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Teershite: love the new jerseys the German team, although it is white _ football _ oriental sports news live to see it pays attention to us German Oriental Sports 〉 〉 football 〉 teershite: love the new jerseys the German team, although it is white teershite: love Germany new shirt, although it is white 2017-11-08 03:53:15 sport1 11 8, local time on Tuesday, the German national team held a new world cup shirt next year in Berlin. The Jersey is modeled on Germany's World Cup winner in 1990. The German team all expressed their love for the New Jersey. German coach Loew said: "this shirt is very glamorous and I like it very much." The effect of and Barcelona goalkeeper teershite then joked: "I love the new shirt, although it is white." As is known to all, Barcelona's old rival, Royal Madrid, is white in the main color. "I got fifth stars in this shirt," said midfielder Jing taan. "I don't have any opinion at all." (Andrea wants to learn) football return Oriental Sports Home 〉 〉 12 next 24 hours hot text to see more  cheap nfl jerseys free shipping 2297; 〉 small selection of popular video to see more 〉 〉 see all 〉 hot sports related anecdotes today wonderful atlas recommended reading in NBA Spanish Premier CBA complex education recommended for you soccer super Chinese football Oriental Sports 2 days ago soccer super Chinese football Oriental Sports 23 hours ago Zhang Jike Malone ping-pong Oriental Sports 2 days ago sports, fitness and Fitness International Basketball Oriental Sports 1 days ago Zhou Qi harden rocket orient sports 5 days ago Yi Jianlian cba& Chinese men's basketball CBA Oriental Sports 6 days ago Lang Ping volleyball comprehensive sports Oriental Sports 1 days ago Oriental Sports 5 days ago Golf NBA international basketball Oriental Sports 2 days ago Beijing Guoan soccer super orient Sports 1 days ago Yao Ming Liu Xiang Lin Dan Oriental Sports 2 days ago Zhu Ting Lang Ping volleyball orient 8NFL official website | Lynch may undergo surgery ahead of the end of | football season although the Seattle Seahawks this week to win easily, but running back Sean ma - Lynch (Marshawn Lynch) the situation still affects the hearts of fans. According to the NFL official, Lynch may be undergoing abdominal surgery, which will lead to the early end of his 2015 season. On Monday local time, Lynch went to Philadelphia to meet experts in the field. if Lynch chooses a hernia operation, he is bound to miss the rest of the regular season. Coach Pete Carol (Pete Carroll) said in an interview, Lynch may choose the quality of operation, and announced that he will not play in this week with the Pittsburgh Steelers game. Carol said Lynch had always wanted to play, and we had him rest for a week, watching him and helping him to recover. But he really can't compete. The substitute running guard Thomas - Rawls (Thomas Rawls) has shown a bright future this week, and he will continue to play first.The official website of NFL and Richard - Sherman Harry Potter to participate in the conference, wearing uniforms football nest The Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard - Sherman (Richard Sherman) seems to have been ready for halloween. at the team press conference on Wednesday of the United States, Sherman appeared in the school uniform of Harry and Potter. He also wore a pair of bookish glasses. It was like attending a fan meeting of JK Rowling (J.K.Rowling). in addition to dressing, it is said that the theme of Sherman's mobile phone has been replaced by the theme of Harry Potter. was asked about the Sherman Quidditch match in the field or in the football field to participate in the 5 quarter, apparently the reporter is implied in the Seattle Seahawks and the Arizona Cardinals of the Canadian war. finally Sherman said he was wearing Harry Potter school uniform because his son wanted to attend the press conference. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.Chicago bear was officially a team of Jimmy Clausen (Jimmy Clausen) in the next game. The team coach John - Fawkes (John Fox) announced the quarterback Jay Cutler (Jay Cutler) will be absent due to a hamstring injury in Sunday's game, which makes the first play against the Seattle Seahawks Clausen game. Previous reports pointed out that Cutler would be absent for at least two weeks. in the game against the Arizona Cardinals game, Cutler played 23 times after the replacement Klausen pass 14 times successfully for 121 yards, 1 passes by quarterback steals, scoring only 56.6. Clausen in the first NFL record of 1 wins and 10 losses, only one win in the 2010 season is fifteenth weeks against the Arizona cardinals. also announced that Fawkes Geoffrey took over the outer Arshin (Alshon Jeffery) is out of the game, he had to continue treatment of hamstring injury. Geoffrey was absent from the game. (Marquess Wilson) - Wilson Kido will replace Geoffrey starting. From the last game, the bears will greatly depend on the offensive end, near matru Bennet (Martellus Bennett), Eddie - Royall (Eddie receiver Royal) and Matt Forti - running back (Matt Forte). even in the Cutler and Geoffrey health situation, on the road facing the start of the two game losing streak to the Seahawks also looks daunting. Without the two players, the bear team could face a disastrous defeat.

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