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| handball will send 450 athletes to participate in the Olympic | Germanic chariot Paul 6 for 5| Co zNe is pointing to some of the famous Berlin athletes in his office. Reporter Lv Hong takes people's daily, Berlin, June, 13 (reporter Lv Hong). We will send a large delegation composed of 450 athletes and 300 other personnel to participate in the Beijing Olympic Games. I firmly believe that the vice president of the German Olympic Sports Association Eberhardt? (Eberhard Gienger) formally proposed gig in May 29th "at the Beijing Olympic Games to keep the Athens Olympic Games a total score of sixth level and strive to move forward a 'goal can be realized completely. Berlin Olympic base director Jochen · (Jochen Zinner) Dr. Zinner in June 13th with confidence in an interview with reporters Ben said: we all athletes are actively preparing for Beijing Olympic games. zner excitedly told reporters that he had visited Beijing a long time ago, the fifth time he had visited China. In Beijing, they set up a Berlin official sports representative during the Beijing Olympic Games, which is actually the content of Germany preparing for the Beijing Olympics. German Olympic Sports Association Deputy news spokesman Michel · (Michael Schirp), Pu told reporters that the German athlete is not unified training, athletes all over Germany alone in the 20 Olympic cheap nfl jerseys free shipping training center or base to prepare for the Olympic Games, some are still eligible trials. zNe is very proud to say that, compared to other German cities, the athletes from Berlin are the most contestants of the previous Olympic Games. There will be more than 50 Berlin athletes participating in this Beijing Olympic Games, which will account for 1/9 of all the competitors. It is also expected to impact medals in track and field, rowing, hockey and canoeing. ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????1??????????????????|???????????????????????????????????? Kean Baum federal Athletic Center was originally a resort, and 1952 was officially opened and expanded as an athlete training base. From the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games, it has become a tradition of German athletes to prepare for the war before the Olympic Games. If there is a relatively concentrated training field for Germany to prepare for the Olympic Games, that is the federal Athletic Center of Kean and Baum, so it is known as the springboard to the Olympic Games, mainly for track and field, gymnastics, rowing, volleyball, table tennis and judo training.The official website of NFL | Panthers running back Stewart confirmed the absence of | football match Carolina leopard will have a week of lack of help from the running guard Jonathan - Stewart (Jonathan Stewart). team manager Ron Rivera (Ron Rivera) confirmed on Thursday that the team's main runner has decided that it will not play the next battle against Atlanta falcons. Stewart missed the match against the New York giants after a sprained foot sprain in the fourteenth week of the game, and he had not been trained this week. Panther does not want Stewart was anxious to return, especially in the case of looking in the super bowl, so expect Cameron Attis (Cameron Artis-Payne) - Penn, folsy - Whitaker (Fozzy Whittaker) and occupation bowl full guard Mike - Tolbert (Mike Tolbert) partner for the next game. Stewart is the backbone of the Panther from half to the winning streak of the last regular season game in the road, but the Panthers offensive have a unique style: even without a real force in the running back, quarterback cam Newton (Cam Newton) for the fifth consecutive season to punch the ball code number more than 500 yards under the condition of the panther to punch the ball is one of the best offensive alliance. no matter whether Stewart is playing or not, falcons may not escape the fate of being raped, so preparing everyone to participate in the playoffs is the wisest decision for a black panther.made many changes in the NFL professional bowl last season. First of all, he moved from Hawaii to Orlando, and restored the skills competition of the League of nations against the United States. U. S. time Wednesday, the Alliance announced that this year's professional bowl will continue to be held in Orlando because of the successful last year. The alliance spokesman said: "the professional bowl is not just an online game, it is also an opportunity to encourage younger generation. Last year we received numerous feedback from players, coaches and fans. We are happy to continue to hold such a week of American rugby. It is reported that the change is the kick-off time will be adjusted to 3 pm EDT, the League legend will continue to represent the American and national leagues teams. , and last year's game of addiction to the fans will be kept, and it will increase the precision of the game, the ball fall and everyone's favorite dodge.In the base of | softball team battle 3-2 World Championships - China reverse Holland | get a good start Figure for Chinese team and the Holland team in the game (source: ISF website) Figure for Chinese team and the Holland team in the game (source: ISF website) ???????????7??14???2012???13?????????????????????????????????????????????????3-2????????????????????? 2012 World Women's Softball Tournament, a total of 16 teams, China and Argentina, Czech, Holland, Puerto Rico, South Africa, the United States and Venezuela are divided into A group. today in the first round, China first opponents in Holland: after the start of the game China team into the state of slow, the first game of the Holland team to 1 points, second to fourth Bureau both sides failed to score, Holland team in the fifth inning and scored 1 points, and 2-0 to get ahead. Sixth, the two sides had no contribution, seventh Chinese softball finally play its due level, winning 2 points tied the score. The key to the eighth into the state China ability to seize the opportunity to win success winning 1 points, with a total score of 3-2 reversal of the success of the Holland team, to achieve a good start. is worth mentioning: the two veteran Chinese softball pitcher Li Qi Wang Lan and give full play to the advantages of rich experience, respectively got 4 and 5 old K, the Holland team suffered a lot. Chinese softball is a team dominated by young players, most of the players are the first to participate in the world competition, lack of experience, the experience in the first race of the whole process to improve the score tied the score, backward, successfully reversed the young players experience and psychological quality have a very high value. Beijing time July 15th morning, China softball will usher in the group phase second opponents in Puerto Rico. (Liu Xiangqian)

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