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"| handball in my life the most glorious moment": South Korea's main melody movie | hand Co borrow a piece of "Waikiki brothers" and by the attention of the director Ren Shunli, after a lapse of 7 years to two South Korean actor Kim Jeong-eun ("family honor") and the moon ("oasis"), filmed a motion movie in my life "the most glorious moment". After its debut in Korea in January 10th, the film has been leading the box office. The number of visitors has exceeded 4 million. It has become the second blockbuster so far this year, which has brought joy to the film industry in the long run. film according to the South Korean women's handball team in the 2004 Athens Olympic Games lost Zhaijin unsuccessful story in denmark. The first half part can be called the female director Zhang Jing female movie, Ren Shun cleverly put all kinds of social problems in South Korean society together, and interspersed in the plot, the film gives the real sense of reality (female players personal life is a microcosm of Korean Contemporary Society); vivid delic cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ate lens language it showed the male centered society of Korea female strong side. in female athletes is colorful, had to go to the supermarket to work under the livelihood of the national handball team jade, giving up a good salary for the effectiveness of home divorce female Hui Jing, eager to marry pistachio Xiu ji...... These new and old players have character flaws, they also have contradiction, but in South Korea women's handball is facing the most difficult moment, the survival of the key moments in the Olympic Games, their team spirit in the first place and ultimately self defeating (opportunism, egoism, etc.) in order to become a real hero. The second half of the movie is a sports film. The director used advanced 3D photography technology to shoot a lot of competition scenes, so as to make the narrative clear and full of the sense of the scene. But in the big games, Ren Shunli's vision is quite narrow, the overall picture is relatively weak, the lack of appeal and impact is more intense. It is a pity that the end of the real competitive picture is too hasty and unsuitable to the whole work.taking into account the four point guard Drew - Bracey (Drew Brees) in his former teammates, Graham - tight end Jimmy (Jimmy Graham) was traded for the first time in the social network voice is upload a photo of his son in the proximal front shirt photos, then the expression of his first public comments when trading is shocked love is not surprising. "I think this is a shock to all of us," Bracey said on a radio show on ESPN on Thursday. "But after the free player market, there will be a lot of crazy things for different teams. Unfortunately, you've been in the League for a long time, and occasionally you'll see things like that. But it also shows that our team is able to grow young players, especially attacking teams, who are able to score positions. They feel that they are now able to grow and fill this big gap and become an important player in the offensive team and continue to make progress. Bracey said Graham was "like a brother to me," and said he would miss him all over the field. The quarterback understands that the change is part of the business. No matter how big the loss of the red area killer is for the team, the team still has to go on. Bracey won the game before Graham came to New Orleans saints and won the game after the latter left. , the professional bowl quarterback, also denied the highly concerned trading rumors that he wanted to retire from the saints. "I really don't want to pay attention to these rumors," Bracey said. "It's time for me to focus on my family in a year. People will come and say to me, 'I hear you're going to be traded to Tampa Bay pirates,' and I'll say, 'Okay, that's good.' I have close ties with everyone in the team. If anything happens, if I have any real information, I will know what I will hear from them.| handball in life | before Zhang Zhong Quan branch national handball Green King into the marriage hall | hand Association from "my network" reported handball before April 17th, Chinese Guangdong athletes Zhang Zhiqing, Wang Zhongquan at the end of long-distance love into the marriage hall. Let's bless them together. Happiness is forever!The official website of NFL |49 regeneration infighting: right tackle for replacement | football offensive Coordinator is on the way to the end of the season of the 49 men's team in San Francisco. When the team is preparing for a big adjustment, the professional bowl player attacking Anthony Anthony Davies Davis doesn't want to work with Grieg Greg, the offensive coordinator next season. Davies attacked Luo Man on twitter today, and recalled what he just said when he was an attack coordinator. Grieg Rome, when I was 21 years old, said to me, 'you know we can cut anyone off, no matter what you do. Davies continues to push after it: This is ironic. He was advising the 49 team to cut Roman, as roman had said at the time. Because Davies deleted the tweets later, it was still not clear what he wanted to express. but in any case, the estrangement between Davies and Roman has been brewing to a certain extent, just like the current atmosphere of the team.

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