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Among all the top player of the year, , the most controversial player in the league is the Super Bowl most valuable player, Denver wild horse line Wei Feng Miller (Von Miller), which is the way of negotiation that Miller likes. "my teammates know what I'm a teammate, " he told the Denver media on Wednesday." They know what kind of person I am. It's just business. I really don't have any feeling of dissatisfaction. The wild horse knows what I am. I expect a new contract to come at any time. This is my mind. " "expect the new contract to come at any time" may be more expression of Miller's mentality rather than the progress of negotiations. The wild horse is going to pick a very important first round show, and Miller keeps a positive attitude. but Miller knew that the wild horse could and would spend a l cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ot of money on him. If the wild horse wants to return to the super bowl, they need to rely on the ferocious pass of the last season to help them. The quarterback of the team and the potential quarterback who are going to join the wild horse are not high enough to change the team's reliance on ball control, strong assault and strong defense.Will Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson) find a new host before the 2017 draft of the 2017 draft? NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that Peterson and New Orleans saints were close to signing a contract worth 3 million 250 thousand dollars, according to people familiar with the news. Rapoport stressed that both sides have not yet improved all the details of the contract, but the negotiations are going in the direction of the contract. The contract will also include a bonus of $1 million worth. , no matter what the final value of the contract is, the most critical point is that Peterson's salary will be lower than the saint's first runner Mark Ingram (Mark Ingram), who has just completed the best season of career performance. Ingram in the past two years in the offensive in the performance of this will make great progress, Peterson focused on in the first two offensive or key attack such as three short yardage or play touchdown zone before the ball attack in theoretically. coincidentally, the saints in the first week and one night game of the first week of the new season will be a guest in Minnesota to challenge Peterson's old East Vikings.The number of money action player instead of Jonny Manzel (Johnny Manziel) but the Jacksonville Jaguars defensive spike Sendelike - Marx (Sen'Derrick Marks), he made this celebration at the completion of a quarterback sack, then the hand is the Tennessee titans. This sack after Marx was fined $600 thousand, because his sacks hung to the quarterback's neck which is considered to be a dangerous action and after the celebration of exaggeration, the game of the season he is captured and killed in 8.5, but this time the end of the game eventually captured and killed the end, Titan even hope that he is a considerable threat to attack across the line of players. Marx signed a contract with Jaguar last December for 4 years and 27 million dollars, which was the level of his sixth year career bowl.The official website of NFL | Josh Norman changed the opinion of Bryant | football Josh, the Josh Norman of the Carolina black panther, is never stingy to give opponents all kinds of advice, even though his advice is not very positive. Thanksgiving season war, defeated the Dallas Panthers cowboy, Norman limit the success of the receiver (Dez Bryant) - Bryant Mendez, so he only completed 2 catches for 26 yards. After the , Norman said, "you should ask Bryant to return 70 million dollars." This is obviously alluding to the offseason Bryant and cowboy reached 5 years $70 million contract, of course, Bryant is still recovering from a foot injury last season state. but recently Norman seems to think it's good to put Bryant in the top ranks of the league. ????????????????????????????????????쨤?????????????????????????? last season due to the injury of Bryant completed only 9 games next season, Bryant will rebound.

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