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play the game will be lost to the Carolina Panthers Ma Sean - Lynch (Marshawn Lynch) the last battle effectiveness of the Seattle Seahawks? Lynch will be 30 years old next season, and this season he has had a tough year. He missed more games than he played, and only had one hundred yards. the Seahawks cut Lynch can save $6 million 500 thousand in salary cap space and the running back position to give more young running back Thomas Rawls (Thomas Rawls), the performance of the season is better than Lynch. "I don't know how things will go," said Pete Carroll, the manager of Lynch Carroll. "I don't know the future of any one of the team. I don't know. " It's not a good sign for one of the most popular players in the history of the team. Lynch, of course, will not return to a $9 million contract return. Considering his unpleasant history and the past two seasons he made threats and retired team management, he seems unlikely to accept a substantial pay cut to stay in the sea. had the Seahawks offensive group rely on Lynch's strength to punch the ball ball in the attack, and now Russell Werwilson 2015 in the second half of the season completely control the team, made one of the most outstanding performance of two months in NFL history. To illustrate the problem is this season when Lynch misses Werwilson quarterback to score Bilinqi played to be higher than 33.7. The Seahawks coach group and the personnel department will study the video game this month in the rest of the squad ready to make a decision in March at the beginning of the new year league. In addition to the question of salary, they have to figure out whether they will have a better chance of winning next season with Rawls instead of will Hill (Will Hill) occupation career fourth chance t cheap nfl jerseys free shipping o begin. Baltimore crow said on Saturday they had put Hill into the active list of 53 people, let him be eligible to play Sunday against the Atlanta falcons game. Hill was banned for 6 games at the start of the season because of the drug abuse against the league. This is the third time Hill has been suspended in 3 years, and a year after the 2012 season in the draft, he has been signed off as a free player by the New York giants. Hill was banned 4 games in the season because he was found to have been used to improve the performance of the drug. He was then banned in the first 4 games of the 2013 season because of drug abuse. The giant cut him out a few days after he was banned. crow general manager Ozzie Newsome (Ozzie Newsome) are not afraid to give Hill a chance, his offseason signing the safety in this year, this is a low risk and high return signings. Hill did a good job for the giants last season, and he would highlight the crow's second line defense. The 24 year old talented players should be able to swim first and Lee Stewart (Darian Stewart Vida) share time. The Baltimore Sun reported that the crows planned to give Hill only a limited time on Sunday, mainly in the secret service group, and to give him some defensive teams playing time to face the dangerous Falcon catcher combination. to make room for Hill space, the defense team striker Christopher - Lu (Christo Bilukidi) in keadue injured reserve list.| handball handball League Jiangsu station the next day: Jiangsu beat Shanghai | Guangdong beat Anhui | hand Association Shanghai team scoring Zhao Shijun kick ball 7 meters (photograph: Chinese Handball Association) Shanghai team Wang Jingqiang attack (China Handball Association) Luca March 26th, 2011 Chinese men's handball League Division of Suzhou launched a second match day of the contest: Jiangsu national team has more than 35 to 19 men hand easily win the Shanghai team, Guangdong team defeated the Anhui team to 35 than 30. Jiangsu and Shanghai began a few rounds of tests at the start of the game, both without scoring, and were relatively conservative in the defensive details. Until second minutes and 25 seconds, the Jiangsu team in the No. 8 and No. 6 Zhou Xiaojian Zhao Chen under the cover of No. 14 plexus HNA backdoor winger shot win. In the face of the Shanghai team's one style of position attack, Jiangsu team manager Yan Wei called in the field to tighten the defense. The first half of the match rhythm has been very slow, the two sides into battle position. 9??2???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????5????????6?????????|??? Ninth minutes and 31 seconds, the Shanghai team No. 2, Hu Chen, was penalized for 2 minutes of a foul on Jiangsu Cong sea to become a major turning point. Jiangsu has used the number of advantages to increase the score to about 7 points, at this stage less than one person to combat the Shanghai team can only through the long shot attack, but the effect is not good. 20 minutes, Cong Hainan fouled out of the game for 2 minutes, but the Jiangsu team Zhao Chen team in the least one case is brave, three people from the hands of steals, behind the pass No. 4 Yang Haolei pole score. This stage Shanghai team did not make use of the advantage of one person in Jiangsu to pursue the score, and Jiangsu was 17 - 8 at the end of the half game. in the second half, the Jiangsu team continued to use Zhao Chen, Zhou Xiaojian, Hao Kexin's several strong attacks to expand the score to about 10 points, set up a solid advantage. Travel to the second half of the tenth minutes, the difference further pull up to 15 points, Yan Wei name replaced a few of the main. After that, the two sides had a big move, and some people were sent out because they had too big a defensive foul. In the end, the Jiangsu team took the initiative and won the final 35 - 19. In , the Jiangsu team hit 35 shots in 56 shots, and the hit rate reached 62.5%, while the Shanghai team scored only 19 times in the 65 shot. Jiangsu team scored again in full bloom, 6 Zhao Chenji after the first game again scored 7 points for the 15 highest, winger Ang Lee scored 5 points, No. 4 Yan bright 4 points, 3 points and three others. Shanghai 3 Zhao Shijun got 5 points to the highest of Shanghai. said Jiangsu coach Yan Weiming after an interview with reporters, the game is satisfied with the performance of the Jiangsu team, "The official website of NFL |NFL flag football football | liability waiver click here to download the responsibility waiver In view of the following participants (participants) have the right to participate in the NFL super weekend and other specific activities (collectively activities) participants and participants, parents or other legal guardians (if participants under the age of 16) on behalf of participants and participants of the personal representatives, heirs and relatives here: 1. (1), up from the United States, members of the rugby club football occupation occupation, NFL Properties LLC, NFL Ventures, Inc., NFL Ventures, L.P. NFL, Enterprises LLC, NFL International LLC, NFL Productions, LLC NFL (Beijing) football culture development Co. Ltd. (NFL (Beijing) Football Co.. Ltd.) (collectively known as NFL entity), and its associated companies and their respective subsidiaries, shareholders, representatives, officers, directors, members, partners, agents, representatives and employees, and their respective successors and assigns each (2), American major league football and the occupation activities of the sponsors, the the activities of the operators, and the activities of the owners, the lessor and the lessee, the venue and their respective employees, affiliates, subsidiaries, and heir Let a person, and (3) other players, referees, scorer, timekeeper, trainers, and security personnel (section (1) to (3) in the description of the parties collectively known as releasedperson people) on the following claim responsibility, respect and agree not to claim a prosecution disclaimer people, and to be free from the responsibility of damage: any participants participants, parents or other legal guardians, or any of its representatives, family, heirs, successors or assigns, property damage, participants in this event caused personal injury or abnormal death, which may be brought or suffer any and all current and future obligations, liability, damages, losses, claims, demands, costs or expenses, including but not limited to the activities of the round-trip transportation, or in connection with the activities of any medical, regardless of where To happen; 2. agrees that the disclaimer is not responsible for any injury or property damage caused by this activity, even if it is caused by the general negligence of the disclaimer. 3. agreed to accept all risks involved in the activities; 4. people agreed to be exempt in any way for any purpose, in any media now known or later developed, free use of collected in the activities of the participants in the name, portrait, voice, field performance, dialogue, and demographic information, without the signature of the participant or below the prior number 〉

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