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Congratulations: Zigong Nanhu bowling alley named China training base | youth Bowling bowling Association in the State General Administration of sports management center, Chinese bowling ball Association, the Zigong municipal government and the Zigong Municipal Sports Bureau under the support of Zigong Bowling Association and the Zigong city blue sports culture investment limited, Nanhu bowling alley has hosted the "groom wine" in 2012 in Sichuan Province, Zigong bowling Bowling Championships, National Fitness Day activities Zigong City, the first "Insurance Association Cup" Bowling Championships, honors organization represented Zigong in 2014 in Sichuan Province, Sichuan province elite Bowling bowling tournament match, and in 2014 the national Bowling Championships, the national bowling classic, "Nanjing Mount Wutai" the first Chinese bowling championship, breakthrough performance. for the training of bowling reserve personnel, the Zigong Municipal Sports Bureau on 2013 will be included in Zigong City, the twelfth bowling sports games at the same time, the Zigong Municipal Bureau of Education jointly Zigong Bowling Association in the middle and primary school to carry out a number of projects to promote the bowling, bowling ball summer camp activities, and actively strive for the national bowling tournament held. Zigong Bowling Association in order to promote Zigong City bowling atmosphere, improve the skill level of bowling enthusiasts in Zigong City, the Zigong Nanhu bowling alley in Zigong city as the only designated youth training base. And carry out the Bowling Club League in 2014 so far, 4 enterprises from the local Zigong city (Zigong Automotive Group Company, make company, Pengfei decoration company, and far real estate development Co. Ltd) support and sponsorship and set up a bowling club, and attract young people to join the club training and competition. It can provide technical sup cheap nfl jerseys free shipping port for young people, as well as the promotion of actual combat for young people in training. Zigong Nanhu bowling alley in Zigong city as the only designated Bowling Association youth training base, Sichuan province is located in Zigong City East District South Lake stadium, geographical environment and supporting sports facilities excellent, fresh air, the traffic is very convenient. The stadium has 10 brand new import AMF synthetic fairways and Brunswick-GS98 bottle equipment and scoring equipment. Each track is laid in strict accordance with the competition standard. The Kegel automatic oil drop machine imported from the United States has been in the procurement, which provides the basic conditions for the youth bowling movement, providing education and training. in March 30, 2015, the State General Administration of sports management center ball decided to agree to named Zigong Nanhu bowling alley for China Bowling Association youth training base, opened the prelude of Zigong City Youth bowling technical training, reserve personnel training, for the city of Zigong to implement the State Council formulated the "national fitness regulations", improving citizens' physical quality, covering urban and rural areas and improve the national fitness public system, to help to promote the development of sport play. 〉| baseball baseball classic Korean negative shock opener! The weakest in the history of Korean media frenzy Korea first upset negative Israel March 6th, the WBC World Baseball Classic B group took the lead in the opening of the South Korea. In the unveiling war, the tenth round of South Korea's extended war was 1 to 2 in Israel, which was the most cold. And at noon, Israel defeated the other strong Taipei in Asia by 15 to 7, making the world a big hit. in the evening of March 6th, at the high court in Korea, the first time Israel came to the WBC classic competition, facing the 2009 World Classic runner up. At present, there are few Korean teams in the world who have professional baseball league to play the classic one world war. second round half Korean pitcher chaos tune, 1 out bases loaded situation, played for the Cleveland Indians minor league team affiliated cat hill fort's No. 22 infielder T- Curitiba add ball walks, push the bases, to help the team to 1 points, the South Korean team pulled in the 5 inning after a minute, the two sides played 9 games is still a draw. game in the extended period, in the 10 inning, the southern Atlanta League minor league team Ashe will win the Barcham team traveler timely, to help the team get a valuable. The 1 - meter 93 pitcher, Zaid, had a good rescue in the 3 round, helping the team to win. disappointed after the game, South Korean media kuangpen national team fall, the weakest in the history. The South Korean national team coach Jin Yinzhi believes Li