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|2010 national beach handball handball championship competition rules | hand Association 1. Host: national sports administration of hand music and softball management center two, undertaking unit: Third Asian Beach Games Organizing Committee three, competition time and place: time: from July 18 to 20, 2010 location: , Haiyang, Shandong four, participating units: men: Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Anhui, Shandong, Guangdong, Beijing, or other registered units, women: Beijing, Heilongjiang, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Anhui, Shandong, Guangdong, Guangxi, Xinjiang, Beijing, or other registered units, is to promote the social development of beach handball, and is invited to participate in the team of Hongkong, Macao, or foreign personnel in China. five, competition project: men's Beach handball women's Beach handball six, qualification: (I) registration number: eac cheap nfl jerseys free shipping h team can report a team of 1, coaches 1, athletes 8. (two) athletes must be checked by the official medical units at or above the county level, proving that the athletes are able to compete in the rear. (three) each participating unit must carry out personal accident injury insurance to the competitors, and should carry and produce the copy of the insurance policy. (four) athletes must carry registration certificates or identity documents when they enter the competition area. (Hongkong or foreign personnel can produce valid certificates such as home cards or passports). seven, competition method: (a) where the team for the 4 teams, the preliminary round robin competition, the final stage of the 1-4, 2-3 cross knockout to decide the 1-4. (two) all teams for 5-8 teams (including), use a single cycle method for competition; (three) all teams are grouped for 9-12 teams, taking the pre and final methods for competition: 1, pre competition: divided into two groups, using a single cycle of groups to compete, expelled the names of each group, the grouping is determined by the method of drawing. 2, final: the pre competition groupsThe official website of NFL | Bowers admitted that Lives played rugby | probability Co. this week, the New York jets will be New York giants. But we may not see Darrel Darrelle Revis and Odell Beckham (Odell Beckham) match. Ray Weiss was absent from the team's training at Thursday's local time before he had missed his match with Houston Dezhou last week because of a concussion. coach Todd Bowers (Todd Bowles) admitted in an interview that he didn't think Weiss would play this week: I don't think he can participate in the competition. He didn't do anything today, and the probability of coming out was very limited. According to reports from the people concerned, Lives did not even attend the team meeting this week. Lives's absence was a heavy loss to the jet. More importantly, his substitute Marcus Williams (Markus Williams) was also absent from training for two consecutive days. If two people can not play, the team will depend on Antonio - Rome (Antonio Cromartie) by G Beckham mark. Buster Skou Ryan - cornerback slot (Buster Skrine) also need to take more responsibility.Shanghai player Wang Yu hit arc of the first 300 year | Bowling news: CpBA occupation Bowling League the year of the sheep down is not blowing, today at 9:55 in the morning, Shanghai player Wang Yu in the arc Odean bowling alley Lane 12 hit 300 points out, congratulations he won success, also look around at 300 points, the year of the sheep raised yang! Shanghai arc ball player Wang YuThe official website of NFL | Hester: in any case I touchdown is not coming back | football NFL all recently widely considered the referee in Atlanta and Arizona Cardinals Falcon games last week were Falcon back to attack the German - hand Hester (Devin Hester) in the end zone before the Hand-Pulled Noodle cover foul is wrong, Hester after touchdown cancelled. was about to Hester touchdowns, finally a defender and cardinals punter Drew Butler (Drew Butler) was forced through the way of trying to cover Hand-Pulled Noodle and Hester Hayes, entanglement, open arms to push the mask of Butler trying to get rid of, unfortunately the referee also found the two Hand-Pulled Noodle cover foul, foul to offset this the file again. After the game, the League to be fined $8268 for Butler, and they were not punished because of Hester, union officials believe that this is just an ordinary pushing action. This Hester reluctantly said: This is all too late, I can not forget the touchdown in any case.

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