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Cleveland Brown has already played 6 different quarterback in the 7 games that have already been played this season. they have already signed seventh quarterback. Brown boss Hugh Hue (Hue Jackson) said the first game quarterback quarterback Cody Kessler (Cody Kessler) is still in the process of cerebral concussion examination. Jackson also said the former first quarterback Josh McKoen (Josh McCown), a clavicle fracture, has started training. Jackson did not give the exact answer about the veteran status, he said later in the week before the game against the New York jets will get more information about mccain. in the case of Kevin Hogan (Kevin Hogan) becoming the only hea cheap nfl jerseys free shipping lth quarterback in Brown matrix, Brown signed Callaghan Callaghan (Joe Callahan) who had worked for Green Bay Packers and New Orleans saints. Callaghan was given up by the saints last week. Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport), the NFL official network, reported that Kessler was unlikely to be ready for the game. Understand the McCain injury history and play style of Jackson and McCain said he would talk, let him protect themselves.although the Aaron Rodgers of Aaron, the Green Bay Packer, has a contract of 5 years and 110 million dollars, it can't prevent the former Super Bowl winner from buying the 1 billion 500 million dollar strong ball ticket like other Americans. Rodgers, an interview with on Wednesday, said he did buy the current strong ball ticket. He also had a plan to win the lottery. He said, "if I win, I will buy a NHL team." though Rodgers didn't say that he is the NHL team, he has always said he is a dead duck in the Green Bay area. So it should be the Green Bay gamblers. the Green Bay gamblers are the USHL team of the US Hockey League. The players are mainly composed of players who are about to start college or career. This season they are 19, 10, 2, and third in the East.The official website of NFL | Gary Tohti from the historical record in just a | football Todd Gurley, the Saint Louis rookie Todd Gurley, has completed a 144.3 yard advance in its first 3 games, but this Sunday's match against San Francisco will win a new record if he can keep this average. According to , according to ESPN, Glen's 433 - yard run was more than fourth of the league's shot data since 1970. He only needs 107 yards to complete the new record - the first 4 games in the first 4 games. if gri can keep this state until the end of the season, he has 10 games to create data, and then he will complete the 1547 yard ball, which will be the fifth place of the league's rookie running historical data. But you have to know that gri is only 21 years old, and the only player of that age has done these terrible numbers.The official website of NFL | Matt Shaw did not travel to London | football cloth , according to CSN Bay Area's report, the Matt CSN, the replacement quarterback of the Raiders, did not accompany the team to London for the competition against Miami dolphins at Wembley Stadium, but stayed in the US. And according to NFL news source Steve Wyche, shaobu left the team this week because she was going to be with the wife who was going to give birth. Matt, the two grade Matt in the third quarterback squad of the team, will be the number one substitute quarterback of the match in. The first start is still the two - round show Derek - Carle (Derek Carr). I wish Shao cloth baby boy, mother and child!

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