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announced the new England patriots sacked wide receiver Leonard Hankison (Leonard Hankerson). 10 days ago, the team brought him under the cause of the injury, but he failed to move the team at last. According to the official website of NFL reporter, if in the transferring stage no team and he has a great possibility of signing Hankison, once again returned to the patriots. believes that Henderson did not show their full strength in the patriot, but he is also optimistic about the team can make a difference in the future. The team still hopes to continue the study in the playoffs, or even the next season. Hankerson, who has been in the League for 5 years, has been unable to get a good chance of proving himself. He played 10 gear in the game last week and did not cheap nfl jerseys free shipping get a chance to catch the ball. in addition, the Patriots rejoined Chris Harper (Chris Harper) from the training lineup to the 53 people's list. In the twelfth week and the Denver Broncos game, he took a punt when sell the ball away. The reason for the team to choose Harper is that he is more familiar with the tactics.The official website of NFL | cowboy Willcocks grabbed his nose fracture | Rugby the United States on Sunday night game, all eyes are on Odell - Beckham (Odell Beckham Jr), but in the first game, the Dallas cowboys safetys JJ Willcocks (J.J.Wilcox) gave Beckham a huge impact grapple. Beckham said after the match that he had never been subjected to such a great impact. However, the news after the match was Willcocks's nose fracture. It is reported that his nose fracture is caused by this catch. now is no need to question Willcocks's aggressive, the other team should consider how to keep their star receiver who appeared in his area.Jay - Cutler (Jay Cutler) has been questioned in his career as a leader and personal ability. And he's weapons once wide receiver Brandon Marshall (Brandon Marshall) also did not respect him. In May Marshall was traded to the New York jets, on twitter fans asked him once met who is the best teammate, he thinks what quarterback should have high income. The answer was not the name of Cutler. So is this a deliberate or objective evaluation? No one knows. But no one can question what. Marshall and Cutler stayed in Denver for 3 earplug and spent 3 seasons in the bears, they clearly understand each other. Cutler was the first to cut the zero line League at the top of the 18 times last season, and his price contract of $126 million 700 thousand has obviously become a big problem for the team.The official website of NFL | Hoyer: Gordon is like a "monster" | Rugby for Cleveland Brown quarterback Blaine Hoyer Brian, the biggest test this season is the lack of a trusted top player. The problem will be solved in this week's match against the Atlanta falcons, and Josh - Gordon (Josh Gordon) will be returned from the ban. Heuer held the first joint training with Gordon on Wednesday. He did not hesitate to praise in his subsequent interview: Josh's ability to exercise is no doubt that he is like a monster. But in any case, it's not enough for basketball, not a simple shot. We need to pay attention to every tactic and win as a team. He had to prove that he could be a member of the team, and today he took the first step of his success. last season, Brown was the most passing team in the league. This year they hired a good set ground offensive tactics Kell Shanahan (Kyle Shanahan), at present they rushed the ball number more than 2 in the provisional League, and achieved very good results. Last season, in 2 games in the first fully together, he and Gordon line 14 times, from 217 yards, he said: if I fall into the crisis, I will pass the ball to him. At present, the success rate of Heuer's pass is only 55.7%, and the alliance is at the bottom. Gordon's return will help him to a large extent.

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