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The official website of NFL | Vikings signed packers Qijiang Bostick | Rugby just a few days ago by the Green Bay Packers cut near end Brandon Bostick (Brandon Bostick) - did not lose too long, because the packers with rival Minnesota Vikings for shelter. Bostic is mainly engaged in special teams in the Packers' work, and as a substitute for a proximal frontal attack, but really make people remember Bostic or united in the final last month he missed the deadly gambling play, it is because of that error, Seattle DV hawks packers into super bowl winner. in 2013, Jamie Kao Finlay (Jermichael Finley) injured the packers in a position near the front end, so Bostic got the opportunity to represent the packers. But last year, the packers chose a more potential Richard Rodgers (Richard Rodgers) at the draft conference, and Bostic's position in the team declined. The two season with the packers, Bostic a total of only 9 receptions for 120 yards, but won two touchdowns.has come to the eighth week in the twinkling of an eye. The last London match is coming. Cleveland Brown and Minnesota Vikings are fighting for a victory in London. 's previous London Games were one side and lost the suspense. I hope this last game can make some sense of glue. However, when Brown took part in the game, it was hard to realize it. 's five bad news about Brown: (1) this Sunday, their opponents were 5 - 2 negative Minnesota Vikings. They also experienced great change cheap nfl jerseys free shipping s in the location of the quarterback, but they seem to be emotionally stable; (2) Brown has not decided the main quarterback until now. At the beginning, DeShawn Keyser with a stunning performance of the preseason seems to have five weeks before conventional talent shows itself, but the performance may tell you that he is a genius, but Brown didn't play well in sixth weeks; Hugh Jackson let Keyser on the bench, but last week and let him first. You can't guess if he's going to start with Keyser or Kevin - Hogan or Cody - Kessler; (3) but! No matter who play first, protect your blind side won't have the best left Jiefeng history. Because of the tearing of the triceps, Joe Thomas, the all star of the first 10000 gear of his career, was reimbursed for the season. As Joe Thomas will be the five round of the show - delangue Spencer, maybe he can stop Griffin Iversen several files, but you expect him to block Griffin for four day? Cleveland quarterback or more reliable live happily; (4) top star show, the first appearance of the explosion of Meyers - Garrett in the game last week suspected concussion. If he could not go to London, Brown could not even find another punching hand that would give the Viking's line enough pressure; (5) although the record is owed, Brown's road defense is really good. But it's another story. Against the jets, they let Josh McCain behave like the pinnacle of Tom Brady as brave, it is hard to imagine even the jet over to deal with Brown Digges and Adam can solve Sidifeng - schieren. can not say that Brown does not exist the possibility of winning. After all, this season has already seen many things that seem like Arabian Nights. It can only be said that Brown is not dominant in any aspect before competition. To win the game, in addition to running Duke - Johnson with 200% of Carrey's performance, he also prayed for the Vikings to make a common mistake. After all, Brown won a game last season, and his opponent is a hopeless flash at the end of the season, and now the Vikings do not seem to be able to go all in a bad way. NFL official network special commentator: Tang XingThe football season |NFL week fifteenth Thursday night game battlefield: Seahawk 24:3 RAM Russell Wilson 3 array star network news Beijing time 12 month 16 Friday morning 9:30 , NFL 15 week of the regular season opener ushered in a National League West Division champion Seattle Seahawks: civil war against the Losangeles rams in the home court. From the historical record, the rams currently holds three wins against the Seahawks; the two teams in the past five games, four wins and one negative dominant rams. The last battle between the two sides was in the second week of this season, when the ram was at 9:3 A win over the seahawks. however, the game, the Seahawks home court is still optimistic about the outside world. Last week, the Seahawks although big score by the Green Bay Packers, they are still in the 8 wins 4 negative 1 The tie led the country to the West. If we can win today, they will lock the partition top. Not only that, they have been at home this season 6 The war was all triumphed. And just through Huanshuai storm rams team record of only 4 wins 9 is negative. With coach Geoff - Fisher is out of class, the special service coordinator John - fassel stepped in, had to serve as interim coach. In addition, this year's top draft of the draft Jared - GF, as the first quarterback, is only 〉Philadelphia Eagles this season have a perfect start, sitting on the top spot in the East China region, but unfortunately things always happen, they lost the starting quarterback Nick Fowles (Nick Foles), he would be absent for 6-8 weeks due to fracture. it's a fatal blow to any team, because no sport has such an important position - the quarterback. but it's good for them to find the best substitutes for the quarterback. To be honest, let you say something about Mark - Sanchez (Mark Sanchez), but he took two teams from other teams to win the championship. The general team will look for some nameless and problematic people to make substitutes. It doesn't matter for most teams, but when the team needs to find continuous substitutes, the backup quarterback is really as precious as diamond. backup quarterback here we list 32 teams, ranking from good to bad. 1 Indianapolis: Matt - Hassel Beck Pony (Matt Hasselbeck) - 39 years old this year, but from the beginning of 2012 no first, but he led the Seattle Seahawks entered the super bowl, the league today no other backup quarterback can say I do. 2 Philadelphia Hawk: Mark Sanchez -- he really had talent when he was a jet fighter. He helped the team go to the Champions League for the 2 time. He is only 27 years old. He has enough time to prove himself. 3 Oakland Raiders: Matt Schaub (Matt Schaub) -- he has been the first time before the Raiders chose Derek Carle (Derek Carr). He has had 2 years of good season performance in Houston and Dezhou people. 4 Green Bay Packers: Matt Flynn (Matt Flynn) -- he is a competent substitute, and has got a big contract in Seattle, but after three teams, he seems unable to further play what the packers have done. 5 Cincinnati Tigers: Jason Campbell (Jason Campbell) -- he is only 32 years old. He started in Washington, D.C., but his career in Oakland declined, but he had 79 first experience. 6 Miami Dolphin: Matt - Moore (Matt Moore) - starred in the bad dolphin team in 2011, and there's no other chance. 7: Washington Redskins colt - Mccoy (Colt McCoy) / Kirk Cozzens (Kirk Cousins) - are pretty good quarterback, Cozzens time relatively better, but two people have a tendency to make a big mistake. 8 Carolina Panther: Derek - Anderson (Derek Anderson) - he had a great season in Brown, Cleveland in 2007, but

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