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The official website of NFL | wide receiver Antonio Brown set to miss the next game | football Pittsburgh Steelers will be without their best offensive weapons in the game against the Denver broncos. announced the Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown (Antonio Brown) will miss the game. Brown scored 119 yards for 7 times in the game against the Cincinnati tigers. Tiger Bo Fekete - linebacker von TAZ (Vontaze Burfict) led Brown suffered a concussion that collision free kick into the range and help the Steelers to complete lore. in addition, also determine the Steelers running back Williams Dean Gu Luo (DeAngelo Williams) (foot injury) will miss the game, quarterback Ben Rothlisberger (Ben Roethlisberger) (shoulder) is unable to determine whether the appearance of. Brown was once again the best out of the league this season. Although the main team quarterback this season because of a lot of time, Brown still finished 136 catches for 1834 yards and 10 touchdowns. Even if the injured shoulder to make him better than we had expected, this news is a huge blow for the chance to win for cheap nfl jerseys free shipping the steelers. The other player, Mata Weiss Bryant (Martavis Bryant), finished 5 matches and a difficult match. Brown both regular season in the season showdown to hit 18 Mustang, pass to Brown, he completed the 16 ball 189 yards and 2 touchdowns, this is the season with the defense of the external Mustang best hands.NFL????|??????????3?????????? ?????????|????? Saint Louis goats have to continue to excavate the starters at their quarterback. NFL official website reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) according to the informed sources reported on Monday local time, starting quarterback Sean Hill (Shaun Hill) second weeks can play in doubt, he defeat to the Minnesota Vikings in the rams game four muscle strain. Hill received a magnetic resonance imaging examination on Monday and now looks like he has a small chance of fighting against Tampa Bay pirates. The RAM will have a further understanding of Hill's state by Thursday or Wednesday. Hill, 34, played the whole first half of the game for the rams, 13 passes 8 times and 81 yards, and 1 passes. He entered the first line-up after third weeks of knee anterior cruciate ligament tear in the original first quarterback Sam Bradford (Sam Bradford) pre - season. Geoff, Jeff of the ram, told reporters on Monday that although Hill did not perform well in the match, Hill would continue to serve as the first quarterback of Jeff. Hill left the field after the second festival, when the rams were 0-13 behind. Sean is our first quarterback, so if he is healthy, he will start, the whole season will be the way, Fisher told ESPN. Hill's substitute will be the first to play instead of Hill's newly elected Austen Davies (Austin Davis) or Case Keenum, who won 0 wins and 8 defeats as Houston's Dezhou quarterback last season. For Fisher, the position of the quarterback of the ram is becoming a nightmare.John Abraham (John Abraham) to the occupation career will continue, suddenly filled with doubt. The official website of reporter, exit the Arizona Cardinals linebacker Abraham in Monday's win over San Diego lightning game with concussion. After the game he will be included in the list of injuries with the cardinals, gave him 5 days to decide their own future. ESPN said, Abraham even appeared the symptoms of amnesia. The Cardinals coach Bruce - A Ryans (Bruce Arians) said that he had a conversation with Abraham, Abraham think my heart has once again into the game. A Ryans also denied the player's memory loss. If Abraham cannot return to racing, this is a great blow to the Cardinals will. The team is currently no suitable candidate, can replace the impulse transmission with abraham. Abraham last season scored up 11.5 sacks and 133.5 tackles. As of 2000 by the New York jets selected first round pick, Abraham in jet effect after 6 years to join the Atlanta falcons, 7 years after joining the cardinals. The fifth career bowl was chosen in his career last season. The general manager Steve - Caim (Steve Keim) said: Abraham told us he needs time to consider their own future. He has been working in the League for many years, and he can assess it all. In the next few days, there will be a result., the first match between the Carolina Black Panthers and the 49 people of San Francisco will have many highlights. One of them is the Christian McCaffrey, a panther newcomer, who is facing his childhood babysitter. yes. When Mika Free grew into so terrified opponents running back before he could serve as the 49 coach in the now Kell Shanahan (Kyle Shanahan) carefully under the care of toys. "the relationship between us goes back to my childhood," McCarry said on Wednesday. "I think he has been my babysitter several times." looks Shanahan also remember the same thing, he said in late 1990s his father Mike Shanahan (Mike Shanahan) in the Denver Broncos coach Mika Free's father Ed - Mika Free (Ed McCaffrey) when he might as a nanny. "if I did (look after him), I might soon get my sister to take over. His father was my hero when I grew up, "Shanahan said. "I have a good relationship with Ed and his wife, Lisa - that's why I wear the No. 87 shirt at college. Ed is my idol. I know all his sons. When I knew them, they were young, but they finally grew up to be very good athletes and grew up to be very good people. but as Mika Free and Shanahan Du did not fully confirm the past, maybe we still need to wait for the memories of others.

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