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Our football equipment network company in Brazil UMBRO Club Cruzeiro jointly announced the Brazil Cup 2018 season New Jersey home court, Cruzeiro Club great historical review, the traditional blue shirt into the details of the design novel, the team will be on Wednesday the main field and the URT Club Mineiluo State League in New Jersey unveiled. Jersey has a classical elegant V collar, the overall use of high performance fabrics, more light weight, mesh fabric can bring both supporters on the court and in the stands have the same comfort. shirt collar after chic crown from the official club badge embossed at present, records the history of Cruzeiro in 2003 for three trophies achievement. in addition, embossed pattern shirt cuffs from UMBRO double diamond trademark and the club name "Cruzeiro (Cruzeiro)" mixed collocation.because of a stupid act, the "perfect performance" of Hakim - Nicks (Hakeem Nicks) became a "good night". Saturday In cheap nfl jerseys free shipping dianapolis Colts preseason against the New York Giants game, with teammate Reggie Wayne and T.Y Hilton to play, Nicks took over as an extra pony was a very good chance and quarterback Andrew ruck (Andrew Luck) formed a tacit understanding. in the match, Nicks scored 5 times to advance 53 yards, 4 of which received the first attack, but the focus of public opinion was focused on the attack he was called off. Nicks was in the middle of 36 yards receiving, when he is ready to play across the line of giants, he was the giants cornerback Mcbride trewman (Trumaine McBride) after Nicks was sentenced to shake hands, non moral foul. After the game, Nicks explained, "my instincts let me do it, something you just did... And then got caught at that moment." pony coach chuck ppagano's called Nicks to the sidelines until the end of the first quarter, and scolded his irrational behavior. Pagano said after the game: "this behavior has nothing to do with your opponent. They are unknown to you. A strong football team, we need to respect it all, we need to be fearless. No matter who they are, what we have to do is to do what we do and how to finish the game. " No matter how he was at that time, Nicks knew very well what the public would say after his actions. He could have done better. He hoped that he could learn from this incident and not let anything like that happen again. Nicks spent the first five years in the giants. He has won the super bowl and 1000 yard season record. But he was unhappy in New York last year. His efforts were questioned by the giants. Maybe this is the motive of his stupid behavior. Nicks has proved that he will be a weapon with Hilton for the pony, but a stupid act ruined his perfect performance. Pagano said: "he is an outstanding athlete. He has a good understanding with LAK. They can become a strong combination to help the team become an excellent team, and punish him for a perfect night, a better night in the near future."The official website of NFL | injured parts has a painless feeling is | football New York Giants fans expect has wide receiver Victor Cruz (Victor Cruz) and finally to the back. In the local time related media reported Tuesday, is very optimistic, he now for the injured leg had no pain. Ke Luzi revealed this in an interview, he plans to local time on Wednesday to accept the nuclear magnetic resonance detection. If the results are satisfactory, he is expected to resume training this week, even in the weekend. The giant's opponent this week is the Dallas cowboy, who believes he is more likely to return to the New Orleans saints in the next week. is in the training camp during the week before the start of a calf injury, aggravating the injury in the season. The 2014 season, the Cruze had longer because of the absence of a knee injury, the giants also intend to use a more conservative approach to the veteran injuries. Ke Luzi will return more options for the team's offensive offer.The official website of NFL | patriots receiver Hogan look forward to the outbreak of | football the new England patriots in the offseason and wide receiver Chris Hogan (Chris Hogan) to complete the contract. Hogan confessed that it was expected to be able to break out in the new season and make a contribution to the team. Hogan said: for me, I am a loser, so every year I have to compete for the position. I may be cut off, and I may be unemployed. I never take anything for granted. Every day is an opportunity. For me, it's a chance to compete. Whether I'm a first or a substitute, or I can't get out at all, I'm ready every day. last season, Hogan played for the buffalo Bill, he completed 41 receptions for 426 yards with 4 touchdowns. Through his own efforts, Hogan may have had the best chance of his career. He himself is looking forward to what he can do in the new season.

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