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The official website of NFL | running back Lamar Miller and Dezhou signed | football running Lamar - Miller (Lamar Miller) joined Houston Dezhou on Wednesday in the United States. It is reported that his contract can get $6 million 500 thousand a year. Miller finished 872 yards last season, holding 4.5 yards on average and scoring 8 times. He is also an important catch point for Miami dolphins, 47 times to catch the ball and advance 397 yards to complete 3 catching up. dolphins eventually lost Miller's important reason. In fact, Miller explained a month ago: "I hope I am a specific player, and I want to get the recognition I deserve. Miller hopes that he can get no less than 20 opportunities in every game, and it is clear that the dolphins can't do it. now he will replace cheap nfl jerseys free shipping the Ariane - Forster (Arian Foster) to get the appreciation of Dezhou.The official website of NFL | Jordi Nelson signed a $39 million contract | football Green Bay Packers star Jordi ·. Nelson (Jordy Nelson) has renewed a 4 year contract worth 39 million dollars with its home team, plus a signature fee of 11 million 500 thousand to a dollar. 29 year old Nelson just had the most effective occupation career in the 2013 season of his 85 ball, 1314 yards forward, 8 touchdowns, reached his previous record. Nelson has been in the packaging team for 6 years so far, with a total of 4590 yards and 36 catches. his last contract with the packaging team was signed in 2011 for 3 years, worth $12 million 600 thousand.Miami dolphins coach Joey Philbin (Joe Philbin) to return to work after his father's death. Philbin missed the team's 2 days of training, to accompany the sick father on Friday night, Philbin father died in Marseille, arjuna. After Philbin and Saturday to return to the team, the team completed the training, to prepare for Sunday's game against the San Diego lightning game. is now 4 - 3 and has won 2 consecutive games, while lightning 5 - 3 has 2 consecutive defeats. From 1984 to 2002, , a university coach, led Allegheny College to win the National Cup in 1990. He joined the Green Bay Packers in 2003 to become the attack coordinator. After that, the Green Bay offensive ranked the top 10 in NFL. As a dolphin coach in 2012, the record has been 17 - 20.About Desmond Chu (Desmond Trufant), especially before us "season 2013 defensive rookie of the year in the season" wrote: "the Falcon in disastrous season, he always make no reply has attracted little attention, but wait until the end of the season, his performance is all people sit up and take notice." throughout the 2013 season, the young Falconer's performance can only be described in one word: stunning. Especially in the latter half of the season, Chu Fang has a strong ending. The total score of the last six games of the regular season is +9.9, which also deserves our best defensive player of the year. last season, Chu's total score was seventh in all corner guards, and his failure to pass the ball was more than the league. Since the new season, he still continued his good condition, two weeks before the total score ranked all fifth cornerback, two games only allow rivals to get 4 receptions for 66 yards in his head, and an average of 16.8 times to let the other successful defensive cover the ball once, only second weeks is in want of perfection tiger face when released Mohamed Thanou (Mohamed Sanu) by surprise to Brandon Tate (Brandon Tate) 50 yards. because of the dismal defense of the falcons, Chu Fang may be easily overlooked. But this week's Thursday night match with the rival pirates should be the best stage for Chu Fang. The nation and the fans all over the world will witness the 6 foot and two pirates cornerback 6 feet and 5 inches large combined with collision. It is interesting that Chu Fang's best and worst matches are all given by pirates. What new performance does this grade two student have on Thursday? It's worth looking forward to.

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