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The official website of NFL, a new season of the 2016 season: the first night, looking @ Mustang Panther football nest offseason, Denver Broncos can say is it pours. The legend of four Payton Manning announced his retirement, the bench four into Bullock Oswald vhailor by Dezhou people dug corner; defense won the hero one after another was dug corner, the super bowl is the main hero outside linebacker von Miller's contract is striking one snag after another. At the same time, division rival Oakland Raiders offseason again reinforced, will be in the new season challenge Mustang boss status partition. The Carolina Panther had a relatively low profile after the defeat of the Super Bowl last season. The offseason turnover is relatively small, while large pick back injury after the next season the Panthers will have more choice in the attack end. And the two defense team more excellent team, the new season to meet again, facing the old friend Miller, how did Newton respond? offensive: The four division and the offensive front are the biggest soft rib of the wild horse now. Payton Manning retired and Oswald Villar's home, let the horse in the offseason was four who struggled. The first is the free market with thanksgiving legend Mark Sanchez, then cheap nfl jerseys free shipping in the draft pick Paxton Lynch four potential. But after the entire offseason after the run, Sanchez was sacked, once the second bench 7 round on 2015 show Trevor Ann sago successful host, will serve as the new season of the four main points of the mustang. It will be the next Tom Brady? We will pay close attention to the two grade student from Northwestern University. The offensive front again fill into the blood, although before the Seahawks main left Russell Jiefeng Okun, but the former occupation bowl left Jiefeng can now play a few power, still need further observation. Although the wild horse offensive team retained most of the offensive weapons, the young four point and the broken offensive front line will be the biggest difficulty for the wild horse defending the road. for Panthers, maybe their problem is still in the attack front. Although the road capacity in the Premier League. However, pass protection there is indeed no small problem, Ojeda and ray Moss of the hengha will be two, if it can resist the Mustang rushed pass us wait in the first week. The new season of the Panther attack group do not change, but once the outstanding performance of the big Kelvin Benjamin back injury. With the second grade German - Fangqiesi rookie and veteran tight end Greg Olsen, a group of Panthers of the season, the Panthers season will have 3 giant weapons in the red zone, which will bring them a wide choice of tactical offensive group. Newton Stelter - Talbot, the understanding of the extent of pavement attack combination of needless to say, will continue in the new season for the Panthers cuichengbazhai. defense: although Malik 〉The official website of NFL | [offensive group] how to become a | football tight end The near front should be the most powerful and technologically comprehensive player in the offensive team. He can not only serve as offensive frontline, but also a good player and excellent catcher. station The near end front of generally stands on the outside of the cutting front, and in most of the attacking formations, there is only one near end front, while the side of the near end front is called the strong side. According to the tactical needs, he can choose to stand like an outside hand and keep a low posture like an attack front. executes The proximal front can be used as additional line in the block, passing like tackle the same step and to ensure their own in the opposite defensive player and quarterback between the ball to run forward, put on the opposite side of the defender away, to keep him away from the offensive player. When is a catcher, the near - end front will run on its own route like an external relay and take the ball forward. technique blocked the proximal wing tips and tackle almost the same, but due to proximal front is legitimate receiver, the defense will take initiative to mark. The stability of the ability to catch the ball in is very important. The proximal tall front to create a huge physical advantage for it, he can easily in the defender head gets the ball, and received the ball after proximal front is not easily captured hold, sometimes even more than three people to complete his defense.Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quin (Dan Quinn) in popularity between the players and not because he decided to drop the Falcon in Atlanta. A day ago, the line guard K.J. Wright (K.J. Wright) predicted that the falcons would easily enter the playoffs in the next season. A day later, Wright reiterated that Quin was a real defender, and he would help the team to win the super bowl. defensive end Michael Michael Bennett revealed that Quin had designed a perfect defensive strategy for the new England patriots on the media day. Bennet described Quin's plan as "master level". At the same time, Bennet stressed that Quin knew every player and he was able to put the players in the right position and inspire them all. In the end, Bennet added that Quin's character will help him to succeed in any team. before , defensive player Clif Avery (Cliff Avril) also said that Quin was good at teaching individual players. He can break every tactic to a lot of small parts, helping the players to get to a new level. Safety Earl Thomas (Earl Thomas) said: "he will stick to his coaching philosophy. A coach like him will succeed wherever he goes. "The official website of NFL | Jerry Jones accused Brandon Vuitton incompetence | Rugby (Tony Romo) - Toni Romo back, Dallas Cowboys had to lay off a quarterback, and Brandon Vuitton (Brandon Weeden) has become a scapegoat. Weedon has lost all 3 games before. Recently, Jerry Jones, a cowboy's boss, said in an interview with radio on the radio that Weedon had lost his chance to Jerry himself. , he said: if those three games let Matt Matt (Matt Cassel) serve as quarterback team, they will win. Jones also suggests Cassell's ability is stronger than that of Vuitton. but it's unbelievable to think of Jones's insistence on the use of vimen. And don't forget that Cassell didn't win a game.

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