Dahao infielders hit bad, making the team failed to win. J- Mcgee, facing 124 victories in the major league of the United States, made the Korean proud strike line completely silent. in addition, Jin Yinzhi also believes that the pitcher has given too much of the four balls. The South Korea sent 8 pitchers, gave 9 opponents four goals, the only win 7 hits. Jin Yinzhi said: "our 3 sticks and 4 sticks are not doing their mission today, but I won't change the current attack sequence. this noon, Israel and the Chinese Taipei, the result of the big stick sinks China Taipei. The Israeli hit 20 anda, Chinese Taipei in the final 9, under 4 points, is still difficult to restore the decline. In the 1, Israel played two consecutive hits, each got 2 points and took the lead of 4 to 0. 3, the New Hampshire fishing team 2A Lanpawei catcher a 2 Homer, the Chinese Taipei pitcher bomb outside Giori tender, 6 to 0 lead israel. In the 6 inning of , Chinese Taipei counterattacked. When the 1 men came out of the bases, Lin Zhisheng played a timely recovery of 2 points, and then Lin Yiquan's sacrifice returned 1 points. but 〉The official website of NFL | Drew - Stanton and the Cardinals starting negotiations | football problem of the Arizona Cardinals starting quarterback Carson Palmer (Carson Palmer) has been 36 years old, the remaining 2 years of the contract. though Palmer has performed very well recently, what's going on with the expiration of the contract is unknown. Recently, his substitute four point guard Drew Stanton (Drew Stanton) has made a brief communication with the team management team, expressing the idea of starting the first round. Stanton's only thing to remember was the bad performance of the Detroit lion's 0 - 16 season. This was the starting quarterback at Michigan State University 8 occupation career only completed 12 games starting in the 8 game, the Cardinals finished with 5 wins and 3 losses, help the Cardinals made the playoffs without Palmer. but in the middle of Palmer's success, we don't see Stanton's starting possibility.Baseball | Chinese next to the two home run 1 to 7 negative japan! Baseball Minister: too bad experience Chen Yongcai , a Panama player representing China's War March 10th, Chinese national baseball team to participate in the WBC Baseball Classic, Tokyo dome in Japan 1:7 to the Japanese baseball teams in the world. Because of the competition system reform of WBC Baseball Classic, it will not compete for three or four matches in the group competition. The Chinese team won the fourth round of the competition by winning only one point in the three games, ranking the last one in the group. almost all professional baseball players made up of Japanese baseball teams are strong teams in the world. They have won the WBC world classic two times in the past. They have always been one of the top winners of the championship. in the first game today, played for the Yakult team Yamada Choku, hit a sacrifice hits for the Japanese team won the first division. In second, the Tokyo giants' team's Kobayashi Makotoshi, a two - point home run, expanded the score to 3:0. The attack Chinese team three Bureau, foreign aid Zhang Baoshu in two out of the case, a right hits, help China team won the league only a wbc. but, under the three game, Hokkaido Japan Ham's Zhongtian Xiang was another two - run home run, extending the score to 5:1. In the end, the Japanese team took the whole game with 7:1. The Chinese team played five hits, but had three turnovers. the Chinese national team who participated in the WBC World Baseball Classic has absorbed the largest number of five foreign players in history, but the result is the worst. After Lv Jiangang's retirement, it was difficult for China's shooters to suppress foreign batters. And our blow is hard to connect. After the , Chen Xu, the director of the National Sports Office of the national sports administration in Japan, received an interview with sina sports and made a summary. Chen Xu said: "this is the strongest strength we can expedite, the Japanese strength remains the strongest team in Cuba is better than last time, almost, but it is also a powerhouse, although Australia is new, but the players are playing in the United States, the strength is very strong. Our domestic players played little in international competitions, but no problems in defence. But they didn't hit such a fast change in attack. Our own pitcher couldn't throw so fast. There's not much change. This time South Korea and Taiwan were also knocked off, Europe and Oceania came up, and all American foreign players were playing. baseball returned to the Olympics by voting in Rio. What is the prospect of the Chinese baseball team in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic preliminary contest? Chen 〉

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