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's new season is getting closer and closer. From today, the Chinese official network of NFL will introduce you to the hot newcomer one by one before the start of the new season. Lead you to get to know the new Rookies of each team. Today we bring the first "defensive monster - Jed viand - clowney". Jed (Jadeveon Clowney) - viand clowney, born in February 14, 1993, is the 2014 NFL draft of the draft, he was selected first overall in the first round of Houston Dezhou team add NFL. Kelaonisi post defensive end, 1.98 meters tall and weighing 124 kg, was educated at the University of South carolina. excellent physical quality clowney defensive awareness, very scary. Before the draft, he ran out of 4.53 seconds in the 40 - yard sprint, the fastest of all the defensive forwards in the draft. Was a high-profile star Klauni in high school, he entered the senior high school students in the 2010 lineup and won the South Carolina football named mr.. ??????????????????????????? Klauni took part in all 12 games in the first season. He made 7 tackles in the first match, and broke the pass 1 times and forced the quarterback to rush out. A week later, against the SEC (Southeast Asian Federation) season unveiling of the University of Georgia, he got his first college career. Throughout the season, with 36 tackles including 12 opponents clowney, lost code number. At SEC he ranked eighth in 8, the only freshman in the top ten. At the end of the season, he was named the best new player of the year, joined the two team in the best squad, and was also selected as the best team for the new students in the United States by many media. In the second season, clowney in order to grow the best American college football players. He led the University of South Carolina in the southeast conference area (SEC), winning 11 wins and 2 losses. He broke the school's single season record with 13 hits. In addition, he also gave 53 grappling and 3 times to force the ball. At the end of the season, he won the Hendrik prize for the best d cheap nfl jerseys free shipping efensive end of the United States. Third before the start of the season, clowney confidently to realize the ambition in the new season. Part of the game but the injury that he missed the season, he also missed the final with heisman. In the third after the end of the season, clowney announced in the 2014 NFL draft. Dezhou people did not hesitate to choose Klauni at this year's draft convention. He also became the defensive player of the 2006 Mario Williams (Mario Williams). It is believed that Klauni's accession will enable the Dezhou defense team to upgrade quickly and make the reconstruction work of the Dezhou people on the right track. He can become the 3-4 lineup outside linebacker, and whether J.J. W is listed on the same side, will be on the other side of the offensive line caused great distress. In the preseason, clowney performance has gained wide acceptance. He's in the game.NFL's official website, quarterback Stanton: young quarterback is very difficult in today's NFL growth, rugby wo tiger news June 24th four - Arizona Cardinals quarterback Drew Stanton (Drew Stanton) in 2007 second round draft by the Detroit lions selected. In the past 10 years he served as a lion, the Indianapolis Colts and the Cardinals' backup quarterback. Stanton witnessed many quarterbacks in the League fought during this period of time, this experience gave him a firm view on how to cultivate the young quarterback for the League teams. Like many people, Stanton doesn't think the team is doing very well in this respect. He thinks the problem is especially that many teams will not keep in the matrix, and will not enter the quarterback quarterback No. three quarterback. It's hard for to develop the quarterback in this alliance, Stanton said. Unfortunately, NFL is going in a bad direction. When I started in the league, you could stay in the array as three as I was young and don't go to the list on the day of the game. Now, they are trying to leave the place to others and put the quarterback into the training group. in the discussion of the Cardinals backup quarterback position, the Cardinals coach Bruce Arians (Bruce Arians) made it clear that the Cardinals will do. He said that keeping the quarterback three on the list depends on whether the player is the best player regardless of whether the position is the best player. The quarterback can't work in the secret service team, and will make him decide not to retain quarterback quarterback three. even though all teams are treating young quarterback as they used to be, for those quarterback players at the end of the lineup, they can still get limited training when the team helps the quarterback to prepare for the game every week. That's why, after the end of the NFL European Union, people have been calling for the establishment of a real development alliance, but these appeals have not yet led the alliance to take actions. