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The 1995-96 season Away Jersey brought new changes for green and white collocation, it is the classic "four division" jerseys for the "Red Army" next season's away kit offers inspiration through the fashion design New Balance, the back of the green and White Jerseys will be unforgettable. NB Dry thetook over the Carolina Panthers lineup for a significant overhaul of the team in the offseason, the team performance in the past year the best of the 4 receivers all away, using Kelvin - Benjamin (Kelvin Benjamin), Jericho Cocchiere (Jerricho Cotchery) - Avant He Jie Sen (Jason Avant) as a replacement. local time Tuesday, according to a reporter on the NFL website, the Panther chose to cut Avant. So far, Avant has only finished 21 times in 11 game cheap nfl jerseys free shipping s. After last week's match, Avant criticized the decision of coach Ron Rivera (Ron Rivera): "I've been in the League for a long time. So I know two things to leave time for the opponent, that is the chance to win the opponent. The coach can not hope to help the team win by 50 yards of free kick. If there is no choice, it is right to do so. But when there is a choice, we must do our best to close to the opponent end zone, for the completion of a touchdown." Rivera said on Tuesday: "Avant is the team's consideration, the decision is only about the rugby itself." The avant criticism, Rivera said he had not care about what he said, "it will be more young external providing new opportunities."kkansas chief will continue to adjust the defense team. ????????y???????????????????????-?????Ron Parker???? After they have cut cornerback Daryl ray Weiss (Darrelle Revis) and linebacker Derek Johnson (Derrick Johnson), when the new year League when they started to cornerback Marcus Pitts (Marcus Peters) traded to the Losangeles rams. Peters basic salary of $5 million 650 thousand in the 2018 season, he will not occupy the $7 million salary space. Cutting him will save the chief from a $4 million 900 thousand salary space. Parke joined the chief in 2013, and he started 62 regular games for the chief in the past 4 years. In his 15 games of the last season, he took 67 times to capture 2 times. chief in safety position and Daniel - Sorensen (Daniel Sorensen) and Eric Murray (Eric Murray), another star cornerback Eric Berri (Eric Berry) will also return from a torn Achilles tendon in. They also signed Amoson Amerson (David Amerson), and won the DELL Washington corner Smith Fowler (Kendall Fuller) from the transaction of Smith Smith.The official website of NFL | Eli Manning blessed Pierre Paul back to health | football Eli Manning (Eli Manning) and no injured teammate Jason - Pierpaolo (Jason Pierre-Paul) contacted, but the New York giants quarterback who know how important for the team in the season of success. obviously (Pierre Paul) is an important player, Manning said on Friday. He is an important force on the defensive side, so I hope everything will be better and he will keep healthy and hope he can continue to play a high level when playing. Manning thought the accident was a bad luck. He said, "I don't know the whole process of the accident, but you never want to see injuries to professional athletes, especially in the way that should be avoided. Pierre and Paul received an amputation of the right index finger on Wednesday, a decision that was thought to speed up his recovery. He had a fracture of his thumb in the fire accident. The giant later sent a trainer to see him, but he was refused to meet. The deadline for the privileged tag players to sign a long term contract is July 15th, and Pierre Paul and the giant will not renew their contract before this day. He won't sign a $14 million 800 thousand privilege label contract until he can get back to health.

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