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The official website of NFL | Adrian - Peterson was doubtful | football due to illness, Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson) in the end face of the Detroit lions played in the game may have been adjusted to a doubt. , the Minnesota Viking runner, had a previous finger injury but was listed as a possible battle. Peterson was limited to training on Thursday and Friday, but he was fully trained on Friday and seemed to be able to fight. announced the Peterson on stage may reduce before the Viking twitter account released a team boarded a flight to Detroit photos, so we think he travelled and will be treated in the night. We are not yet aware of the severity of his illness. In his career in the face of the Detroit lion, Peterson ran out 107.1 yards. In their first second - week match, Peterson scored 134 yards for the 29 shot. In that game, he pushed a total of 192 yards in the attack. , if Peterson can't play, the Vikings may rely on the combination of Matt Asiata and Jericho Mackinnon (Jerick McKinnon).Kristen - Michael (Christine Michael) found an opportunity in another team. on Thursday announced the signing of the Indianapolis Colts at the beginning of last month by the Green Bay Packers running back cut. outstanding performance of Michael eventually punc cheap nfl jerseys free shipping hes the ball number ranked first in the Seattle Seahawks team last season home preseason, but he was in mid November to cut beyond all expectations. The Seahawks and the packers Michael punches the ball 690 yards and 8 touchdowns, rushing for 3.9 yards per ball. 's addition to the pony is the best chance for Michael to play in the 2017 season. The 34 year old veteran Frank Gore (Frank Gore) and the power run Robert Turbin Robert (Turbin) now occupy the top two position of the running guard lineup, but the pony urgently needs to run and defend to complete the attack of large number by pure speed. in August and September last year, Michael showed an explosive power and excellent ability to flush the ball. But in the next two months, the bad run open, quarterback Russell (Russell Wilson) - Wilson injured and Michael their poor reading ability and passing ability to cover the gap he eventually left the seahawks. See in the Seahawks, packers, the Dallas cowboys and the Washington Redskins in the last few seasons did not allow Michael to release his explosive force, pony will give him the chance to and this year's four round pick Malone - Mike (Marlon Mack) competition.The official website of NFL | von Miller talks: now is the waiting time | football von Miller (Von Miller) and Denver Mustang can sign a long-term renewal contract by July 15th. Until then, we could only wait. When was interviewed on Wednesday at his own charity rugby training camp, Miller did not want to discuss his contract. I just think, from our current situation, everything has been said, everything has been done, Miller said. Now it's just waiting for time. I want all my attention today on my children. said last week that Miller didn't have the privilege tag contract to play in the 2016 season, which is a response to his earlier statement that he would not dismiss the match. Considering that he had to correct his remarks after the last Miller speech, Wednesday's refusal to respond was understandable. The biggest difference in negotiations between the two sides is to guarantee income and Miller's income in the first three years. A contract like is usually done until the deadline is imminent. So you can relax and wait until July 15th. We'll let you know the result in three weeks.automatic playback switch autoplay NFL2017 100 #9- Le viand superstar Baer, Steelers running back, loading... Tencent sports news, as "China's hip-hop" has become a topic of topic in China, more and more people, especially young people, begin to pay attention to the program. As a NFL of iron, you will find the song friends dressed NFL with all kinds of elements, especially the only 16 year old player Double Zhuo always wears a mast red jersey with NFL88, or even garish. every hip-hop singer, his every move, from musical style to style dress, represents his attitude to hip-hop. Reflect the hip-hop style is the biggest "stuck" point of view, this means that the mast is wearing tails can drag onto the surface of the clothes, and the NFL Jerseys so agree without prior without previous consultation, the American hip-hop singer often wore loose, embroidered or printed symbols and numbers of American football team clothing. It is believed that with the fire of "China's hip-hop", it will also make more Chinese young people understand rugby, which is beneficial to its promotion in China. has a word in the United States, "blacks want to be out of the world, or play a ball, or be a rapper." Young people are also very fond of American rap music. Today, the old driver talked to everyone about NFL when he met hip-hop. Friendship hint: open a RAP and read this article, the effect is better! hip hop is "Hip-Hop", in the sport in the United States, almost all of the players are very keen on "Hip-Hop", literally translated as "twisted ass", in fact, it includes rap, hip-hop, streetball graffiti and so many elements, is a representative of the attitude, can also be understood as due to poverty and suffering from discrimination so, black Americans have been in his power struggle, the way they take is to express their views. So you'll hear the blacks talking about the elements: money, a girl, a gun, a drug, no one dares to make it. This is not vulgar, this is a culture, even the dark things have to be expressed in music, without the slightest hypocrisy, want to sing what to sing. To say more, I think Colin Capet Nick's knelt in the voice of the national anthem is also with the "Hip-Hop" element, not concealed, false and unpretentious. More than half of the athletes in NFL are black, which makes hip-hop become an important carrier of black culture. "Battle" is the most attractive feature of rap music, because hip-hop singer status is on the mouth from the underground bar it spelled out, but in the field of NFL, the fierce physical confrontation, personal heroism, throw garbage on the scene to meet the eye everywhere. After the success, many NFL players are frantically profligate (referring to "Ballers"). They wear large gold chains, big gold inlaid teeth, and open the most luxurious open in the United States.

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