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The official website of NFL | Jack - Mathews rookie season started hard | football this year's No. six pick, Atlanta falcons left Jiefeng Jack - Mathews (Jake Matthews) this season, poor performance, did not play the expected results. Especially when faced with the New York giants, the defensive players finished the blast, the whole field only had a low -9.9 score, and the -3.5 score against the Chicago bears was the best season. Mathews was bad at passing and covering. He ranked the 57 in 58 players who were qualified to pass the ball's efficiency ranking. In the 175 pass pass, he successfully pressed the quarterback for 18 times. He caught at present, -15.3 and -7.8 of the overall ground cover score only ranked second last tackle. because Mathews sprained his ankle in the pre - season, we could only expect him to improve after he recovered from the injury. But this week Mathews will face the brutality of the crow rushed, Terrell Saggers (Terrell Suggs) and Elvis Ndume Weil (Elvis Dumervi cheap nfl jerseys free shipping l) and Pinel (Pernell McPhee) at McAfee transfer efficiency were 8.5 and 10.4 and 13.2, they all rushed transfer efficiency are ranked in the top 17 of the 3-4 outside linebacker.The official website of NFL | Dezhou Coach: I do not know when to determine the starting quarterback | football Bill - Obrien (Bill O 'Brien) is not willing to give the answer. It seems that he really doesn't know who will be the first quarterback of the team. , the Houston Dezhou manager said on Monday that he didn't hide his preference between Blaine Hoyer and Ryan Malet (Ryan Mallett) on Monday. I don't know when to announce the first start, Obrien told the Houston chronicle. Everything we do here, every decision we make here, is the most beneficial for the team. Of course, we know this is an important place. We know the fans want to know. We know you (the media) want to know the person. We know that you are trying to do your job well. When we decide who is the first to start, we will make sure that we tell everyone to continue the next job, is the first to play Heuer in the first match of 49 seasons against San Francisco, and Obrien has said that Malai will play the first battle this week against Denver Mustang. but Heuer only led the team to hit the attack wave, he passed the ball to Cecil (Cecil Shorts) - schotz 2 conversion after 58 yards passing and also finished, it was a successful game for him. Malet is also very good on the field, 10 times the 11 pass successfully achieved 90 yards. while all signs seem together will become the starting quarterback, they gave malette so much time to show their strength to show their attitude to this competition and really give malette a chance to prove myself.Calvin - Johnson (Calvin Johnson) still hasn't told the Detroit lion whether he plans to retire this year. guest Thursday radio program, President Rhodes - Wood lion (Rod Wood) said on Monday he communicated with Megatron, but the latter has not made a decision. "this is still a decision by Calvin. I talked to him on Monday, "Wood said. "Bob Quin (Bob Quinn) (the lion general manager) talked to him. Calvin has not made a decision yet. If he wants to return, we are willing to let him back. If he feels retiring, we will support the decision. He needs to decide what is in his favor. The worst thing we can do is to put pressure on him. " Wood also said that the opening date of the free agent market in March 9th is not the deadline for Johnson to decide, even though it may bring more salary cap space for the team. despite signs the 30 year old will take over due to injuries and he Johnson is clearly not the final determination.The official website of NFL | the poor state of Platt, kicker problems | Lions Football despite the Detroit lions winning 17-3 Minnesota Vikings this week, a problem throughout the season still plagued the lion: the kicker. Matt Platt (Matt Prater) is the third player to play in the 6 games of the season, but he finally handed out 3 failed shots that only hit 1 times. coach Jim Caldwell (Jim Caldwell) is still confident about Platt, he said: the wind today has affected the performance of the kicker. His 52 - yard shot was excellent and we were confident of him. This season, the lion has lost 10 free kicks, and 15 of the 6 games in the last 6 games. No team had lost two figures at the end of the season at the end of the season. According to ESPN, before the lion, only Cleveland Brown in 1981 had missed 10 free kicks in the first 6 games. Platt missed all the previous games this season because of the ban, and then was laid off by the Denver Mustang to join the lion. This game, he lost 44 yards and 50 yards of two shots. It also makes the lion 40-49 yard shot this season 7 all lost, 20 teams in the League at this distance danwuxufa. Although Platt's state of state is understandable, such a sharp decline is still a little worried. It is good that both the team and myself are optimistic about the future, and we will expect him to return to the 100% next week.

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