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even-even soccer equipment network England West Bromwich Albion club today officially launched the new 2015-16 team season home court Jersey, also announced that the Asian Gambling company fun city (TLCBET) as the club's new season main advertisers, fun city Chinese characters and English language bilingual advertisement will appear in the new season team jersey chest. Deep navy blue "knickerbockers" and the famous white stripes will return in the new season, and the collocation and white shorts and socks.The New Jersey Away Jersey with black shorts and black socks.The search for the Jacksonville Jaguar's chief is in progress. According to the official website of NFL reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that the American tiger interview has coached the New York giants and jaguars coach Tom Coughlin (Tom Coug cheap nfl jerseys free shipping hlin). The job may be coach Coughlin, also may be a competent team operating position. The report also pointed out that the current team coach Doug - Malone temporary (Doug Marrone), the new England patriots offensive coordinator Josh Macdaniels (Josh McDaniels) and the Miami dolphins defensive coordinator Vance Joseph (Vance Joseph) is a Jaguar might consider candidates. according to longtime assistant Kevin Brad Coughlin - Gil (Kevin Gilbride) said that the position of a certain attraction for the Jaguar, coughlin. He has a home in Jacksonville and some of his family still live in the area. Pay attention to family and Coughlin and family members can stay together may be the main attraction for him. coolin has four seasons in the playoffs in the first five seasons of the Jaguar and the two to stop the United States Championship. The Jaguars in the fourteen season after leaving Coughlin only two times in the playoffs. Former boss Gus - Bradley (Gus Bradley) was fired last week after only fourteen victories in his four season. 's attraction to Coughlin can, in some ways, be easily welcomed by Jaguar fans. Coughlin occupation career total record of 170 wins and 150 losses and two times won the Super Bowl champion. In an interview in recent months, Coughlin has expressed his interest in teaching and looks like age is never a factor for him to consider. He will be 71 at the start of the 2017 season.The official website of NFL | bears defensive problems under the sign before 49 people end | football bears up defensive coordinator Vic van Kyrgyzstan Austria (Vic Fangio) 49 people in the office when jioubu, previously due to domestic violence was defensive end Mike Donald ray termination (Ray McDonald). team chairman George Mike Kasich (George McCaskey) after the interview, approved the general manager, Ryan parks (Ryan Pace) signed the former player in a year contract. Pais said: we not only signed a 3-4 defensive front, but also a 3-4 defense front known for Fangio's defense system. Mike Donald has been playing for 49 people since he entered the league in 07 years. It has made 210 escapement, 19.5 capture and 4 ball loss. Since the 11 season, he has played more than 3000 games in Fangio's defense system, and believes the bear has signed a contract that will help the team to finish the defensive system as soon as possible.The official website of NFL | alliance forbids the team in any form of rugby football | heating in the Carolina Panthers and the Minnesota Vikings game, picture display field temperature of minus 7 degrees Fahrenheit (about minus 20 degrees Celsius), so the low temperature makes everything so hard as. When was in the second quarter of the competition, the lens was aimed at a staff who was warming the ball with heaters. Obviously, he wanted to soften the ball and make it easier for the quarterback to grip. However, this does not accord with the requirements of alliance, alliance vice president Dean Buladinuo (Dean Blandino) said on Monday that the two teams are in the process of the game have been warned. yes, you can't make any changes to the football artificially, no matter whether it's the ball or the ball, you don't allow it to be heated. With the arrival of December, the temperature will get colder and colder, and we will continue to inform teams of the rules.

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