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The new shirt proudly display exquisite casting club badge, Silver Star team at the top of the 1998 Major League cup. The same shirt design over the as before, the shirt back below the neckline with a special icon, it consists of two cross fire axe and a Chicago flag on the six pointed star, a symbol of the fire occurred in 1871 in Chicago, which is the origin of the Chicago fire team. Jersey on the lower left with the club was founded in the year - "Est.1997 (since 1997)". The design of and Jersey echoes, grey socks socks emblazoned with navy blue stripes, and four red six star.NFL's official website, Jay Cutler gradually lost the support of his teammates in rugby nest The bad performance of Chicago bear's quarterback Jay Cutler (Jay Culter) caused the team to lose 10 to 36 to Tampa Bay pirates. now his performanc cheap nfl jerseys free shipping e has been questioned his teammate Black, according to the news reporter Mike - Freeman (Mike Freeman) news, he received 2 bear players newsletter, this two person said that now bears the majority of players want the team to give up the veteran point guard four. A player briefed Freeman, "Cutler can't play the role of team leader in the battle against pirates on Sunday, which makes players feel bad. , Cutler's 32 pass 16 in the match, promoted 182 yards, 1 touches, 2 times were copied, and got the worst 55.1 quarterback score in the past 3 years, one of which made the opponent finish the battle, and Cutler dropped the ball again. Cutler last week after the restoration of finger helped the team beat the Minnesota Vikings, but it seems very difficult to change the players on his views, his performance as well as the stadium locker room status is very bad, only Fawkes team coach John (John Fox) the United States Monday still support Cutler as the starting quarterback for the next week's game. , so far this season, the bears are 2 to 7. As the team stars take over Arsen Alshon (Alshon Jeffery), they are banned for a month. This season is probably Cutler's last season in Chicago. ? The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.New York giant wanted to help Jason - Pierpaolo (Jason Pierre-Paul), but he refused to accept it, which made the team hurt. The team coach Tom Coughlin (Tom Coughlin) is one of the latest franchise tag defensive end who comment on. Pierre, Paul, who lost a finger in a fireworks accident, did not appear at the start of the training camp. "I want to help. I want to help him. But he decided he didn't need our help, "he told reporters. "He thinks we have an ulterior motive. But all I care about, what any of us care about, what the whole team cares about, is the child's health. The tragedy has happened, and we have all the experts in this city for the job. It's very easy to provide all of these help. " as the team boss John Mara (John Mara) earlier this week said, looking for Pierre Paul to the team she was upset at the side of clothes. He said he had a message to Pierre and Paul as soon as he knew the accident. "What can I do for you?" But there is no echo. until they were able to establish contact with him, they couldn't determine how to deal with it.The happy feeling of Cleveland Cavaliers first crowns made Cleveland full of optimism. obviously, all the Cleveland sports fans now believe that their team can win the championship, including the Brown fans. will win the Super Bowl in 2033, according to an activity created by a Brown fan in the face book. according to our rough calculations, Brown will end the title shortage in the sixty-seventh super bowl, and they may do it in a suspended stadium. now looks ridiculous, but the fan has been waiting for a long 15 years. It is hoped that Brown can control the number of their first quarterback within 20 of the time. though 1 million 300 thousand people gathered in Cleveland last week to form one of the biggest winning parade in sports history, Brown's championship parade may be more grand and more powerful. More than 3600 Brown fans have said they will take part in the February 19, 2033 victory parade.

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