Raiders coach Jack - Rio (Jack Del Rio) on Friday said the team will put a hamstring injury in the last game of the cornerback D.J. Hayden (D.J. Hayden) in the injured reserve list, his season ended. "it's a huge blow," Rio said. "It's unfortunate. He behaves very well. " The new rookie contract at the end of the season's twelfth pick in the 2013 draft was due to the end of the season. in Hayden's absence, TJ- card (TJ Carrie), Antonio Hamilton (Antonio Hamilton) and Dexter Macdonald (Dexter McDonald perhaps) should share the groove angle guard position playing time and substitute Sean Smith outside (Sean Smith) and David Amoson (David Amerson). But Amoson was absent from the game because of a knee injury, and his appearance may be difficult to determine. Hayden became the raider's slot guard this season. In Smith because of a shoulder injury and missed amenson absent play when he also served as the outer corner of wei. In the 11 games, Hayden had 37 grabs, 1 forced the ball, the 6 pass, and no pass. He had 3 copies in his career and 26 break passes.NFL's official website announced the | pirates coach Skrtel promoted | cheap nfl jerseys free shipping football coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers settled, the team will be the offensive coordinator Dick Skrtel (Dirk Koetter) promoted as the new coach, replacing the previously dismissed Lowe - Smith (Lovie Smith). In Smith after leaving, Skrtel is seen as the most appropriate coach candidates, in addition to the Miami dolphins have expressed interest to him. The team decided to continue building the team as the core of after the selection of Jameis Winston with the champion. In Winston's rookie season, Skrtel for his help, the latter has the ability to stimulate each player's potential pirate attack group. The 56 year old Skrtel has served as a coach at the Arizona State University, then served in the Atlanta falcons and Jacksonville Jaguars offensive coordinator. NFL website reporter said Skrtel first work after taking office will be required to find a reliable defensive coordinator. The current defensive level of the pirates is at the end of the league, and they need to strengthen the team in a full range so that the playoffs will be hit again in the new season., the least fortunate team, there are several teams, you will think they are looking for excuses, there are several teams that you will think is just the data is not beautiful, but this is rugby game. 5 49 people in San Francisco, : 50%. : 46.5% (Pythagoras winning a victory by the true level, calculating the divided data to calculate the theoretical significance of the team can more accurately reflect the team. The winning team is higher than that under the good luck, bad luck.) difference is within the right of a ball (within 8 points): 2-2 range strength: 63.2% saved the ball rate: 41.18% error positive and negative ratio: +4 in fact, 49 people do not feel the game is very lucky, they are a winning more than half the team, and their performance is the level of. Their mistakes are in the normal range, they decided on a ball game winning is not worth 50% so what panic. In fact, the 49 people have shown their strength, the intensity of the race, the terrible rate of dropping the ball. They showed that they were more than 5% of the other teams. In addition to the rams and the bears, the rest of the 49 players are all the playoffs. The simple games were only played with Washington red skin and the Oakland Raiders, and the 49 had the NFL history - the toughest race this season. But the data also show that the save rate not what they dropped the ball for the team, they dropped the ball back rate is twenty-seventh in the league, if luck is a bit better if they can beat the Arizona Cardinals or this Sunday against the Chicago bears. If the luck is good, Aldan - Smith (Aldon Smith) and Nawoluo - Bauman (NaVorro Bowman) they will lock a playoff comeback. 4 New York giant : 37.5%. 40.6%: winrate Pythagoras difference is within the right of a ball (within 8 points): 0-0 range strength: 57.6% saved the ball rate: 27.1% error positive and negative ratio: +2 wait a minute... The data is not quite right, right? The giant's saving rate is only 27%? How can this be possible? This season is the lowest rate to save the ball. In 2011, the New Orleans saints had only 24%. But I believe this value will not be the end. what's more, the word luck seems to have nothing to do with a giant. None of their games was a winner. They were also very strong, but they still faced two substitutes for the quarterback (the two quarterback of the red skin). To exclude ridicule 〉believes that the Denver Broncos hit the Carolina Panthers in the opener of the cam - Newton (Cam Newton) behavior more foul call. Although it is too late for the Panthers to foul up on the wild horse, they may be somewhat relieved that the wild horses are fined for the impact. NFL official website reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported on Wednesday that security guard Darion Stewart and linebacker Brandon Marshall are due to Newton's helmet to helmet impact and fined. Stewart was fined $18231, Marshall was fined $24309. Newton was hit by a wild horse many times in the game. Stewart hit his side shortly after the fourth first half of Newton's pass with his helmet, and the referee made a foul on it. But in the game earlier with Marshall Newton's behavior does not impact the helmet mask was whistled. But the vice president of the NFL referee, Dean - Brandi Blandino, admits that the penalty should be blown. Panthers believe that wild horses should be punished for more fouls, and they may refer to the face mask of Newton's mask at the early stage of the match, Miller (Von Miller).

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