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The official website of NFL | Arrakis - Smith pass more confidence | football 's attack on the Kansas chieftain last season was disastrous, but last Sunday it was no longer the case. On Sunday, Arrakis Smith (Alex Smith) finished 33 passes 22 times 243 yards and contributed 3. Aside from the data, we found that Smith was playing more smoothly in the new attack system. He led the team's ups and downs, and allocated the ball to 7 different goals, including helping the near end Travis Cares (Travis Kelce) to finish the best 106 yards career and advance the 2 performance. After the game, Cares said: he is a wealth, every link is in the rhythm, the protection of the line is great, we are a tough team. next week, the chief is going to have a test. If they can defeat the Denver Mustang's defense, then I believe other teams will no longer despise their offensive team.'s time for Alshon Jeffery for the Chicago bear may eventually be extended. After 's voluntary training in absences, Geoffrey finally took part in the team's compulsory Mini training camp last week. During his absen cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ce, the team, who had been labeled as a privileged team, remained silent, but became the headline task for media coverage. The last time we were concerned about his news, the possibility of signing a long-term contract with the bear did not seem to have existed. It looks like Geoffrey will finish the next season with a privileged label contract. but the latest reports refute the previous rumours. According to ESPN, the bear and Geoffrey are still negotiating a long-term renewal, and both sides may be able to complete the renewal by the July 15th deadline. The development of is understandable. When the team and the privileged label players negotiate, these negotiations may only be remote contact. A year ago, Hernandez - Bryant (Dez Bryant) and Thomas (Demaryius Thomas) - Mars is in the day of the deadline to complete the signing of the. last season Geoffrey was out of 7 games, when the bear team was short of a reliable offensive player. According to the calculation, when Geoffrey was present, the bear team's pass number was half as much as he was absent. One reason bears seem to be indecisive for the contract renewal is Geoffrey's injuries last year. But Geoffrey, despite the absence of offseason training team, but in the mini camp when his physical condition is good. And he in the 2013 and 2014 season 16 game attendance, which makes his injury problems more like epiphenomenon rather than normal. When he came on, Geoffrey looked like the first five levels of the league. generally speaking, it's not wise to let out a top five level in white. It's a stupid decision to let Geoffrey go out a year later, even if it can't make a long contract this year.tiger news July 23rd the preseason usually disappointing fans to finally have games to see very exciting but only to see a group in order to keep the team opportunity grappling line three players. At least the Arizona Cardinals coach Bruce Arians (Bruce Arians) to warn you that. said Saturday that the Arians he has decided not to let the quarterback Carson Palmer (Carson Palmer) and Larry Fitzgerald (Larry over Fitzgerald) to participate in the game hall of fame. Although said he wanted to let Arians starting in the pre-season match to get more playing time to speed up their regular season for the two players ready, he does not want his most important risk too much. so when the cardinals in the hall of fame game against the Dallas cowboys, Drew - Stanton (Drew Stanton) will serve as the starting quarterback. It is not yet known whether Dak Prescott will play for the cowboy, but it can be said that even if he is out, he will not play a lot of time. Once the fans think of the meaning of the pre - season, their excitement will not last long.Bowling |2017 southwest bowling club tournament (Chongqing Railway Station) competition June 9th, sponsored by the Municipal Sports Center "good sports action" in 2017 Chongqing City National Fitness bowling competition and the southwest area Bowling Club League (Chongqing Railway Station) competition held in Chongqing Olympic Sports Center honglink bowling alley, there were from Chongqing, Liuzhou, Kunming, Zigong, Chengdu, Guiyang, Hubei, Guangzhou, Nanning, Shanghai, Guilin 11 city club 48 teams of nearly 200 contestants. The opening ceremony was presided over by Liu Jirong, a minister of social sports guidance center, comrade Yu Hongzhang, vice president of Bowling Association speech, deputy director of the city social sports guidance center secretary, comrade Li Tao speech, former vice governor of Hubei Provincial People's government announced the opening of Comrade Gao Ruike, attended the opening ceremony of the chairman and the city of Bowling Association of Comrade Chen Songbai, chairman, Hubei province Bowling Association tournament director Comrade Zhao Faming, Secretary of the Yunnan provincial Bowling Association long Comrade Ren Huiqing, comrade Chen Wenbing Bowling Association in Sichuan province. The competition in this competition is a team match and a single player. The first six in the group competition and the first ten in the single match. The competition adopted the FIQ-WTBA competition rules approved by the Chinese Bowling Association in 2015. 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