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Seattle Seahawks defensive core, safety Earl Thomas (Earl Thomas) the injury affects every Seahawks fans. He was injured in the NBA final, and he once returned to the dressing room. After the match, the team revealed that Thomas was injured in the shoulder. Despite injuries affecting his training, Thomas has repeatedly stressed that even if he can't recover to 100%, he will not miss this perhaps the most important competition in his career. Thomas said, "there's nothing to limit me as long as I'm still alive. I am not afraid and will go all out in the game. No matter what happens, I will spell the last minute. " Thomas suggested that he would not deliberately avoid using the injured shoulder, and if necessary, he would hit his opponent with his shoulders in high speed. On the other hand, team mate Richard - Sherman (Richard Sherman) was also cheap nfl jerseys free shipping injured in the elbows in the last match. Although it will not affect the appearance of the game, it remains to be seen whether it will be able to play its 100% strength. If Thomas and Sherman are not in the best condition to play, the money Eisner Kam - Qiang Wei (Kam Chancellor) performance will become more and more important. He will be responsible for the anti run limit Le Garrett Blount (LeGarrette Blount), if necessary, he also needs to pass on anti rob (Rob Gronkowski) Kowski gloon. From the Super Bowl only less than a week, the Seahawks players need to seize the time to adjust the state. All the fans expect each player to be able to do the best and dedicate the best.Jerry Jones's (Jerry Jones) team finally won the tenth victories of the season, which also helped them to take the top position of the country's east side for the time being. Dallas cowboys have put their fortunes in their hands, and they look forward to returning to the playoffs. In the interview, Jones Garrett of coach Jason (Jason Garrett) praised Canada, he said the coach Garrett will continue to serve as the team. "There's no doubt that he's our coach," said Jones. Regardless of the results of the season, he will still be the cowboy's coach for the next season. I like him very much. " After the end of the season, Gareth Mendez, Bryant (Dez Bryant) and DeMarco Murray (DeMarco Murray) the contract will expire. If the team can get into the playoffs, Jones will not hesitate to make a big contract for them. this season Cowboys devotes a solid and powerful attack front to strengthen the ground attack. Now, she is doing well. The regular season is two weeks, the Cowboys hope to bid farewell to the past, done in one vigorous effort to make the playoffs. The Garrett and his team, the chance to prove myself to the.The Rome players and the coach group headed by Spalletti provided a special version of the jersey for Pope Francis, with the official logo of "Jubilee of Mercy" on the Jersey. The back of the shirt was printed with the name of Francesco, but the number was No. 1, because the pope had a door - keeping experience when he was young.The official website of NFL | reportedly teams hope that through trade to get the pick | football as it was expected, the Tennessee Titan was very popular in the NFL team when the draft was approaching. According to ESPN reporter Adam Xie Taft (Adam Schefter) reported that there have been more than one team and ask for the pick of the Titan contact their opponents. is not clear how many teams with the Titans or contact these clubs who used the pick to pick. But according to the official website of NFL reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) said, with the first round of the twelfth overall and nineteenth picks Cleveland Brown contact with the Titans and most likely to succeed in trading to pick. But this report was subsequently general manager Brown (Ray Farmer) - ray Moore law to deny. , however, Titan's signature is a very favorable position in the first round of the draft. Here they can choose at least one of the two quarterback players this year, either Marcus Mario Kobita of University of Oregon (Marcus Mariota) or jemis Winston of Florida State University (Jameis Winston). Tampa Bay pirates are thought to be picking Winston with the number one. But what Titan will do is little known. But we now know that some teams are playing the pick idea.

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