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on Saturday, the Minnesota Vikings from Cleveland Brown's sparring squad signed wide receiver Charles Johnson (Charles Johnson), Viking season new attack Coordinator (Norv Turner) - Turner's last season in the Brown administration, quite familiar with Johnson. Brown last year was Johnson from the Green Bay Packers team sparring sign, but unfortunately Johnson tore the anterior cruciate ligament, the season. Charles - Johnson's stature and speed are good, but the Vikings sign him more because he is more familiar with Turner's attack system. And if Ronnie - Smith (Rodney Smith) is unable to fight because of the injury this week, Johnson will replace it. so far this season, the Vikings took only three and received a pass, are Greg - Jennings (Greg Jennings), a DERILL - Paterson (Cordarrelle Patterson) and Jared Wright (Jarius Wright) - yunus. The official website of NFL |NFL the manager of Griffin III: not much trading value | football two years ago, the Washington Redskins under the cruel huadajiaqian to pick and chose Robert Griffin III (Robert Griffin III), and rookie Griffin III also deliver the goods took the offensive rookie season, and led the Redskins to the NL East first identity playoffs. But it is the playoffs Griffin III torn knee ligament, changed his career path, then Griffin Sans could never find a rookie ski cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ll, and this week announced the red healthy Griffin III relegated to the bench, the team lost the basic declaration of faith in Griffin Sans. "Washington Post" reporter Jason Reid (Jason Reid) revealed that the possibility of Griffin III next season with the red has very little, because had been supported by Griffin Sans's team boss Daniel - Snyder (Daniel Snyder) in Tampa Bay Buccaneers to see the team after the game also admitted that the game is a watershed in Griffin red career. Griffin Sans's rookie contract remains to be worth $3 million 270 thousand in the final year of next year. Who will be his next family if the red skin no longer stays him? What can the red skin get back to the chips? NFL famous media people Albert - Brill (Albert Breer) to communicate in the same number of NFL team manager Griffin Sans revealed to the outside world value is approximately equal to a conditional middle round picks. a team manager to Brill said: "Griffin is like a car opened a lot of years old (as also damaged and no appreciation of the value of his contract), but also to expire, with low salary contract with his character is certainly not, it reduces the transaction of his appeal. The general manager of a United States league team also said that red skin wanted a two - round sign, but in fact it could only get a three or four round. Griffin Sans's current situation is really bad. Serious injury history and unprogressive field reading ability and low EQ are all the other team managers are deterred. Lebron James (LeBron James) also gave his advice to Griffin III on Twitter: playing well and keeping good relationship with teammates is the top priority you need to care about.However, with the NBA shirt sponsor changed hands, new technology and new design concept of waves to hit us. at this conference, some reporters have thought the Jersey is no longer just a Jersey, but how do you feel like this? It's entirely because of a new technology, NikeConnect, which connects players and fans through a shirt. is under such an inconspicuous label on the shirt, but there is a lot of knowledge, in which a tiny chip is embedded. This is the welfare of the fans. After purchasing the Jersey, we can get the exclusive content of the jerseys for the stars by scanning the chip, including his team's schedule, watching technology statistics and the match highlights of the athlete. In addition, according to ESPN, these statistics and competitions will be updated within 30 minutes of each game in the mobile APP. that's right. It's so crazy. I believe it can cause a big wave of buying enough. It's a lot more fun for the collector. in the design of the Jersey, NIKE is made by 3D stereotactic technology. This design can sweat faster and keep the Jersey in a dry state. In addition, the weight, fitting and structure of the Jersey are optimized. In addition, each shirt is made of Alfa yarn and polyester fiber from about 20 plastic bottles, which is consistent with the NIKE's consistent environmental spirit. The NIKE Jersey is very overbearing, and the alliance together will have original match Jersey arrangements also changed, in the future we will no longer see a color that fits, though NIKE will retain the white shirt, but more importantly will respectively to the main elements of each team to create exclusive jersey. Before the game, the home team preferred the shirt version, and the visiting team will choose the corresponding version. This kind of shirt color matching can also bring more surprises and fun to the fans. , look at all the big family members who are wearing their new jerseys. Is there any difference between them? Why do some teams have different logo on their chest? Let's have a closer look at what's going on. look at the little emperor show the new season the Cavaliers Jersey, on the left side of the NIKElogo logo is not clear, and so on the right side of this famous tire manufacturers Goodyear logo, yes, this is the biggest highlight of this New Jersey, ads. look at the Cavaliers Jersey this figure shows the details, is the embodiment of the Goodyear logo, an experimental program that is the NBA brand placement, the new season.The official website of NFL | Jones missed training, can play before the game will decide | football Atlanta hawk's number one other than Julio Jones (Julio Jones) was still worried about the injury, and this week he was absent from all the team's training. The hawk's opponent this week will be the New Orleans saints, and if they lose, they will decide not to play the playoffs. Both the fans and the team want Jones to be able to catch up, but the team can do only with patience. The falcons announced on Friday local time that 90 minutes before the start of the game decided whether to arrange Jones's appearance. Jones was injured in the game with the Green Bay Packers in the hip injuries he missed last week with Pittsburgh Steelers game. Coach Mike - Smith (Mike Smith) said he expected Jones to come back, but now he has no way to give any accurate statement. if Jones continues to be absent this week, the team has to rely on Rodi White (Roddy White) and Harry Douglas (Harry Douglas). Although the two were troubled by the knee and foot injuries, they were trained on Friday at the local time. The falcons said that if there was no accident, two people could be on the pitch this week.

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