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The official website of NFL, hall of Famer Meyers Garrett, planning football nest tiger Bruce August 2nd Hall of Fame member Bruce Smith (Bruce Smith) plans to visit Cleveland during the training camp, so as to guide Meyers Garrett. Draft day before Smith in Gareth's house and he watched hours of video game, he will ensure the rookie growth guidance. , he would like to lend a helping hand when I needed it, so I knew that after I learned what the competition was like and how the game rhythm was, I would seek help from his experienced brain to see what the strongest players could offer me. Gareth said, I know he will give me a lot of useful information. Smith told Gareth that he was expecting him to perform better in NFL than in Dezhou. With 200 sacks of Smith wanted to see Garrett's future performance to what height. Gareth, 21, has not yet visited the hall of fame at the age of 21. He wants to be one of them in the future (he has a long and long way to go). I feel it is not enough to go there to se cheap nfl jerseys free shipping e those who played a decade or two balls, put all his heart into the game predecessors. I haven't play a game, if one day I feel qualified, and those players can occupation...... Things are different. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL | before the horse player: Rivers Bimanning closer to | football offensive tackle Orlando Franklin (Orlando Franklin) after playing for the Denver Broncos in the 4 season, this offseason as a free agent to join with rival San Diego lightning. In a recent interview, Franklin compared the quarterback of two teams: Payton Manning (Peyton Manning) and Philip Rivers (Philip Rivers). Franklin said: my first impression was that Rivers Bimanning more approachable. I don't know if it's because I met Manning when I was younger, and I met Rivers when I was more mature. In a word, it was my feeling that Rivers was a more approachable teammate. is a similar story in recent years. Manning is one of the greatest quarterback in history. His leadership and performance on the court are unquestionable. In the face of media, he can always handle properly. In private, however, Manning seemed to have the same way of being a man, and he was more independent. Rivers has always been the absolute core of the lightning field, and he has a good relationship with all his teammates. He is a straightforward character in the dressing room is more popular. Although Rivers was beset by trade rumors during the off-season, Franklin's speech still respected and loved the core quarterback.me football equipment network as starting a new chapter of the UMBRO company in Bournemouth, the Premier League club jointly announced the team's 2017-18 season home court New Jersey, the two sides announced a five year partnership in two months ago, "cherry" in the next five seasons will be wearing UMBRO logo the double diamond shirt. The red and black stripes the new season, the classic diamond chain pattern as the most important brand of UMBRO once again return to the golden Jersey, also continue to serve as an indispensable element of the club was used in the details of the design. new shirt collar, the style of the font shows the club name abbreviation "AFCB". for the players to play well designed body with concave convex structure fabrics to bring the classic appearance, comfortable experience and lasting quality jerseys, breathable fabric underarm position is helpful to players in the game to better heat and sweat.Seattle Seahawks have given up for Gary - Williams (Cary Williams) test. The official confirmed Monday that they cut the Seahawks cornerback the. Williams in the offseason with the Seahawks signed a 3 year, $18 million including a $3 million 500 thousand signing bonus contract. At the beginning of March after the 30 year old Williams Philadelphia Eagle cut. Williams this season in Richard - Sherman (Richard Sherman) on the other side of the game when it is difficult to adapt to the Seahawks defensive system and opponents key attack. He was disparaged in the eleventh week game and was not on the list in the past two games but not for health reasons. apparently felt that Williams was not enough to provide the Seahawks lineup depth for them in the playoffs when they. If they have more trusted players in the array, Pete Carroll and general manager John Schneider (John Schneider) have never been afraid of giving up a player, even a player who has given 7 million dollars to protect their income. (DeShawn Shead) schede DeShawn Williams compared increased in the last two games to replace Williams as a starter and overall performance. He played in the twelfth week of Pittsburgh Steelers game he completed 4 passes and destroyed 10 tackles, Mata Weiss Bryant took over in the Steelers (Martavis Bryant) to see outside the game is how devastated Indianapolis Colts cornerback, apparently in the array when Bryant Shedd defeated several times, but the overall performance is stable.

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