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Saint Louis rams coach Geoff - Fisher (Jeff Fisher) announced that due to quarterback Keith (Case Keenum), it did not pass the concussion, Nick Fowles (Nick Foles) will return to the starting lineup, as the four quarterback this week with the Cincinnati tigers in the game. in the past week, a concussion, it became the focus of the outside world. In the case of the impact of his concussion, the ram has still not changed him and has been questioned by the media and the alliance. At present, the ram has encountered 3 successive defeats, the next opponent is the tiger and the Arizona Cardinals, the team has lost the chance to make the playoffs. over the past two weeks, the male line frequently injuries, it also gives the quarterback and running back Todd (Todd Gurley) - Karli brought hitherto unknown pressure. Gly gradually cooled down after a strong start. Fisher said, hope that through the offensive group adjust cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ment, re activate karli. It also means that other players need to come forward.Dallas Cowboys cornerback Byron this year's first round draft pick - Jones (Byron Jones) were injured in training left shoulder, is expected to be out for the next part of the training. Jones in the squad for 7 to 7 and training with cornerback team mate Maurice Keleiboen (Morris Claiborne) collided, then because of a shoulder injury and collapses. Doctors and nurses carried them away from the training ground after several minutes of examination. Subsequently, cowboy boss Jerry Jones (Jerry Jones) told reporters that Jones would have a rest for a while, but he didn't think Jones's injury was very serious. It only needed a few days' cultivation. originally in cowboy cornerback on configuration is adequate, but recently has fallen into a shortage of personnel, two starters Orlando - Scandinavia Derek (Orlando Scandrick) and Brandon Carle (Brandon Carr) respectively with a knee and hand injury absence of training, but also because of the left knee injury claybourn missed the first preseason, in with just the injured Jones, the cowboy is currently facing a big problem.The official website of NFL | dolphin is considering replacing the main | football quarterback in the past three weeks, Miami dolphins quarterback Ryan Tenney performance must let Hill (Ryan Tannehill). Now, he has no guarantee that he can start his debut in London this week with the Oakland Raiders. According to the official website of NFL revealed that the team could use Matt Moore (Matt Moore) and will replace Hill Taney, made a final decision on the team before the battle. ??????????????????????????-?????Joe Philbin????????????????????????????? if the dolphins decided to replace the quarterback, is undoubtedly a blow to Hill tenney. Faber has always stressed that the best players are going to play. It is reported that the dolphins will pass a meeting on Monday to decide whether to make an adjustment. As a substitute, Moore is a reliable supplement. Although Hill has been Taney is not stable enough, but at the beginning of the season he will consider replacing the really surprising. At present, the entire attack group, including Hill and new Taney, offensive coordinator Bill - Lazo (Bill Lazor) is still in the running in period. Lazo himself in an interview on the Taney Hill expressed optimism. Lazo believes that Tanja Hill do not panic, and believe that he can continue to start! Just like I'm going to continue to be an attack coordinator! Without doubt?? At the moment, only fourth weeks after the season, dolphins have had to make such a big decision, hoping that they can find the right solution.recently, football equipment site footyheadlines launched a new National Team Jersey - Poland. Poland will be wearing a new shirt in the match with Nigeria later this month, and will then play with the South Korean team. Poland World Cup 2018 home and field jerseys provided by Nike, the Jersey is clean and modern design, inspired by the Poland national tradition, and adopted Nike's Aerosapor Aeroswift Jersey template. The white shirt in the white shirt has a lot of color in the Poland home. It is most likely to be inspired by the white hawk from the national emblem of Poland. Graphics by bar, gradient illusion. In addition, Poland's home shirt is likely to match red shorts and white socks. The Poland stadium shirt is the other color of the flag - red, based on the home template, and uses the same design. The horizontal line also presents a gradual effect on the new Poland passenger shirt. According to the footyheadlines website, the Poland stadium shirt may match white shorts and white socks.

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