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The official website of NFL |49 hired O'neal as defensive coordinator | football The former Cleveland Brown defense coordinator Jim O'neal (Jim O 'Neil) will land in San Francisco before . According to NFL official network reporter, O'neal will be a defensive coordinator to join 49 people. O'neal, 37, has come to the fore in the competition, before Houston, the Houston Dezhou coach, Mike Faubert (Mike Vrabel) is regarded as a hot candidate. O'neal worked with Mike Pettine (Mike Pettine) long term partner, but in the past 2 seasons Brown's defense ranked League twenty-third and twenty-seventh. This season, Brown's ground defense is thirtieth in the league, and many of the players have been tortured by O'neal's defense system. 49 in selected kipper Kelly (Chip Kelly) as the team's new coach, also decided to restructure the entire training set. As Kelly pursued a fast pace in the attack, it also required the defense team to stay on the court for longer. In the last 3 seasons, the numbers of the hawk defense teams were ranked in the League of first, second, and first. In the age of Jim - Harbert (Jim Harbaugh), the team was famous for his defense, which also gave O'neal more pressure in the invisible.June 16th news new England patriots have lost only one of the United States east champions since 2003. but the Miami dolphin players sound ready to hit the patriot's throne. One example: the offseason dolphins wide receiver Jarvis Landry (Jarvis Landry) said the dolphins will sweep the Patriots in the new season. The dolphin defensive section, Ndamukong Suh, said Thursday that his team would not easily admit defeat to the Patriots. , "I think we respect all our opponents. Obviously, we will face the Pirates of Tampa Bay in the first season cheap nfl jerseys free shipping of the season. We are looking forward to this match," said Su when asked how he focused on the Patriots. "We have a lot of games against the Patriots, and they all need to be focused on it. But we understand that the patriots are now the strongest team in the United States of the United States. We understand that we need to make a special game plan for them, as they do to us. In this respect, I think the greatest thing about dolphins is that we have never been afraid of the new England patriots. We can never do that. So, at this point, we'll be ready when we see them in the new season. dolphins have indeed been the most troublesome east side team in the past few years. They replaced the Patriots in 2008 as the division champion, and between 2013 and 2015 they were not swept by the Patriots. after the playoffs last season, dolphins have a lot of places to enjoy. From the various abilities of the lineup to the Jay Ajayi of the strength runner, to the good attacking frontline, to the stable defensive front line, and then to the promoted second defense. but unfortunately for the dolphins, the patriots have also made up the lineup. has a lot of things to happen before the dolphins face the Patriots in the twelfth and fourteenth weeks. For fans, let's hope that dolphin's courage will not be exhausted before that, and we can see the important competitions that belong to the divisional champions at the end of the season.| handball national primary Handball Championship Weifang opening size of the competition | record | hand Co diagram for the opening ceremony site chart is Yao Feng's announcement of the opening of the Cleveland, July 27th Weifang (reporter Liu Xiangqian) Yuhua school Cup 2011 national handball championship today in Weifang Yuhua primary school officially opened, a total of 55 teams from 32 schools across the country entered the competition, a record national handball tournament competition the biggest pupils. China Handball Association Youth Committee Director Cheng Biao, China Handball Association officials Yao Feng, deputy director of the Weifang Municipal Bureau of education Liu Haitao, deputy director of the Kuiwei Sports Bureau Liu Shuhong, deputy secretary Liu Liangjia, deputy director of the National People's Congress, Zhai Fusheng, vice mayor Liu Dijian, director of CPPCC vice chairman Chen Libao, Kuiwei District Education Bureau, sports bureau chief Liu Yongping Liu Fengsheng, school Yuhua Zhang Zhengze attended the opening ceremony today, announced by the China Handball Association official Yao Feng tournament opening. 2011 national primary handball championship by the State Sports General Administration of Sports Management Center bangleiqiu hand song hosted by the Kuiwei District of Weifang City Bureau of education, competition attracted 55 teams from 32 schools nationwide competition, a total of more than 660 people, the students athletes coaches 138 people, the more than 30 officials, a record the national handball tournament competition the biggest pupils. , the State Sports General Administration of Sports Management Center bangleiqiu hand song handball Department Yao Feng told reporters: this time as the guiding center handball units to carry out the work of adult students match, will use the competition venues and standard, and the most professional competition, technology, equipment and personnel are all put into the game, so you can make the base sports and education workers in the handball competition held in preparation for a deeper understanding. , the theme of this year's national championship for pupils is education, communication, low carbon and practice. It not only focuses on the competitiveness of sports competitions, but also takes account of the richness of activities. In line with the principle of enriching athletes' amateur cultural life, the organizing committee will also carry out handicraft production, essay collection, speeches, paintings, astronomical observation and other activities in all athletes to cooperate with handball events, so as to promote the development of primary school athletes' comprehensive quality. events from July 27th in full swing, until August 3rd, will ultimately decide the men and women in A group and B group of male and female champion. (finished)football 10 noble and Diego Bailey have a great relationship, 10 was Bailey's number. It is because of the genius of Bailey, 10, the ordinary number is more and more respected; more and more players wearing the number 10 jersey for the team to make contributions, more and more team leaders chose the number 10 as a symbol of their own. No. 10 are not mentioned, said another Diego Maradona. Maybe it was from the day Maradona first put on No. 10 that the meaning of No. 10 was finally determined, that is, No. 10 is the center of the team in the midfield. , No. 10 in modern football field, is the center of the team's midfield. It's a link between the backcourt and the front court. It's the initiator and organizer of the attack. It's a fighter who can transmit and shoot comprehensively. Bailey and Maradona, for a long time, have not been defined by the No. 10 Jersey on the green field. But they seem to have become an honor and a symbol. If they are able to wear No. 10 Jersey, they will have the spirit of the team Bailey and Maradona. Real Madrid used to have many classic 10 stars, such as Laudrup, Seedorf and Figo. Among them, Figo was the most successful player, and he won the golden ball award and the world player of the year in the first season. in the 2005 Figo international trade Milan, No. 10 to the time from Santos to 25 million euros to join Robinho, but the club also intends to him when the core reconstruction, who is not too successful, at that time the limelight was completely with Barcelona No. 10 small rogie, he go after three years Manchester city. Schneider was once a Real Madrid 10. In the summer of 2007, Holland gifted to join Real Madrid, first wearing No. 23, 2007-08 season 38 games, 9 balls, 9 assists, and then changed to 10, but suffered serious injuries. Schneider was cleared out to international Milan in the summer of 2009. 2009-10 of the Champions League final in the 2009-10 season beat Bayern to the top, which seems to be a matter of Real Madrid, but the final is Real Madrid's home Bernabeu. It is no doubt a irony for Real Madrid to throw Schneider in Bernabeu's national core as the core of the European crown. Schneider after the transfer will be handed over to the No. 10 Jersey has played two years in the Real Madrid midfielder France Diyala, due to its more injuries, no echo this number at the time, there are not too many people think of the French players. Diyala disk is Mesut Ozil, then in Mourinho's, Real Madrid 2011/12/ La Liga season to regain the hero, but because of laziness and Mesut Ozil games too much is not positive, this is Mesut Ozil and Mourinho's shortcomings as everyone knows, after Ancelotti took over the team, the Milky Way ship breaking move in the summer of 2013 〉 Ji

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