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said the Seahawks, safety Earl Thomas (Earl Thomas) is just a slight strain but a slight hamstring, does not mean that he can recover in the week before the game. Thomas because of hamstring injury failed to participate in training this week, the game against red can not see his shadow. In addition to him, the Luke Joeckel (Luke Joeckel) is also determined to be unable to fight. Bradley Mike do Gode (Mike Dougald) will take the place of Thomas. Is expected with his partner cam - money Eisner (Kam Chancellor) is restricted due to the ankle injury in training, but no signs out of the game. line defense Bobby Wagner (Bobby Wagner), defensive cutting front Sheldon Richardson (Sheldon Richardson), and the failure of the Dezhou human body's angle Jeremy Jeremy (Jeremy Lane) were also listed as uncertain.The official website of NFL |NFL players to give up million contract to join the public welfare undertakings | football Jason Brown (Jason Brown) former NFL alliance Saint Louis rams center, he put down his 37 million 500 thousand dollar co cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ntract to help the people in need. when the goats were supporting the violent protests in the Ferguson area, their former players were on the other way to help others. Brown left the arena in 2012 because he was able to call a more noble call. He chose to give up the tens of millions of contracts for 5 years and become a farmer to help the hungry area. told Brown in an interview with CBS, "my broker told me that you made the biggest mistake in life, and I looked back at him and said," no, I don't have. at that time Brown was considered one of the best centers in NFL. In 2005, he was selected by the Baltimore crow in the fourth round. He moved to the goats in 2009, after which he started almost on the field, except for 2 games in 2009 and 2011. When he left the ram, many teams extended olive branches to him. 49 people in San Francisco, Carolina Panthers and Baltimore crows expressed their wish to join him, but Brown declined. didn't have any experience in planting before that. He bought 1000 acres of land in Franklin area, North Carolina, and set up some expert groups to work together. The unsafe index of food grown in the North Carolina region of his field is far higher than the national average. So he is working on a combination of different agencies to solve the problem. In this year he contributed 10000 pounds of cucumbers and 100000 pounds of sweet potatoes. said, "when I think about the great meaning of life, I think it is to serve the world."the new England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) for "bleeding events" by the League fined 4 match ban. After the Alliance announced the decision, many of the players made their views on it. Some of the players to support Brady, others believe that the alliance made the right decision. de quell - Jackson (D 'Qwell Jackson): we don't care about it anymore. The team needs to go on. Le Garrett Blount (LeGarrett Blout): This is ridiculous! (Jerry Rice) - Les Jerry: won 4 Super Bowls very well, I know that Brady is a good leader, a strong sense of competition. I am sorry about this. Ryan - Clark (Ryan Clark): Wow! It can't be true?? Patrick - Peterson (Patrick Peterson): the league is good. Jameer Mcclain (Jameel McClain): unprecedented, incredible. Sean - Witherspoon (Sean Weatherspoon): the penalty for the ban is reasonable. Darnell (Darnell Dockett) - doctore: you can fall in love with the Patriots, they can use all means to win the super bowl. Jamal - Anderson (Jamal Anderson): rough punishment, but the alliance is always the same. Merriman - Shawnee (Shawne Merriman): this will not affect the Brady Hall of fame, but this will be his legendary career in flaw. don Whitner (Donte Whitner): I feel sorry for Brady. He's an outstanding competitor and he has paid a lot for rugby. Eli Manning (Eli Maning): if someone violates the rules, he should be punished. But I do not want to see such a punishment by brady. Matt - Overton (Matt Overton): October 18th, will be a special day. Weng - Davies (Vontae Davis): the next hand will be more interesting.The official website of NFL | Pittsburgh Steelers signed kicker Hartley | rugby in the emergency Pittsburgh Steelers in local time on Tuesday announced that the team has and kicker Gareth Hartley (Garrett Hartley) signed. According to NFL website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) revealed that the two sides signed a year salary contract. Hartley will replace the season because of injury Sean (Shaun Suisham) - Su wissant became the main Steelers kicker. Hartley is one of the most successful New Orleans saints who can win the championship. He once hit three key shots in the Super Bowl 5 years ago, helping the saints get the first crown of team history. In addition, his success rate in the playoffs was one hundred percent (8 shots in 8). But then, because of Hartley's decline, he was cut off at the end of the 2013 season's regular season. Last year, as a firefighter, he played two games for Brown. Hartley has a total career hit rate of 81.7%, so despite his older age, he is still a spare choice for many teams to give priority to. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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