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on Saturday, the Minnesota Vikings from Cleveland Brown's sparring squad signed wide receiver Charles Johnson (Charles Johnson), Viking season new attack Coordinator (Norv Turner) - Turner's last season in the Brown administration, quite familiar with Johnson. Brown last year was Johnson from the Green Bay Packers team sparring sign, but unfortunately Johnson tore the anterior cruciate ligament, the season. Charles - Johnson's stature and speed are good, but the Vikings sign him more because he is more familiar with Turner's attack system. And if Ronnie - Smith (Rodney Smith) is unable to fight because of the injury this week, Johnson will replace it. so far this season, the Vikings took only three and received a pass, are Greg - Jennings (Greg Jennings), a DERILL - Paterson (Cordarrelle Patterson) and Jared Wright (Jarius Wright) - yunus. The official website of NFL | Griffin III this week return remains a doubt | football on Wednesday, Washington Red quarterback Robert Robert III (Robert Griffin III) took part in the training of the team, but it did not mean that he was already full of blood and resurrecti cheap nfl jerseys free shipping on. Griffin sprained his ankle in the second week battle against Jacksonville Jaguar, and has been in a truce since then. He didn't start training until this week. Jay Gruden, a red leather coach, cautiously said he would probably decide who will play this week's match with the Dallas Cowboys after Thursday's training. Griffin is going to receive the doctor's assessment from this week to decide whether he can play or not. Grudon said he needed to confirm that Griffin was close to 100% recovery. He said he probably thought he could play four weeks ago. The question now is, even if Griffin can go into battle, he can contribute to the state in the absence of nearly a month later? He did not answer the question positively. He just said he wanted to see Griffin being able to do everything on the spot. at present, red basic has decided to No. two quarterback Kirk cousins (Kirk Cousin) to fight back to the bench, they will depend on Griffin's health state to decide this week whether the first by the No. three quarterback colt Mccoy (Colt McCoy) as.The official website of NFL, running back Addie RESINES will miss this week in football game wo us time on Tuesday, Green Bay Packers came from Kansas Chieftain to run Knile Davis (Knile Davis). The deal is to ensure that the team's first run Addie Addie Addie can have enough time to recover from injury. Reese was injured in the fifth week's game, but he had to insist on the match, which may aggravate the injury. According to ESPN's news, Lei Xi may be absent from Thursday's match against Chicago bears. It is reported that Rethy yesterday did not participate in the training team, and his replacement James Starks (James Starks) had knee surgery, the absence of more games this week, maybe Davies will become the only choice of the packers running back, of course, may also make their receivers to act as a running back. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.this season's first week wild card playoff match between the Kansas City Chiefs and Houston Dezhou. After the start of the game, the chief made a perfect start. After the Dezhou people opened the ball, the Sheikh opened the ball and went back to Nair Davies (Knile Davis) to return to 106 yards. The Sheikh took the lead only 11 seconds in the opening. But hit a head-on blow Dezhou failed to quickly enter the state, on the contrary, for the first time in the playoffs - quarterback Blaine Hoyer (Brian Hoyer) in the team the second wave of attack in the pass was intercepted. Luckily the chief was cut off in the next attack. Near the end of the first quarter of the people of Dezhou to the Emirates 30 yard line, but Heuer was sacked after dropping the ball, the ball was chief of snatch, Dezhou people may lose the opportunity to score. After entering the second quarter of , the chiefs used the 2 free kick to expand the lead, and when the Dezhou people once again entered the chieftain half and close to the touchdown area, Heuer's passing was again cut off by the chieftain. And when the last half of the game entered the last two minutes, Heuer's pass was third times. At the end of the half, the chief was 13-0. the beginning of the second half in Dezhou after the attack is still unable to make progress, and the chief here in the second half of the first wave of attack from the 6 yards of a road smoothly, and ultimately by quarterback Alex Smith (Alex Smith) cross found wide receiver Chris Conley (Chris Conley) completed a touchdown. But at the end of the third quarter they once again launched a wave of successful attack and eventually in the fourth quarter at the beginning by running back Spencer (Spencer, Ware) - 5 yards touchdown. The score of 27-0 gave the game a complete loss of suspense. The next look at may be whether people in Dezhou can avoid the fate of being zero. However, in the middle of the fourth section, Heuer's pass was cut by the chieftain fourth times. The Sheikh took the opportunity to score a goal, and the score has changed to 30-0. And the score ended up at the end. the chief defender played very well in this game, completed 4 copies of the 2 times and caused 1 of them to return the ball. ?????????22?|????17?|??????190??1?|????1?|????????? However, there are also some worries behind the victory of the chieftains. Their top player Jeremy Maclin (Jeremy Maclin) was injured when he was away from the field, and the severity of the injury was unknown.

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