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The official website of NFL | won four games to get off the Brady | football Tom Brady (Tom Brady) will serve as the starting quarterback in the new England patriots opener. The United States District Court judge Richard - Berman (Richard Berman) Thursday morning to make a ruling, the abolition of four match suspension ticket out of the union Brady in May. in the penalty made before, Brady and his team, between NFL and NFL players union held several talks to negotiate a settlement. On Monday, after a few minutes of negotiations between the two parties, judge Berman terminated the negotiations. He realized that the two sides were too big and unable to reach an agreement. is not yet clear whether NFL will choose to appeal. But NFL never sought an injunction to prevent the appearance of. after th cheap nfl jerseys free shipping e decision was made, the NFL players' Union senior at tweet said the player's rights won again. This ruling can be considered Brady's victory. He might have been willing to accept a match ban, but now he has to pay his wish. champions can now make another tough offseason behind.Jeremy Mincey, the main defensive end of the Dallas cowboy, refused to go to the team's training camp for a contract extension contract. But the Cowboys didn't seem to have been intimidated by the cowboy team, and they were ready to impose a fine on the actions of Ming Xi. cowboy Jones - executive vice president Stephen (Stephen Jones) said in an interview Wednesday: "Ming Xi stop training behavior is very disappointing, we still have a contract with him now, I hope all we signed with the players to join the training camp. Ming Xi did well last year, and made outstanding contributions to the team. It is also an important factor for our team to win. The whole team respected him very much. But he still has a contract now, I remember he was a contract signed with us last year, his representative was there, he signed the word himself. Jones continued: "it's really not a long term contract, and the contract is finished after the end of the season. But we still expect him to come to the training camp. If he doesn't come, we can also track down the money to him, that is to say, if he doesn't join the training camp, we will make an internal penalty for him (a penalty of 30 thousand dollars a day). We don't want to do that, so hopefully he can join the team as soon as possible. " in accordance with the provisions of the contract, Ming Xiben season's salary of $1 million 500 thousand, the number of last season his sack number and making quarterback pressure led the team all pass. With Greg - Hardy (Greg Hardy) - Gregory and rookie Randy (Randy Gregory) to join, and the team of Laurence (DeMarcus Lawrence) DeMarcus - focus on training, the data of season Ming Xi should be falling, he hopes to soon be able to seek a guarantee is understandable in psychology the contract, but does not seem to want to send him the cowboy.The official website of NFL, defensive end Howard Jones will visit the jets in football nest according to ESPN, free player identity defense front Howard Jones (Howard Jones) will visit the jet on Friday. did not offer him a free player contract because of the Tampa Bay pirates, so Jones entered the free market to test the water. In the new year, Jones contributed 5 times to the pirates, but the season was reimbursed for ACL tearing. for the rebuilt jet, if Jones can keep fit, he will be a great team to build a team. The ESPN reporter reported that Jones's recovery was earlier than expected. , 27, was 27 in 8 games last season, of which 5 were the first. He is most likely to serve as a 3-4 - position outside guard in the jet. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.Incognito's retirement raises question: Should Bills trade up for QB or restock depleted roster?The Bills have the capital to trade up to draft a top QB or reshape one of the NFL's oldest rosters. Their choice will set the team's course for years.

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