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Payton Manning (Peyton Manning) of the wild horse of Denver was not born in Tennessee, but he was concerned with the people of Tennessee. , the future Hall of fame players expressed their concern for people in Tennessee in their own way. Recently, he visited Char Thanou Fagafaga's US Marine Corps Reserve Center. The shooting took place in the United States on Thursday. A gunman killed 4 Marines, and another soldier died due to the rescue. Manning came here to show respect to the soldiers and take photos with them. Although his arrival can not save those who died, it is all he can do for the rest of us. than cheap nfl jerseys free shipping k you, Manning.The official website of NFL | patriots running back in an emergency, the three generals are doubtful | football the new England patriots run Weile GalAT - Blount (LeGarrette Blount) on the last regular season game against the buffalo Bill team rushed the ball 189 yards with 2 touchdowns, but this will not happen again this Sunday. Blount was listed as a Questionable for shoulder injuries, and the other two runners were also doubtful. Two grade running guard Jonas - Gray (Jonas Gray) was absent from Friday training for an ankle injury. Sean (Shane Vereen) - vering ankle injury also let the possibility that he was playing very low (Questionable). fans certainly hope Blount and willingen can play, but because the Patriots was destined to win the American League home court advantage, they do not need to take too much effort to match against Bill. So James - White (James White) and Brandon - Bolden (Brandon Bolden) will have a chance to start the game. The ground offensive patriots in the recent downturn, 11 weeks from the Indiana Colts who scored 264 yards, the last 5 games have 4 games without a hundred yards, the wild card week bye, which means they will have 2 weeks to recover.The trade deadline approaching, many reporters have said before the transaction to the saints from the Seahawks tight end Jimmy - Graham (Jimmy Graham) is one of the potential transaction object. Pete Carroll, the coach of the coach, strongly denied it. "we will definitely not trading Graham," Carol said, "nonsense." Graham has fought 6 games in this season, completing 24 hits and getting 230 and 2. There were several bad turnovers last week. The present performance is also not in accordance with the the rest of the season, Miami dolphins are still sorting out their list, and it seems that this time there is a familiar figure to "join" their team. "Dwayne Johnson" Dwyne Johnson (Dwayne Johnson) in College for the University of Miami football team played recently in his own Instagram on the release of the Miami dolphins wearing their uniforms photos, this seems to be the television series "the next player" he stills. The Jersey in the photo is not the LOGO of dolphin. The message below is: "I want to hurt you, not a dirty act, but to punish your crime. That's the way I play." "The players" series by HBO producer, is also the first Johnson outdoor TV works. but the photos were not sent out as long as they were deleted.

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