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Indianapolis kicker Adam Viniateri (Adam Vinatieri) is not used to losing the ball in the Federation championship. that's because he never lost. The 42 year old kicker won 5 in his own league championship. 4 of them were when Viniateri played for the new England patriots for the pony. He will try to lift the record in the next game into a perfect 6 - game win. Viniateri helped the pony win the League Championship in the 2006 season, and in the 2009 season, he was in the team when he was in the United States Championship, but he was suspended for injury. Matt sdover (Matt Stover) replaced him as a kicker. "our team has been able to win the trophy," Viniateri said. "It feels good to win this game, and you know that you will finally be able to move forward on your goal list and have a chance to play again after the war. We're not going to think about the future. We know it's a very, very good team. We need to play the best of 60 minutes and we'll have a chance, " Viniateri kept the NFL playoff scoring record - 233 points, and a free kick record in the playoff history - 56. When he went to the thirtieth playoffs on Sunday, he would overtake the hall of fame to take over Jerry rice as the most player in the playoffs. , "being able to stay in the League for such a long time is a special thing for a g cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ood team who can always win in the playoffs and go far in the playoffs," Viniateri said. "It feels great and very, very special. It's obviously new to us. Every game is different, but we're ready to fight. It's a lot of fun. "The official website of NFL | pirates signed veteran linebacker Daryl Smith | Rugby the Tampa Bay Buccaneers found a veteran linebacker to Sergio and occupation bowl Wundt David line (Lavonte David) the second grade linebacker and potential G - Alexander (Kwon Alexander) million. pirates announced Friday morning before Baltimore crow star Daryl - Smith (Daryl Smith) has agreed to sign a contract with them. The contract lasts for one year. , 34, started 172 of his 174 games in his career. His grappling number is fourth among the active players and is one of the only four players who have captured at least 30 times to capture 10 copies of the pass. crow at the first month lay off Smith, which reflects his performance decline at this age. He was a professional bowl - level interior guard for the first two seasons of the crow. He was considered to be a strong side guard against the pirates. Smith is very suitable for the pirates to end their careers. He has worked with the pirates defensive coordinator Mike - Smith (Mike Smith) and linebacker coach Mark Dufner (Mark Duffner) worked at the Jacksonville Jaguars for many years, while the Jaguar's offensive coordinator is now pirates coach Dirk Kurt (Dirk Koetter).NFL- Payton Manning collection loading... Tencent sports August 11th news, red star Angelababy today, in social media Instagram drying out its own NFL wearing photos of the National Football League, causing heated debate. Angelababy out of Manning's shirt ??????????Angelababy????????????????????-??????10????????????????????????? Manning is a superstar of NFL. He landed in NFL in the first time in 2004, and now he plays for the New York giants. He got the super bowl's MVP twice in 2008 and 2012. was born in quarterback Eli Manning home, his father Archie Manning in 1971 second pick in the first round by the New Orleans saints selected, and his brother Payton (micro-blog) - Manning is a superstar, won the 2007 Super Bowl MVP. ( and ) exclusive manuscript at the end of the text should be marked with the copyright statement: This article is the Tencent sports exclusive manuscript, unauthorized, not reprinted, otherwise the legal responsibility will be investigated. scan to download Tencent sports APP Games information and master, a former high school football coach, Mark oellers (Mark Ehlers ) sportsmanship is the most important skill for a coach to teach an athlete. It reacts to our skills in dealing with problems before, during and after the game. These skills can be exercised when we win or win or are happy and sad. As a coach, we hope that this kind of sportsmanship can be developed in reality and that these athletes can mature into the adult life smoothly. In order to achieve this goal, the coach must be very positive words and deeds of the sports spirit. I have some suggestions on how to promote sportsmanship in your team: pre season: has a single chapter in the team manual to explain the spirit of sportsmanship and make clear requirements for the athletes, parents and coaches. And let the handbook get the head of the sports director. convened a staff meeting to discuss the importance of sportsmanship. The various circumstances and continuing consequences of unacceptable behavior are discussed. Emphasize the role model effect of coach in practice and competition. During the parents' meeting, discusses the sports spirit section with parents and gives parents a clear expectation and demand for When set of lecture, and the players directly discuss the sports spirit, and let the captain play a leading role in the positive. Ensure that the whole team is aware of the importance of sportsmanship to themselves and the team. practice says 's expectations of the players' behavior gives an example of the positive and reverse behavior and gives a clear explanation of the does not tolerate dirty words and limb conflicts. Because the same behavior could lead to 15 yards of punishment and even lose in a formal match. with a positive attitude and other spirit in training (such as teamwork, proactive etc.) can sometimes find people who understand the sports spirit of the people on behalf of . rewards players with sportsmanship, pre competition introduce yourself before the game. Let the referee know that the spirit of sportsmanship is very important to you and your team, lets the referee know that you want to know any possible violation of sportsmanship, and that it is convenient for you to act early to prevent further expansion of the situation, reminds the players of the importance of maintaining restraint in the game, competition: is careful to command the team instead of complaining about the referee's raises questions at the beginning of the problem. The roar of the referee doesn't have any eggs, and it's a better for the team to command the team. admired the decision of the referee to make some difficult decisions. asked the staff to drink water and drink towels to the referee when they paused 〉

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