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played against Nuggets today. The Lakers let little Thomas wear the No. 3 Jersey. The little Thomas wore the jersey for the Lakers before 7. Why do we change the Jersey? According to the sunspot, it's for the 7 shirt of Odom's retirement! , of course, it had little to do with Odom. When little Thomas was in the sun and the knight, he was wearing three shirts, and now he was looking back on the No. 3 shirt to prove himself again. Thomas's 10 games in the Lakers are 16.1 points on the field and 5.5 assists. said it was completely unsuccessful for Odom's No. 7 shirt. Because the Lakers rich star, retired jersey number is not much, the retired players are absolute superstar: Kobe, O'neal, Jabbar, Chamberlain, only 11 the number of retired jersey number retired, enjoy the Jersey is only 10, Kobe is a retired number 8 and number 24. So Odom can retire, the shirt is left, the marriage can be divorced, and Kardashian has to stay. today the rocket lost the ball, 17 won not, because the Raptor is very strong? No, according to the sunspot, because the Raptors have a rocket star - 18 cards (Ibaka)! So the Rockets won't be able to win 18 consecutive wins in the Raptors.The official website of NFL | Redskins began to promote "the new plan | football stadium The Washington red team took the first cheap nfl jerseys free shipping step in finding a new stadium. But there's no clue where to choose. On Wednesday, the red skin boss, Dan Snyder, told Washington CNS that the red skin had begun to plan the new stadium. , he said, "maybe it's in Washington, or another stadium in Maryland. Maybe it's in Virginia. Anyway, we've started to think about this. The red team began training at the FedEx stadium in Maryland since 1997. The red team, a famous old football league, has been training at the FedEx stadium in Maryland since 1997. The stadium was originally named after its predecessor, Jack Kent Jack, and the result of the new stadium's death was that the new stadium had not been put into use by the Kent Cooke. Cook's son did not have enough money to buy the team, and finally his foundation sold the team to the businessman Snyder. After the new boss took office, the first fire was to sell the naming rights of the stadium, and finally the highest FedEx bid was successful, and now the FedEx stadium.if the Green Bay Packers tight end Brandon Bostick (Brandon Bostick) got the gambling play, they may be able to beat the Seattle Seahawks into the super bowl. In the game with 2 minutes 9 seconds, the Seahawks try gambling kick, Bostic could not get the ball, eventually the Seahawks wide receiver Chris (Chris Matthews) Mathews kindly gift, help the Seahawks to get the ball back. get the ball back, Ma Sean - Lynch (Marshawn Lynch) completed a touchdown to help lead the seahawks. Although the packers dragged the game into overtime, they eventually lost the game by 22-28. Bostic said: "I let the team disappoint, this game is very important, I can not do my job." I should have focused on blocking and let Jordi Nelson (Jordy Nelson) catch the ball. He will be able to catch it, and the game will not end with such a result. " Talking about the details of the reception, Bostic was very low: "I felt I felt the ball, but it slipped out. Someone hit me, and I couldn't get the ball. " coach Mike - Mccarthy (Mike McCarthy) believes that Bostic should not bear all the responsibility, but he also pointed out that the secret service was disappointing: "this is not Brandon's fault, in that particular case, the most important is that everyone should do their work well. It was a pity that in the end we failed to do this in the kickball, and the final result showed the problem. "two new show glittering performance remains the cowboy continued to win had a road straight face has ranked second Dallas Cowboys defensive group Baltimore crow. At first the cowboy's attack did not go well, and the crows put a lot of pressure on them. The crow attack group xianbatouchou, on the road passing attack and attack they hit consecutive large number advance attack, eventually running back Terrence West (Terrance West) gained 18 yards rushing touchdowns. Until the middle of the second quarter cowboy finally played a decent offensive in the beginning because of two fouls a 30 yards facing the dilemma, advancing to the end before the cowboy crow through a long pass. The final four quarterback Prescott duck (Dak Prescott) cross found wide receiver Cole Beasley (Cole Beasley) completed a 3 yard touchdown. The two sides then scored 3 points through a free kick to reach the second half of the game. The beginning of the second half, cowboys took the lead in the first wave of attack, Prescott - Bryant Mendez plays short to wide receiver (Dez Bryant) for a 4 yard touchdown. After the Raven attack failed, Prescott finished passing the ball continuously, plus effective push to push. The cowboy went to the Raven area smoothly and completed the 13 yard catch up by Bryant. The crow then attempted to counterattack, four Joe Fraco (Joe Flacco) led the team to advance rapidly and eventually pass 5 yards to find the veteran receiver Steve Smith (Steve Smith) made a touchdown. Then it's a very important defense for the crow, and if they can stop the cowboys from scoring, they have the hope of a equaliser. However, Prescott's passing and running back Elliot (Ezekiel Elliott ezrin Kiel) at the ball still difficult to stop, and ultimately to promote the success of the cowboy crow red zone and through the shot to get 3 points, to seal the victory. The cowboy won a 9 win over the crow with 27-17. Crow flao 35 passes 23 quarterback scored 269 yards and 1 touchdowns, receiver Smith 8 catches 99 yards and 1 touchdowns. Cowboys quarterback Prescott 36 passes 27 successful 301 yards and 3 touchdowns, he became the first NFL consecutive games to pass more than 300 yards, made more than 2 touchdowns and no steals the rookie quarterback passing by. Bryant took 6 catches and 80 yards and 2 touchdowns, running back Elliot 25 red ball for 97 yards, breaking the previous history of the Cowboys rookie running back single season rushing yardage record. Qi was armed Yongming touchdown Vikings beat the Cardinals losing streak ended from the early season league unbeaten team remains one of the few to eat a 4 straight drop in the first North Minnesota Vikings face struggling with wild card seats in the Arizona cardinals. The Vikings had taken the lead in the first wave of attack, quarterback Sam Bradford (Sam Bradford) long, wide receiver Adam zeran (Adam Thielen).

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