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even-even soccer equipment network outlook premier journey, Adidas released Mabulun Ford 2015/16 promoted the Premiership season Jersey suit. Let's go close and watch the latest suit. No matter the shirt isPittsburgh Steelers running Weile viand - Baer (Le'Veon Bell) recently tweeted a message successfully on Saturday April Fool's day so many fans for Gospel truth. , who ran in the US on Saturday, wrote that if the team tried to make themselves play under the privileged label, he would never play in protest next season. if you don't notice that tweet's time is April 1st, the news is enough to convince you. so the former Steelers running back for gospel truth Najie - Darwin Alpert (Najeh Davenport) for the first time to give to Baer advises: "take this as a commercial transaction, the Steelers are a great team, they will open the doo cheap nfl jerseys free shipping r for you." didn't take long. Jeremy's ESPN Jeremy Fowler wrote Twitter: "what a quality joke has been confirmed with many parties, this is an April Fool's joke." (ESPN) this time Baer's jokes are at least a lot better than the last time, and this time a lot of people believe it is true.though the Vikings didn't suffer any major injuries throughout the season, a series of minor injuries continued to affect the Vikings' offensive and defensive ends. Adrian - Pedersen's ankle injury greatly influenced his regular season's second half season. The group of three members of the main defensive injuries are more should let the Vikings fans worried: knee and wrist injuries were the main defensive tackle linvald Joseph's foot injury, the main outside linebacker Anthony Barr's hand and groin and union guard Harrison Smith the first tour of the second half of the season is the main reason for the Vikings score UPS v. But the regular season for thirteenth weeks, Barr is injured and Smith began not long after the game's departure, was a result of the Vikings defeated in visiting the Seahawks in home court. The injury is more fierce than the tiger. It is good that both balm and Smith catch up with the end of the season, but can the state return to geometry again? If you do not want to repeat in the regular season home court defeat's mistakes, it is a pressing matter of the moment to maintain a good state. After all, the cold weather on the day of the game is more likely to cause injuries to the players. first look at the Seahawks season list: Jimmy - Graham, Ricardo - Locket and Thomas - Laurs. Jimmy Graham once again to kill the red zone obviously after the Seahawks The climate does not suit one. this season, although the realization of mediocre, but is in the game after the newspaper, Werwilson pass more handy, but he is obviously a huge deterrent target. Ricardo - Locket, the last time the super bowl was at the end of the last moment to be cut off the grief, when the neck serious injury when the return is still unknown. Thomas laurs, this year the Seahawks surprised to discover that in a series of dazzling performance after ankle fracture for the season, the Seahawks offensive Road on the verge of collapse. Of course, Sean Lynch, a struggling horse this year, is still unknown after having undergone hernia surgery. To catch up with the Vikings comeback and wild card battle of life and death, Lin can protect yourself.The official website of NFL | Colin - Capet Nick: I love football team's season | adjustment San Francisco 49 people's rest season is not calm. They lost their head coach Jim Harbaugh (Jim Harbaugh) for a zero experience coach. ??????????????????-??????Justin Smith??????????-??????Anthony Davis???????????-???????Patrick Wills????????? With the change of free players, the 49 people in the new season will face 10 positions as a challenge to the new players. We to see Colin Capet Nick (Colin Kaepernick) is a new change: how to evaluate the team for the new season is looking forward to the locker room, many new faces, many of the new coach, I think the change is good, I feel good in the team, we are writing our history. eliminated the loss of the rest season, and the 49 men got many talented players, the new faces of the offensive team and a group of young men at the two ends of the offensive defense. Maybe there will be surprises in the new season.

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