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July 8th news when the training camp begins at the end of seven, the competition in some places will become more and more hot. this year one of the most interesting offseason Hugh position competition will be the Denver Broncos quarterback, incumbent starter Trevor Simeon (Trevor Siemian) and will show Paxton Lynch last year in the first round (Paxton Lynch). The competition may continue into the late training camp and the pre - season. But if de Marius Thomas (Demaryius Thomas) is the host, the competition will soon be the result. In an interview with Thomas on Friday, said he hoped the quarterback competition would be able to "get out of the old gold mountain in about a week and a half after the start of the training camp". wild horse will be trained with the 49 people in San Francisco cheap nfl jerseys free shipping before their second pre - season August 19th match. Thomas's schedule for the two place in the off-season training show flash quarterback means higher expectations. The two people have been praised by Thomas, who especially praised Lynch's progress in training. Thomas also said that the wild horse took over, the quarterback, the near end and the running guard were going to hold a private pass training camp in about a week. Thomas hopes the training will help the two quarterback. Thomas's hope for the quarterback's position will not force the coaching team to make a decision before the two people are clearly divided up and down. But you can understand why Thomas might want to work out as soon as possible who will pass the ball to him in the new season.on this crazy Wednesday, de Marius Thomas Demaryius is the biggest winner of NFL, but other players in the League also benefit from Demaryius. This begins with the two top foreign contacts of A.J. Green (A.J. Green) and Julio Jones (Julio Jones) entering the contract year. Green knows this. Thomas revealed at a press conference Friday that Green was one of the first people to contact him after he signed. So what did Green say? "Thank you." Green said. Green has publicly expressed his willingness to finish the last year contract. He was willing to bet on himself for good reasons. Thomas's $70 million contract for 5 years may be the starting point for Green's contract negotiations. Although Thomas and Bryant Mendez (Dez Bryant) has a very good performance, Green used two less than their last time to obtain similar data.The saints' lineup this week is probably more serious. coach Sean - Payton (Sean Payton) said, they are likely to make four point guard Drew - Bracey (Drew Brees), running back Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson), Mark Ingram (Mark Ingram) and defensive end Cameron - Jordan (Cameron Jordan) a game of the preseason Saturday. these people did not play in the first two games, and Peterson himself had not played in the pre - season since 2013. "we'll let them play a few balls," Payton said. "As for the last few goals, let's see it." has just recovered from foot surgery center Marx Unger (Max Unger) may also play.whether you are not Pittsburgh Steelers fans, you will love them running back DeAngelo - Williams (DeAngelo Williams). , the oldest 33 year old runner in the league, is the first player in the League running yards. He has completed 237 yards in 2 games. But last season, when the team's main runner was absent, Williams finished 204 yards in 2 matches. ?????????????????????????????-??????Le'Veon Bell???????????????????????????????????? After Sunday to help the team to beat Cincinnati tigers, Williams does not seem to want to hear about their ability of people far beyond the bench movement, he told reporters: "I am the insurance scheme of the team, I help Baer complete the task in running the ball during the suspension, I want to make sure that my position will not cause the team trouble, I came here I want a good I was fighting for the super bowl, this is the only thing I have to care about." Williams may also lead the League next week, after which he will return to Baer in the fourth week.

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