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The official website of NFL | Terry Pegula became the new boss Bill | football team The new era of buffalo Bill has come. Bill team introduced their new boss Terry in Friday's official press conference (Terry) and Pegula (Kim Pegula) - kaimi, Pegula said in a speech at the scene and they have a great respect for Bill - founder of the rover had just died Werwilson (Ralph Wilson), he said: we just bought the team, the team will continue to stay in Buffalo, Bill called this name to. Pegula also owns a NHL team, the buffalo army knife team, reflecting his importance to Bill and the area. He said, "I know a lot of people talk about how much money I paid for the team. I want to tell fans that if I pay too much, they will tell me. Peigula spent $14 million from the hands of Wilson bought Bill. Pegula also mentioned that the team may take a luxury to a new building, new stadiums may rent up to ten years $27 million 100 thousand. He said: a lot of people say the stadium is so noisy that we can't stay together to discuss it all the time. At the end of the conference, shared a story that he heard before he bought his team. The content was that someone called the radio station to say that if Bill left buffalo they didn't know how scared they would be. He says cheap nfl jerseys free shipping : the fear fans are afraid of losing Bill, and now we don't have to worry about it. Pegula said he would come to the stadium on Sunday against the new England Patriots to guarantee the atmosphere in the orchard.Tampa Bay pirate quarterback Josh McKoen (Josh McCown) has been bruised her thumb for the Atlanta falcons this week, and will rest for at least a week. McCain was injured in the game of the second quarter, he when ball hand accidentally hit the falcons defensive player in the helmet, then dropped out of the race. with the defeat of Thursday, the pirates were all negative in the first three battles and were at the bottom of the National League in the south. The team this offseason to sign the McCain high hopes, but the 35 year old veteran of the season in the doldrums, a total of only three games from 420 yards, and 4 interceptions, far away from the Chicago bears in the last season. with McCain's injury, the second grade team quarterback Mike Lennon (Mike Glennon) - is expected to the right and proper took the first position, in his debut season he played 13 games, from 2608 yards and 19 touchdowns, and only 9 interceptions. The other pirates may also sign a quarterback in the free market, or directly to the sparring team of the Mike Kafka (Mike Kafka) mentioned in the team, in order to increase the depth of field.Beijing time November 28th, Houston Dezhou people's challenge to Baltimore crows, the two teams perform very well this season, but there are a lot of injuries and difficulties on the offensive. The opening crow initiative, Joe Flacco got 8 yards passing a row, but the two attack all the subsequent destruction, four punt 10 yards to the Dezhou half. Dezhou attack, second 6 yards, Tom Savage's Cross found wide receiver Hopki, the latter 23 yards. After Savage lost ball head, but the crow defense repeatedly sent to Dezhou almost end foul. Second 4 yards, Miller through the right cover into the end zone with ordered array! The additional score kicked into 7-0. crow re attack, a 10 yard run, Corinth scored 4 yards, second Wood Hyde scored 5 yards, 1 yards to the right pass three Flacco to Mike Wallace, who holds out the whole 25 yards forward. Second 10 yards, Dezhou linebacker grams launi displayed amazing stress, directly break down Corinth defensive attack. The crow chooses to abandon the kicks and kick the kicks to the 10 - yard line of the half - court of the Dezhou people. Dezhou attack, Miller himself ran a first attack, second 9 yards, savage find tight end Fede Lowitz to get the first attack. But after the attack by Crow completely restricted Savage himself was killed, four punt. Then the crow and the Dezhou attack team took turns on the pitch, but they were completely restricted by the opposing team's defensive team. The crow attack, before the third still no gains, four stalls crow secret group should choose fake punt! Kicker Kirk passed to the left to find Moore to get a new first attack! After the second ball 1 yards Allen rushed out of the tight encirclement, behind the line to promote the help to get a touchdown! The additional score kicked into 7-7. Dezhou attack, three to 2 yards, passing by Jefferson savage steals! The Raven defended the second line again to show amazing destructive power. The crow attack group three play, 8 yards to 7 yards to flao Moore, four strong direct selection. Corinth took the right road cover to get rid of the capture and push the whole 29 yards into the ten - yard line. One score, Corinth again holding the ball run to get the array! The additional score kicked into 7-14, and the crow was scored in the second quarter. Dezhou people from the 25 yards of offense, three to 11 yards, Tom savage Road, long Hopki, who holds the whole 34 yards to get rid of. Three to 10 yards, Savage left to get a new short Bruce first attack. Then is the key. Savize found Federowicz again three first attack into the ten yard line. A score of two to deceive savage defense grapple to get Ellington 4 yards, scoring three savage intent to find de Boris but pass fee is too high, the final choice of shot, 10-14. There was less than two minutes left in the first half of the , and the crow was attacking. Two 10 yards, rushed out of their pocket run with flao 〉Officially started | [] to Hao Bowling bowling 2015 China Bowling League final goldThe final of the 2015 Chinese bowling gold league final is officially opened at Hao Zhi bowling's bowling alley today. , a total of 36 players from all over the world, participated in the top competition, including 25 men and 11 women. they come from 2015 annual gold Chinese Bowling League rankings the top 14 men and women before 4, Zhejiang Bowling League top 3 men and women's champion, Guangdong Golden League ranking first, ranking first in Fujian Province Golden League , Hongkong District 4 invited players (3 male, 1 female), 2 people in Macao invited players (1 male and 1 female), 4 people in South Korea invited players (2 male and 2 female), the national team selected 2 female athletes. today's results are as follows:

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