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The Indianapolis Colts kicker Adam - Viniateri (Adam Vinatieri) hit a 53 yard free kick and Cincinnati tigers in the wild card race, which also hit the longest distance under the pony kick hit the playoffs. The 42 - year-old veteran kicker still remains unimaginable, and his steady performance has also repeatedly helped the team at the critical moment. interesting is that after the game, the alliance issued a drug test notice to Viniateri. The League said it was a random test, not to determine the performance of the team. Only in this case, asked Viniateri to take the test, let the fans will inevitably fall into a reverie. Pat McAfee, a little horse kicking a handkerchief, jokes in his social media: "when you are over 40, you can easily hit 53 yards of free kicks, such as drug testing, which is inevitable." Since the season, Viniateri has tried 35 free kicks, just missing 1 goals. In the face of the tiger, he had 4 penalty 4, and again proved that cheap nfl jerseys free shipping even if he was 42 years old, he was still one of the best kicker in the league.The official website of NFL | AKI Budd Taleb: Newton is the most dangerous | Football League quarterback recently by the Denver Broncos cornerback AKI Budd Taleb (Aqib Talib) expressed to be facing the Super Bowl rival Carolina Panthers quarterback cam - Newton (Cam Newton) appreciation. in the United States Monday in a media interview, Taleb praised Newton: now Newton is the league's most dangerous. In fact, in the final of the last NBA final, Newton did feel a great threat. in last Sunday's game, Newton has completed 335 yards pass, 2 passes and touches the ball 47 yards, completes 2 to hit the ball to reach the goal, is situated in his height and the body, for the wild horse, the next match is not small. , as of the 18 games, Newton has completed 50 league matches to lead the league. But don't forget that the defense team of the Mustang is the first defensive team in the league. Let's wait and see.former Oakland Raiders temporary coach Toni sparano (Tony Sparano) will remain in the Bay area. According to ESPN reporter Adam Xie Taft (Adam Schefter) reported that sparano will become tight end coach of San Francisco 49 people. As before the Raiders coach Denis - Alan (Dennis Allen) replacement led the team to 3 wins and 9 losses record, become the new coach of the Raiders final candidate J Panaro last week failed to beat the former Denver Broncos defensive coordinator Jack Del Leo in the competition (Jack Del Rio). although J Panaro's background is mainly directed against offensive fronts and punching attack, he has worked as a near field coach in Bill's Pa Sayers (Bill Parcells) as a Dallas cowboy coach for 2 seasons. 49 general manager Trent Barker (Trent Baalke) is also working under Pa Sayers, is that Pa Sayers coached the New York jets, he served as the jet in the 1998-2000 years of scouting. also replaced the sparano Pa Sayers disciple Eric Mancini (Eric Mangini), which is reported to have become the 49 new coach Jim - Tom Sura (Jim Tomsula) defensive coordinator. considering the team star tight end Vernon - Davies (Vernon Davis) are still at the club next season and the expected salary reached $4 million 700 thousand, to be responsible for the excitation sparano twice elected occupation players play bowl rebound performance.The official website of NFL | linebacker Brandon Marshall and Mustang contract in 4 years | football even though Denver Mustang still hasn't made a huge contract renewal contract for Von Miller, they retain another key member of the defense team. Mustang announced that linebacker Brandon Marshall (Brandon Marshall) for about 4 years. NFL website reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that Marshall's contract worth $32 million, including $20 million in guaranteed income. This includes a $10 million signing bonus contract will give effect to the 2020 season for the Broncos marshall. we're excited to contract with Brandon for 4 years, the team general manager John elvy (John Elway) said. Brandon has become an important member of our defense team in the past three years and has been working hard to become a key member of the team. We congratulate Brandon and expect him to play for the wild horses for many years. is the width of the Marshall defense Jacksonville Jaguars selected in 2012 fifth round draft can cover the audience, he has been in the past two seasons for the growth of the ruling class in the Mustang defense defensive players, a total of 215 tackles 3.5 sacks 13 damage passes and 2 steals. In the anti run and anti transfer plays excellent defensive linebacker Marshall is the ideal Mustang group. in the Marshall fix contract, elvy can pay attention to fix Miller's contract and took over the Emanuel - Saunders (Emmanuel Sanders) of the contract.

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