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Tennessee's Titan receiver Kendall Wright (Kendall Wright), said before the foreign minor fractures have their own right, but is not serious to the season point. He has no confidence in his own battle this week, although the team labeled it as "out of question". Wright said: "my hands are not good yet. It should be good next week. I'm going to play next week. I'm now waiting to see what I can do to get up after I get up tomorrow morning and then evaluate it again. It should be impossible to play this week, but I won't be able to reimburse the season. Wright this season with 51 catches with 633 yards and 5 touchdowns, if he missed the Titan's passing attack have no small impact. Wright also feel very helpless, he said: "after all, hand injuries and ankle injuries are not the same, I tied a tape can directly play an ankle injury, injured his hand on it, and Berg (Zach Mettenberger MAGOTAN Titans quarterback) passing streng cheap nfl jerseys free shipping th, the hand is higher requirements." has been reimbursed for another Justin Justin (Justin Hunter) season, so if Wright can't play, Nate Washington will become the top player in the team.The official website of NFL | University of Alabama running back Henry won the Heisman | Rugby University of Alabama running back Derek Henry (Derrick Henry) won the Heisman award this year, in this season, 23 touchdowns he made a League record 1986 yards southeast and flat League record through 339 red ball. Henry is the first since 2009 to win the Heisman running back, was also from the University of Alabama - Mark Ingram (Mark Ingram) became the first to win the award of the Alabama player. At that time Ingram won with a 1% advantage, which was the smallest gap in history. Henry defeated Stanford University running Christian Mika Free (Christian McCaffrey) and Clemson University four points Wei De Sean Watson (Deshaun Watson). On Thursday night, he also won the best university run on behalf of the National Guard doc Walker award and became the first since 2002 by representing the best college player of the year award Maxwell running back. He is since 1999 Ron - Dane (Ron Dayne) has been the first to win the Heisman award and Maxwell running back. this season Henry ranked first in the country in terms of the number of punching balls, the number of punching balls, the number of punching balls and the number of codes that continue to advance after contact. He ranked the Five Major League second in the number of more than 25 yards of the ball. He is an important member of the attack team at the University of Alabama, occupying more than 36% of the number of attack codes and 42% of the number of arrays. Henry will lead the two seed University of Alabama in December 31st in the rugby playoffs, facing the three seed Michigan State University.tigers August 20th news Miami dolphins to their line guard position made the urgent need to strengthen. dolphin Saturday announced the signing of veteran middle linebacker ray gross arruga (ey Maualuga). The contract lasted for 1 years. In the first 8 Mao arruga career race for the Cincinnati tigers force, he was laid off in March this year. This is a sign for is the two round of this year's show at Kunming - Macmillan line (Raekwon McMillan) the subsequent response in the preseason opener tear of the anterior cruciate ligament of the knee. Macmillan has been training with the first line-up during training, and his absence has made a huge hole in the dolphin defense. hair arruga last season for the tigers played a total of 14 games, including 6 starts. He got 27 times in all. At this stage the occupation career, Mao arruga mainly in the first two defensive appearance and good at anti running gear. 30 year old Mao arruga met an acquaintance in the dolphin will. The first year of the dolphin defense coordinator, Matt Burke (Matt Burke) was the tigers coach from 2014 to 15.The official website of NFL | Mccarthy: Rodgers Thursday training, good | football injury recovery The Green Bay Packers finally got a sigh of relief. coach Mike Mccarthy (Mike McCarthy) said in an interview that quarterback Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) resumed training on Thursday, which seemed to recover well. He finished all the tasks that he had arranged today and looked better than he had done before. Rodgers, who was absent from training on Wednesday, participated in the 50 to 60 match on Thursday, which was easy for treatment, and defeated the injured leg in the sixteenth week of Tampa Bay pirates. Rodgers himself also said it was sure to play on Sunday, but it was just how to play. But for Sunday's cold lanburger, the star quarterback was still unknowns.

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