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Michael - Bennet (Michael Bennett) in the Seattle Seahawks next game only on the sidelines. the Seahawks occupation bowl defensive players have been identified in the front two weeks ago suffered knee injury against Atlanta falcons game game against the New Orleans saints can not play the game. also, Sea Hawk chief Carol (Pete Carroll) told reporters that Bennet might need to undergo surgical treatment for damaged knee cartilage. Carol says it must decide next week whether it needs an operation. play war Pingyali Arizona Cardinals game played in Bennet injuries after this is unexpected. This will be Bennet for the first time since 2013 to join the Seahawks missed a match. after Bennet decides to be absent, Frank Clark (Frank Clark) may get more play time and Clif Cliff Avril partner. Marley Goodman (Malliciah Goodman) is also likely to get out of time.The official website of NFL | Cardinals Coach: Palmer is expected to participate in the mini camp | football quarterback Carson Palmer (Carson Palmer) in November last year suffered a knee anterior cruciate ligament tear, this usually makes him in the Arizona Cardinals began training camp cheap nfl jerseys free shipping is expected to return to training. however, the team coach Bruce Arians (Bruce Arians) said Tuesday that Palmer has exceeded a lot of recovery schedule. He is expected to participate in the mandatory Mini camp back, Arians told ESPN. I won't rule out the possibility that he will return to some teams to organize training. coaches in January optimism in NFL is not new, so if Palmer in the mini training camp before in any training we will be surprised, the team may decide to let him be safe until training camp to return. Ali Anssi also said that Stanton also injured the bench four quarterback Drew (Drew Stanton) in the off-season training should be ready to start. let the quarterback when 100% recovery is the most important goal of Arians at the start of the 2015 season, this season, he looked at his promising year quarterback the horrors of ruin.The fifth world handball | Super Cup handball tournament will be held in May | hand Association in Qatar Luca according to the International Handball Federation news, international hands fifth World Super Cup handball tournament will be held in Qatar from May 14, 2011 to 18, more than harbin. the first World Super Cup handball game was held in Vienna, Austria, in January 1997. The title of the game was the World Club Championships. , following the two successful hosting of the World Super Cup in 2002 and 2010, Qatar al Saad sports club will continue to host the world club competition this year on behalf of the International Handball Federation. According to the agreement signed by the international hand Union and alsad club, the club will host an annual Super Cup for four consecutive years from 2010 to 2013. , unlike last year, will add two teams to the Super Cup this year. The 8 teams from five continents will be divided into 2 groups to advance the group preliminary. In addition to host Qatar al Sadd, has won the tournament to qualify the defending champion Spain and Germany from Ciudad real Club Champions League champion THW McGill club. The other 4 teams are the champions of Asia, Africa, the Pan American region and the Oceania handball club. Eighth teams will be sent by the host Qatar another team, they will be a wild card entry. Below is the list of the first four World Super Cup crowns: 1997 (Austria Vienna): Spanish club Santander tecka 2002 (Qatar Doha): Qatar alsad club 2007 (Cairo Egypt Spain): Ciudad real club 2010 (Qatar Doha): Spanish club Ciudad real (Yi Wen)3 | football quarterback NFL website | offseason may face transactions every rest season has a large number of quarterback needs or a deal or a draft. some teams have been rebuilt and some teams continue to sink, so often the quarterback is the key. So quarterback trade is risky. Maybe he used to have some scenery. Maybe nothing. Let's see which three people we are talking about. Colin Capet Nick (Colin Kaepernick) Capet Nick is regarded as a passing quarterback this season. He always passes the ball under pressure, but his pass is really bad. We can't take it as a passing quarterback. Capet Nick is not a pocket quarterback, he can't adapt to this rhythm, he never carried on war in their own way to play, but his ability to move well, once he decided to run it will be unstoppable. In the 2013 season, Capet Nick finished the team's 28.1% run, which was the seventh top data of the league, and fell to 20.1% this season. now, Capet Nick's contract guarantee is only 13 million dollars, most of all, it is signed every year, so the issue is not the amount of money, but which team can adapt to his style. Robert Griffin III (Robert Griffin III) most of Capet Nick's problems are shown in Griffin's body, but at least Capet Nick knows when to throw the damn ball and when to run out of his pocket. Griffin seemed to have no feeling in a pocket, and could not see the vacant hand, even if 5 of the outside hands were empty. because of this poor vision so Griffin holding time is too long, is not necessary to shock, leading to a lot of the ball, although this season only played 7 games but he was killed up to 28 times, in 15 weeks was killed 7 times. if you exclude injuries and some small shortcomings, Griffin is likely to appear on the market, because he is young, only 24 years old, he can help bring red is at least a third round draft picks, so we just the former Heisman's agent is good for the home. Jay - Cutler (Jay Cutler) is also unavoidable to be traded, but money has become a big problem. As the coach opened the sub - quarterback this week, Cutler's road to Chicago was the first, and his 18 time was cut.

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