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The official website of NFL | giants rookie safetys will become the team's second tier football | core New York giants traded up in the draft and selected safe Janice M. Vidal Collins (Landon Collins) in the second round. The team sees Collins as the second line of the future, but for the new rookie, he still has many places to improve. As a style of tough, good in box safetys, fears Collins is the largest covered his defensive ability. a reporter at the rookie training camp after watching the giant said that Collins could not read the trends of the catcher before kick-off, he has a big problem in the aspects of marking. The giants defensive coordinator Steve (Steve Spagnuolo) Genuoluo spa, although still exists room for improvement in technology, but Collins has shown superhuman qualities of leadership. J Page Manolo said: rookie newcomers are often reluctant to say what. But Renton is not the same. He will call his teammates and point out the problems in the training. If he can integrate this habit into the future training and competition, I believe we will have a trustworthy second line.New York jet chose the defensive end Leonard Williams (Leonard Williams) in the draft, which also put a shadow on the future of another defensive front team Mohamed Wilkerson ( cheap nfl jerseys free shipping Muhammad Wilkerson). Since last summer, Vic and the jets have been trying to Tellson's continued long-term agreement, but still no progress. For the players of the future, the jets general manager Mike McCarthy (Mike Maccagnan) said the glam team will try to trade Wilkerson. McCarthy Glam said: "we won't trade him, that is not part of the plan. With regard to the renewal, he is our number one target, but there is still no substantial progress. " When asked whether Williams will join the impact on Vic Wilson, McCarthy Glam did not give a positive answer: "he is a good player, there is still a part of the team. I want to be able to leave him in the team, but everything has to be done. " There was a rumor in that the jet had hoped to send Wilkerson away before the draft, but failed to wish. Now the choice of trading will make his value a big drop, so the jet is inclined to keep Wilkerson. On the other hand, if the two sides are still unable to agree on the renewal of the contract this year, the team may be able to label it after the end of next season.The official website of NFL | ace running back Murray joined the Philadelphia hawks rugby | forty million Philadelphia hawk announced on Thursday that last season's league leader DeMarco Murray has reached an agreement with the Hawks for a 5 year contract worth 42 million dollars, which guarantees 21 million yuan in salary. The day before the hawks just signed former San Diego lightning team running back Ryan Mathews (Ryan Mathews), now in the position of the eagles running back depth is excellent. ????????????????????????????????????????????392?|????????1845??13?|???? In the press conference, the Hawks coach kipper Kelly (Chip Kelly) on his last season, a huge offensive burden did not worry too much, and that Mathews will share part of the red ball task. with the Seattle Seahawks signed Ma Sean - Lynch (Marshawn Lynch), for the Dallas Cowboys for as soon as possible to find a can bear the main responsibility to punch the ball running back, will be before once spread Adrian Peterson raise a Babel of criticism of (Adrian Peterson)?Vice chairman of | 1965 on bases after the Olympic Games a year has shrunk to only 8 | Chinese team of 200 people Sina sports news on October 5th, the North China University of Technology in Beijing, artificial turf football field on the opening ceremony of the 2010 Cup National Slow Pitch Softball Championship, from all 16 teams entered the competition, competing for fun. on the side of the court, sina sports news International Softball Federation vice chairman, deputy director, China hand curved rod base center is China women's softball team leader Ms. Jiang Xiuyun, she talked about the advantages of China collective project in the Olympic softball out after a vote from sina sports to keep going by painstaking effort. in August 13, 2009, at the 121st plenary session of International Olympic Committee in Copenhagen, softball failed to compete in golf and 7 player rugby, and was voted out of the Olympic Games and became a non Olympic event. At the end of last year after the games, although the State Sports General Administration of the final decision will still remain in the baseball games, a small collective project 2 gold medals, but because of the impact of non Olympic softball team based in China, leading position has been further cower in the world, the original 400 people nationwide softball professional population in Shandong after the games only 8 teams, only about 200 people still insist on this project. More importantly, because of the non Olympic reasons, the reserve forces are further shrinking, the softball people are very strong in the sense of crisis. Sina Sports: the last time I went to a baseball game, saw the Tianjin baseball team of the Japanese coach Takahashi, he told me to China that much impact into the Olympic Games and the Olympic Games on the sports project is not a baseball, shrinking, softball in the Olympic Games after the vote last year now, there are several? Jiang Xiuyun: there are 8 professional teams. The local Gansu team has been dissolved. Now, the number of Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangdong, Liaoning and Henan, Jiangsu, Sichuan and teams has been further reduced. Sina Sports: I see Japan one report said, because the drag on baseball softball, baseball in the doping test after all, the United States sent the most talented aspects can not meet the requirements of the Olympic Games, the International Softball Federation hopes to return to the Olympic Games for the individual, whether there is such a statement, such as men and Women Softball alone to declare? Jiang Xiuyun: indeed, there is such a saying. But for my personal experience, softball return to the Olympic Games alone is difficult to declare, and the relationship between them is very complicated. The relationship between them is hard to understand clearly. When Copenhagen voted, softball entered the Olympic Games with half or half of the vote, but it ended in a tie. But we finally failed to stay. Finally, Rogge's vote failed to win. It's a pity. sina sports: I heard that.

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