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, the national team was wearing purple red in Beijing this morning the 2011 Asian Cup opener against Uzbekistan in the race for home court Jersey, before the official said in the Asian Cup for the first time in newly signed Nike shirt, but in fact they are still wearing a local brand BURRDA Jersey, shirt collar and cuffs with eye-catching the white side, with the Arabia style significantly. The final Qatari national team did not win the game with the advantage of home, but was easily taken by the Uzbekistan team by two.The official website of NFL | crow running back: I hope I can leave | football team found this season as Baltimore crow, Justin Forsythe (Justin Forsett) reached 5.4 yards rushing yards. He was also ready for the career bowl this weekend. In the past 4 years cheap nfl jerseys free shipping , foersett has toss over 4 teams and has finally held a chance at the crow this season. talks about his future, and he says he and his team all want to continue to cooperate: my plan is to stay in the crow. The team gave me a chance, everyone trusted me and they told me that I wanted to stay. I'd like to continue to work for the crow, and let's see what happens next. and Gary Kubiak (Gary Kubiak) after the break, the crow hired Mark - tres (Marc Trestman) as Terman offensive coordinator. Compared with the former tactical system based on ground attack, the latter is more inclined to use a higher proportion of passing tactics. In this regard, Fawcett believes that he has the ability to succeed in any system. Forsythe said: I believe I can adapt to a variety of systems. I have had similar experiences over the past few years, and I have been prepared. At present, the crow wants to keep Forsythe, and foset will be happy to continue to play for the crow. In the absence of an accident, he will continue to be in the position of the crow first in the next season.The official website of NFL | von Miller, the comparison between Newton and Stephen - Curitiba | Rugby (Cam Newton) - cam Newton as Lebron in NFL - James (LeBron James) or James to NBA Newton this is a few days before the news. thanked Denver wild horse's line guard Miller Miller. Recently, he changed the word. He compared Newton with the Jinzhou warrior star Stephen Stephen (Stephen Curry). , he said, "if you can think of a player who can get a score in his own way, that person must be curry, and he can always score on his own. , in fact, is a loyal fan of the Carolina panther, and he is also a good friend of Newton, apparently the two of them are willing to be compared. and Miller and Newton were both draft players in 2011. Two players exchanged players after the match. Of course, all of these friendships are different on the golf course. Miller said: "I will be myself on the scene, and nothing can stop me. I'm a fan out of the field." related news: Miller: Newton is one of my favorite quarterbackThe official website of NFL | Newton: the referee told me I'm not qualified | football every season has a lot of star players who get a lot of foul whistles, which have always been questioned by the outside world. recently in the New Orleans saints defeated the Carolina Panthers after the four quarterback cam - Newton (Cam Newton) seems to agree. After , Newton explained why he had been fouled in the fourth quarter, but he didn't get a foul whistle. He explained that referee Ed- Ed (Hochuli) said he wasn't qualified enough to get a personal foul whistle. Newton said: I feel puzzled, I was not in a reasonable collision, you see the defensive player of the action is not hit me, although this is all very close, but this is definitely a whistle after butt, but I got the answer is you in the league is not emphasized older, so you couldn't get the penalty. soon after the referee Qiuli Huo denying his speech. In any case, the rookie does not have all the rights that the veterans can get. Maybe that's the star effect.

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