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The official website of NFL | rookie Carle expected interim coach sparano on next season | football Oakland Raiders' quarterback Derek Carle (Derek Carr) hasn't finished his rookie season, but has been playing under two coaches. if the Raiders don't announce the new coach after the end of the season, Carle will be happy. In an interview Wednesday, said Carle is looking forward to interim coach Toni (Tony Sparano) sparano next season to stay. he told a reporter: Yes, we are all very love sparano. He said our leaders, clearly the decision to stay will soon be down, and we can't control it. But no matter who is the coach, we will have a good game. In fact, I don't know what will happen, but in any case I want him to be our coach. J Panaro has taken 2 games in the last 4 games after being trained by . Although he has retained important chips for his stay, he still has a long way to go for the team and fans' expectations.Bowling competition | ring Yang Wei happiness back side competition circle Yang Wei's feeling of happiness back to Chinese sports newspaper reporter Du Jie in bowling matches, a little deviation of movement and a slight fluctuation of psychology and mood will produce different results, so it is very difficult for champions to predict. In other words, it is not easy to keep a fairly high level of state in a bowl cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ing match. ???????????????????4?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? especially China occupation bowling tour final scene: the game between Yang Wei and Liaoning's Wang Zhiyong, two people are right-handed arc play, also seems to be the same level. The 3 games and 2 wins are nervous to hold their breath unconsciously... At a critical moment, it is more psychological than a spell. In determining the outcome of the third inning, Yang Wei finally hit consecutive victory locked 3 full, and became the first champion Chinese first born occupation bowling tournament. At this time, Yang Wei, to change the competition in the silent, excitedly waving the fist... Yang Wei was tied to bowling, a kind of unexplained and unexplained fate. 9 years old that year, the first time Yang Wei followed his father to go bowling ball played in life, the results fell in love with the sport. "I want to play every day, and it itches without playing. As a result, this play has been playing today, 21 years! " Yang Wei said. Yang Wei is a great talent. In 2004, China's Hongkong international open competition, more than 500 people competed, altogether produced 7 full marks, one of them was 17 when he was only 17 years old. "When I hit 11 in a row, the quiet to my heart in perfect silence, tears, I don't even dare to look behind him, because I know there are hundreds of eyes watching me a ball next." The feeling of that moment, Yang Wei remember, "I can't believe that I can shoot the last ball out of the whole!" 21 years of bowling career, Yang Wei tasted the sweet and sour, sweet and bitter. In 2005, the national team was selected and the top 12 were able to enter the national training team. Yang Weigang was well off the door - only 1 points from twelfth. The experience of the young Yang Wei is a little blow, but also let him understand that only to make himself stronger, will not be able to pass the opportunity. he had been lost. After the Inchon Asian Games in 2014, Yang Wei suddenly lost the love and passion of bowling. For more than two years, he rarely went to the gym and had no normal training, which directly led to a decline in his skill level. 〉Confessions of a | NFL official website: the second generation immigrants did not want to play football NFL| a new phase of the player's prose. American football is a typical gourmet sport, and the people involved in it are basically American. But in the NFL football game, there are still some foreign / second generation immigrant players. They are not like American players who have been infected in a strong Rugby atmosphere. They are both in the process of growth or early or late into the football. Today we'll take a look at the New York fighter jetting 68 Breno Giacomini. It's about how the two generation of Brazil immigrants grew from a football country's kid to a professional rugby player. life cycle When was in Grade 6, my life had changed forever. at that time my father worked as a maintenance worker at the Marriott Hotel. There was a new England patriot party at a dinner party. He knew there would be a rich meal, so he decided to go to work with me when I had to go to school and go to bed in second days. I had a very popular patriot player jacket in the 90s. Dad said to me: you can take the jacket with Drew Bledsoe to sign you, he's a tall man, you are a tall man, and you like to play the quarterback. (dear jet fans: I was in Grade 6 at that time, and I lived in Malden on the side of Boston, so I was a patriotic fan of course. It's not my fault. Now? I hate them, just like you! we later found that it was a formal dinner, and thought it was impossible to sign in, but Bledsoe didn't care about it. He signed my jacket. my Dad might not know it - that changed my life. Really, I saw the star quarterback that I could only see on TV and signed my jacket. From then on, he immediately became my model of action, and I had been wearing the jacket until I couldn't wear it any longer. is very common for many American kids. But one thing is different. I am a first generation of Americans (or the second generation of immigrants). my parents are immigrants from Governador Valadares, which is located in Brazil city of Minas gerais. My father grew up on a farm, and my mother was a cashier in the grain market where his father bought and sold bean rice. Like many Brazilians, their life was forced to grow rapidly, only know that hard, two individuals have not graduated from high school, every day they work only for life. 〈〉The league's most powerful defense team will be missing a key member in the next game. Denver wild horse announced that DeMarcus - wale (DeMarcus Ware) has been missing from Cleveland Brown's match with a back injury. earlier this week, NFL official Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that Will's injury would cause him to be absent for 2 weeks. However, due to the Mustang game against Brown will usher in the bye week, it will likely miss one game. has made 4.5 escapement in the first five games of the season and is the main reason for the Mustang to become the top defense team in the league this season. If wild horse wants to win the game, teammate Von Miller and healthy front line defense need to fill Miller's vacancy to face Brown's hot quarterback Josh McKoen (Josh McCown).

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