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Cincinnati tiger tight end Taylor - efot (Tyler Eifert) no longer participate in the occupation bowl. we can't forget the efot in last season's occupation bowl ankle fracture, he underwent surgery but not sure when to return to the stadium. On Friday, efot told reporters that his boot in a week after the removal and also said for his return to the stadium there is no timetable. efot also said that if elected, he would never again participate in the occupation bowl. He thinks it's not worth the risk. obviously, the job bowl needs to be readjusted. Roger Goodell, the president of the league, has publicly expressed dissatisfaction with the status of the professional bowl. I hope these dissatisfaction can drive change, like efot that players can continue to bring unique experience for the fans and do not have to worry about missing injured training. is waiting for efot return, tiger hope the last three rounds show tight end Taylor - Croft (Tyler Kroft) to make progress, he finished 11 in the ball last season made 129 yards and 1 touchdowns., according to local media reports in Boston, the new England patriots have deprived quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) personal trainer privileges. This deepened to Biliqieke trainer and coach Bill (Bill Belichick) the disharmony between speculation. Alex Guerrero (Alex Guerrero) is Brady's friends, and his business partner, two people together to create the TB12 training center. Since the center for treatment in operating cheap nfl jerseys free shipping since 2013 and a number of patriots Brady players here and training. is reported to have an office at Gillette stadium near Guerrero patriots locker room. He is no longer allowed to treat players other than Brady in the office. He was also banned from flying in the Patriot team and being forbidden to come to the side of the field to stay with the players. because of this injunction, many patriot players continue to be treated at the TB12 training center. The center is located outside the stadium. on Monday asked between Guerrero and Biliqieke rumors, Brady said. "I have no comment on this matter. I just want to say that this is very clear. Alex has been making great contributions to my achievements. I am very lucky to have him as my friend. Fortunately, we can do everything together." also said that Brady is an important reason for their Guerrero can still play at the age of 40. Well known the relationship between and the Brady guerrero. Reported that in 2015 the Guerrero role in the team have been dissatisfied with some of the team medical team and trainers, they are worried about the way the way the team Guerrero and conflict. This let some team staff express their worries to Billy Cheik. team boss Robert - Kraft (Robert Kraft) said in 2015 that Guerrero role on the team "is not a challenge." "But we have a coach who accepts this, and one who can control his team leader," Kraft said.AP two North Cincinnati tigers and Pittsburgh Steelers this week ushered in a duel, tigers need to win to keep their advantage in the partition, and then the Steelers needed this victory to continue to strive for the first partition, but also to ensure that their own in the wild card battle position. game by the Steelers first attack. They mainly rely on the offensive quarterback Rothlisberger (Ben Roethlisberger, ran Wei Lei viand - Baer (Le'Veon Bell) and Antonio Brown (Antonio over Brown) consisting of three carriages launched. But the first wave of attack was stopped at the 37 yard punt, the Steelers have to choose. The first wave of tiger attack on the offensive to the Steelers also lose the first battle, shortly after the first half cannot move forward, even worse is that they abandoned when kicking off the ball, which gave the Steelers a good attack position. But the Steelers failed to seize the opportunity to attack three only 1 yards. The next attack is similar with the Steelers fate, not a direct attack three punt. The first two teams ended in 0-0 after the two sides were unable to score in the next attack. At the end of the first quarter but the Steelers attack finally broke the deadlock, in this wave of attack Wallace first 11 yards to tight end Matt Spitz (Matt Spaeth), Baer rushed the ball 4 yards, and the 2 consecutive pass found wide receiver Marcus Wylton (Markus Wheaton) and Lance Moore (Lance Moore) for 45 yards into the tiger red zone. After Baer's 2 shot of 7 yards, he picked up a pass and pushed 7 yards to the tigers' 1 - yard line. Big copy of the pass found the old partner near front Heath - Miller (Heath Miller) completed the array. The 7-0 leading. By the Steelers touchdown after tiger quickly made with color, quarterback Andy Dalton (Andy Dalton) and the number one wide receiver A.J. (A.J. Green Green) 2 times to help the team to move forward with the ball 65 yards, and ultimately by the tight end Jermaine - Gray Sam (Jermaine Gresham) to complete the 10 yard touchdown catch. The tigers beat the score. Then the Steelers offensive again failed, and the tiger did not waste this opportunity, though half Dalton's pass was Steelers steals, but opponents foul makes it just a false alarm. The first attack was Jeremy Hill, who completed the 15 yard stroke, and then became the stage of Dalton's performance. He completed the match with 4 different catchers, and promoted a total of 42 yards, and finally finished the 20 yards of the Hill. The tigers are 14-7. Then the Steelers launched an attack at the end of the first half. The first is Baer rushed the ball for 9 yards, then the 4 consecutive pass forward 48 yards, Baer 5 yards to help the Steelers reached the red tiger area, then the 14 yards passing found receiver Brown. ????????????|ик???????????????????????????????3??? At the end of the half, the tigers take the lead in 14-10. 〉NFL may have the fastest players, rugby, Panther nest NFL website Mini camp in Black Panther has a bad character in the mini training camp this week - probably the fastest role in the NFL shirt in history. he is Malvin Bracey (Marvin Bracy), served in the Florida State University football team played one year after quitting the team, will focus on the track. Bracey recently appeared in the mini camp, hoping to get the Panthers wide receiver position, his speed is very impressive: 100 meters run the fastest 9.93 seconds. this represents Bracey than Jimmy - Haines (Jimmy Hines) faster. Haines 100 meters 9.95 seconds, this let him in the 1968 Olympic Games gold medal, a world record for 15 years. Haines was the only one who ran 100 meters in 10 seconds and played at NFL. in addition, Bracey also said that he and John Ross - the first round of this year show the tiger (John Ross), who ran 40 yards in 4.22 seconds. I feel that my speed is very special. I felt as if I was standing in the open field, and no one could stop me. Bracey said, I think I can be the fastest person in NFL... But to get out of Ross, he's really fast. If Bracey can success among the Panthers roster, and Ross looked at him the fastest player competition NFL title is interesting. won the men's 60 meter championship in the 2014 American indoor track and Field Championships and the Indoor Championships in the Indoor Championships, with a score of 6 seconds 48. 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