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.Bennet of the Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael (Michael Bennett) does not intend to answer questions about the Seahawks rushed transmission problems happily. reportedly reported that when he lost 36-20 to the Atlanta falcons on Saturday's playoffs, FOX Q13 reporter Bill Weekes West (Bill Wixey) asked questions about Bennet's quarterback Matt Ryan (Matt Ryan) when Bennet interrupted. According to USA Today report, the reporter's question seems to imply that the Seahawks rushed pass and did not reach the normal level pressure. The group scored the Seahawks defensive 3 sacks, 5 yards by loss and 8 times to tackle the quarterback impact, such a good performance in the fast lane or completed. "we have exerted enough pressure." Bennet replied, "he had a fast hand, and the field was changing. Obviously, you don't know rugby at all. " "something terrible happened. He had a very timely hand, and he did what he should do. We do the best we can. " added, "don't point out (to us) that we don't finish our duties, OK? Don't do that, will you? I don't want to see you now. Don't tell me that I'm not doing it (Zhou Ma). Get out of me. Again, please leave. " "don't play word games with me!" I put all my heart into the (Zhou Ma) field! Don't find me happy. (Zhou Ma) disappear from my eyes! If you do this again, the consequences are self - conceited. I'm not that kind of person. But don't tell me that I didn't do what I should do, (Zhou Ma). " "we lost the ball! That's NFL, you don't play (Zhou Ma)! What did you experience in your life? Have you ever suffered from injuries? Or has there been any serious injury? " but vicksiis also experienced a lot of hardships in his life, based on his previous article on his anti Hodgkin lymphoma. this is the Seahawks second players in recent weeks with reporters dispute. Just before Christmas, cornerback Richard Sherman in 710 ESPN Jim Moore (Jim Moore) in hot pursuit of the difficulties he will no longer respond to reporters after let the reporter get the Seahawks pass. one thousand readers, there will be one thousand kinds of Hamlett. There are many ways to read this news, as long as the author wants, but some of the facts behind it are always important. The playoffs for the players, it is difficult to. Sometimes players who do not deal with such moments will be considered unreasonable. In most cases, the reporter is to gather information, to provide funding for readers. We are always looking for a better way to ease the tension in a season's effort. but that does not mean that Sherman or Bennet has a reason to threaten other people's careers or to criticize one., the influence of Hurricane Harvey made some "edge players" lose their last chance to prove themselves in the competition. They didn't expect that the third season would be their 2017 season, the last time they played in Dezhou's robe. Among the players that have been cut off by , the most notable include the following. quarterback Brandon WeedenAt present, has left two quarterback, Tom Savage and Deshaun Watson in the team, and it's reasonable to cut off the three or four sub guard "taillight". During the truce, Dezhou people finally admitted that the "72 million gentlemen" was wrong in last season, so they sent Osweiler away and picked up Deshaun Watson in the first round of the draft. The move suggests that Dezhou will continue to try the new quarterback in the new season until the team's "Mr.Right" is found. Tom Savage is the first quarterback of the team. The 2017 season is the last year of his current contract. He will lead Dezhou offensive team forward with his own experience and the performance of the contract year. The team only two quarterback is the biggest problem, if Savage accidentally injured or people can not look, then Watson will be stepped to go into battle. Once Watson is injured or unable to fully adapt to the rhythm of professional games, the team will face awkward situations without quarterback, or recall Weeden again. is good, Watson is the black quarterback, and the first round show, the physical quality will not have problems, and technical aspects should not be disappointing. The only thing we need to care about is when he can start the game and lead the team into the playoffs again. kicker Nick NovakIn the last season's draft conference of , Dezhou people chose the John Christian Ka'iminoeauloameka'ikeokekumupa'a ", Ka'imi" and Fairbairn, whose names were very long. They just missed the game last season because of injuries. Cut off veteran Novak. Obviously, on the one hand, Fairbairn is more vigorous than Novak, and has stronger thigh and farther and more accurate shooting ability. On the other hand, Fairbairn is cheaper than Novak. attack front David Quessenberry Quessenberry is the six round show of the team in 2013. The first season was absent due to injury. Then it was diagnosed with cancer and was put on the list of NFI (Non-Football Injury) by the team. He kept him on the team in order to help him overcome the disease again.

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