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The official website of NFL | Wallace: my occupation career early is not a good football team | Ben Ross Ribot Gus (Ben Roethlisberger) is 33 years old. He is going to enter his twelfth career. He has also become an old man in this young League. said in a recent interview that I was the first to admit that I was not a good teammate in the early days of my career. He said he was very immature and selfish as a young player when he entered the league, which was not a good thing for his teammates. once the people I hate in fact they are right, I could have been a good teammate. The Big Ben explained himself until he entered the Alliance for fourth years before he began to grow. He saw farther. He thought instead of becoming a great player, but a quarterback. big book finally says: as time goes on, you will understand that you can't be a selfish player as a selfish player. This is cheap nfl jerseys free shipping a team movement, and in order to succeed, you need to learn to be selfless. A great father must be a selfless father.The official website of NFL | Cardinals starting center position will compete | football since the 08 season for the first time since the replacement of the Cardinals starting center, Ted Larson (Ted Larsen) and Shipley AQ- (A.Q.Shipley) two players will compete. The team released the 31 year old veteran Ryan Lyle ZEHNDER in the first month (Lyle Sendlein), a 27 year old Larson and 28 year old Shipley will help the team younger. Larson last season as a left / right guard first attendance over the past 2 years for the Cardinals effect, known as the offensive team system. But Shipley is a coach Bruce Arians in pony jioubu, his tactical system also Arians are not unfamiliar, in the past three seasons starting 19 games. Arians are clear, two people will compete with the team, the loser will be the 13 season first round pick Jonathan - Cooper (Jonathan Cooper) competition starting right guard position.'s job to find the next head coach of the Oakland Raiders is about to start. team owner Mark - Davies (Mark Davis) told local media Tuesday night that he was planning to start interviews with the candidates next week. Davies will talk on Monday and Tuesday, when the assistant coach in the playoffs can have spare time to interview. Davies has made it clear that he will be more involved in the search for the coach. The general manager Reggie McKinsey (Reggie McKenzie) in the last find the coach was given full autonomy in the process of the team hired Denis - Alan (Dennis Allen). In more than 2 seasons time led the team made only 8 wins and 28 losses record after the Raiders fired Alan in September this year. Toni J Panaro (Tony Sparano), who has been a temporary coach since fifth weeks, is considered to be one of the candidates for the bishop. as for McKinsey, Davies said the general manager would also be involved in the search. But Davies also mentioned that everyone in the team has to be evaluated after the Raider has lost at least 12 games in third consecutive seasons. The big name of now associated with the work of the coach is Jim - Harbert (Jim Harbaugh). He is almost sure to leave 49 people in San Francisco next week. Davies refused to comment on Harbert because of the strict rules of the alliance, but Harbert met Davies's "rock star" level standard set by the new coach.Lebron - James (LeBron James) brought Cleveland the first champion for 52 years. The city's once legendary, Brown's Hall of fame player Jim Brown (Jim Brown), from Cleveland, said James should get a higher reward. on Monday, Brown said, "the knight's boss may have a statue for James Ken, and I think he should do it." He is a young man to pay effort and sweat to imagine, he gave up his life, so the intensity of competition should be destroyed his body, he still insist on down, he deserves its own statue, this is what Cleveland can do for him." Brown went on to explain: "he is the kind of young people who undertake all kinds of responsibilities, including society, family, team, various organizations, and the whole city. He has done a good job. He is a legend. I feel happy for him." in fact last year's finals Lebron Brown wanted to express the utmost respect, the four MVP young people from Brown bowed deeply in the game scene. Brown led Cleveland Brown to the American rugby championship in 1964. This is the only champion that the city has had in the past 52 years. Until Lebron led the Cleveland knights to win the new NBA champion of Jinzhou.

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