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The official website of NFL | Redskins general manager explained the first round of election in the Williams | football reasons Washington Redskins first round pick to the fans and maybe some experts expected, they chose to attack sequence striker bland Scher husband in fifth (Brandon Scherff), to give up is regarded as defensive end Leonard - one of the best players in the draft Williams (Leonard Williams). red skin general manager gave an explanation for this choice: Leonard is no doubt a good player. At that time, we wanted to trade down, but failed. Many teams have had to deal, but their goal is dantay Fowler (Dante Fowler). When Jackson Fowler left America Huqiang, these potential deals have disappeared. For us, Brandon can't miss it. He is one of the see cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ds of our mind. The team's attack front needs to be strengthened, and in this case there is no reason to let Brandon go. although the choice of red skin has been greatly questioned, but there are also many fans to support it. It was hard to judge the right or wrong of the decision before the two players took part in the game. At the same time, it is the best choice for the rest of the players or the best choice for the team, and this question may never be answered.recently Houston Dezhou's defensive star JJ- Watt (J.J.Watt) received an interview with an online video website. said in the interview, Walter admitted that he had thought about retiring after off-season surgery, but obviously it was just a flash away idea, because this season he returned to the field. but Watt was really affected by injuries, and his footsteps were limited after the operation, making him unable to reach the level of the last season. will still be one of the strongest defensive players in the league this season, and he will probably catch up with Bruce Smith (Bruce Smith) as another great defensive player in NFL history.The official website of NFL | won four games to get off the Brady | football Tom Brady (Tom Brady) will serve as the starting quarterback in the new England patriots opener. The United States District Court judge Richard - Berman (Richard Berman) Thursday morning to make a ruling, the abolition of four match suspension ticket out of the union Brady in May. in the penalty made before, Brady and his team, between NFL and NFL players union held several talks to negotiate a settlement. On Monday, after a few minutes of negotiations between the two parties, judge Berman terminated the negotiations. He realized that the two sides were too big and unable to reach an agreement. is not yet clear whether NFL will choose to appeal. But NFL never sought an injunction to prevent the appearance of. after the decision was made, the NFL players' Union senior at tweet said the player's rights won again. This ruling can be considered Brady's victory. He might have been willing to accept a match ban, but now he has to pay his wish. champions can now make another tough offseason behind.The official website of NFL | Jaguar players to follow celebration was fined | rugby Mansel The number of money action player instead of Jonny Manzel (Johnny Manziel) but the Jacksonville Jaguars defensive spike Sendelike - Marx (Sen'DerrickMarks), he made this celebration at the completion of a quarterback sack, the opponent is the Tennessee titans. This sack after Marx was fined $600 thousand, because his sacks hung to the quarterback's neck which is considered to be a dangerous action and after the celebration of exaggeration, the game of the season he is captured and killed in 8.5, but this time the sacks eventually end the game. The end of the Titans even hope that he is a quite opposite to the line of attack threat player. Marx signed a contract with Jaguar last December for 4 years and 27 million dollars, which was the level of his sixth year career bowl.

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