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The official website of NFL | tiger Hanfu, Steelers playoff the next round of | football the first day of the second season playoff game between Pittsburgh Steelers and Cincinnati tigers. The Cincinnati tigers' last playoff victory was also traced back to 1991. The tigers sent cullough quarterback A.J- (A.J. McCarron) to replace the injured Andy Dalton palm (Andy Dalton) and played the Steelers by running back Fitzgerald Tusant (Fitzgerald Toussaint) to replace the injured ankle - DAngelo (DeAngelo Williams) for Williams. after the start of the game, the two teams have struck out the first attack. Then the tiger Malvin - Jones (Marvin Jones) completed a sideline ball to take a stand on the foot attack, and end Taylor - AIFUTE (Tyler Eifert) a few beautiful turn after the ball scored first, but also help to promote the Steelers half tiger. But the tiger advance was blocked at the Steelers 38 yards and punt. While the Steelers next offensive in running back Tusant rushed forward and catching the ball, scored the first half. The first section is 0-0. entering the second quarter, the Steelers quarterback Ben Rothlisberger (Ben Roethlisberger) was sacked Steelers only punt. But in the sack, the safety Reggie Nelson (Reggie Nelson) a sprained ankle. While the Steelers in an offensive to tiger after half-time, wide receiver Marcus (Markus Wheaton) Wylton appear off the ball. But the tiger got the ball after a long pass by Karen A.J Mi cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ke and return to the Steelers steals the tigers 41 yards. The Steelers advance was blocked in 21 yards, they scored 3-0 to lead by. The tiger attack struck out after the Steelers by Antonio - Brown (Antonio Brown) and Marcus Witton steadily to catch tiger 12 yards. But their advance stop at this Steelers shot success again. The end of the first half of 6-0, leading to the steelers. to start the second half, the tigers strengthened to punch the ball attack, Jeremy - Hill (Jeremy Hill) a 38 yard rushing to help the team advance to the Steelers 29 yard line. Unexpectedly, AJ- cullough lost ball turnovers in a game, the Steelers will Clark (Will-Clarke) to grab the ball. Through the pavement cover, the Steelers took over Mata Weiss - Bryant (Martavis Bryant) completed 44 yards and reached the red zone. But the Steelers advance was blocked in the 17 yards, and 9-0 Steelers had again shot ahead. The next round of attack is not over half punt, Steelers quarterback Ben Antonio passed by Brown and promote.After the defeat to new England patriots in 6-30, the Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett (Jason Garrett) announced that the team will consider the quarterback candidate in the offseason in the week. Gareth said: "we will reevaluate our quarterback, our attack front, the near end, the outboard and the runner. The defense team is the same as the special team. We have to take advantage of the weekend and try to adjust. With the team signing the Matt - Cassell (Matt Cassel) cowboy, there were more options on the quarterback. Gareth said, Cassell is to adapt to the team's offensive lineup, if necessary, he can go into battle at any time. (Brandon Weeden) Brandon Vuitton in the game only 188 yards, try to pass 38 times, not well organized team. Although his pass rate was 72.4% in 4 games, the average distance of his passing goal was only 7.2 yards and the League was thirtieth.Pittsburgh Steelers and run Weile viand - Baer (Le Veon Bell) is that they can in the franchise tag deadline (3.6) before the completion of the new contract. However, the plan is not always what people want. According to the NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that the Steelers are expected to use the franchise tag on Baer at the end of the day before. The privilege label contract is worth $14 million 544 thousand, the question is whether Baer is willing to sign the contract. Last year he stopped training all the rest of the season and then decided to sign it. both had the opportunity to finish the long contract at 7.16. After that date, Baer would continue to play a short contract for a year. Baer wants to be able to get the price of the number one running guard. He hit the ball 321 times last season, propelling 1291 yards (League third) and getting 9. Also completed the 85 ball (Steelers team second), 655 yards, 2 touchdowns. according to sources, the contract is the key to guarantee gold, Baer hope this value not less than $30 million, but the Steelers did not think the price is reasonable.What Harbert is complaining about: NFL official website | detailed 4 tactical | football striker Aigo yesterday, the Patriots and crow in the game, Belichick resorted to 4 front 6 receiver array Harbaugh rushed to the field controversy to eat unsportsmanlike foul had been too much drifting profusely and disorderly. Today, NFL officially declared that the attack was completely legal, but the intention of Harbaugh was not to blame the rules, but what was he complaining about? The conclusion of is listed in the front: this attack is no doubt fully in line with the rules, and the controversy is whether the referee is in accordance with the rule spirit in the specific operation. as we all know, a legitimate formation of NFL must have at least 7 people on the front line. In addition to the 2 most outspoken people, no one can pass forward pass, nor pass the kick-off line before passing the ball. Usually, the 2 most outboard players are the outgoing / near front fronts, wearing 10-49 or 80-89 numbers. The middle center and the two players are all attacking front-line players, who wear 50-79 numbers, and the difference between numbers is also helpful for the defending party to distinguish them. , however, the rules do not prohibit players from changing positions to other locations, such as attacking frontline stations, reaching the most outboard side of the frontal line, or taking away from the inside of the front line. As shown below, the yellow circle No. 34 running back Vereen stood in the front, right side and a receiver, so Vereen can't catch; and the yellow line refers to the 47 proximal Hoomanawanui front while standing on the center left second, is the front most outside players can catch. in order to help the defenders in these cases to identify who has the ball qualification and the deployment of defense, NFL stated that if a player's ball array qualification and his jersey number does not match, he must report to the referee, and then by the referee to inform the defender, then announce to the audience: XXX can now / can't catch. The text is as follows: a man dressed in a legitimate receiver number (50-79 and 90-99) offensive player to pick players array (1-49 and 80-89) in a legal position, a man dressed in a legitimate receiver number of offensive players to array not legal in the catcher position, if he will immediately catch his qualification status change report to the referee, the referee then notify the defensive team. whether it is the acquisition or loss of the receiving qualification is the need to report the referee, but the latter case has not happened, so no one has seen it. In fact, the tactical patriot used 3 times in the attack, and the last time it completely emptied the Hooman with so much attention. 〉

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