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since the green city of Zhejiang opened the new season, in addition to the fans' attention to the lineup and the record, the New Jersey has become the focus of the hot debate. In the new season, the green city's jerseys and equipment chose the domestic brand Anta. Although it was the first time China's professional football team's sponsors, but Anta's new season's jersey design, let the fans and the industry in the green city have given the high score evaluation. Greentown club press officer Li Lei told reporters, with the previous fans for the majority of domestic brands, models, color monotonous design of old dull stereotype is different, the New Jersey based on adhering to traditional club, the team will be the core value of rub into the shirt design, overall and details are to perfect the United States, called the Anta Zhejiang Greentown Club 20th anniversary offer a gift have great originality. The traditional color + West Lake Ten New Jersey local flavor. home court continues the classic green jersey Club appearance in Hangzhou City arrangement of the townhouse street for inspiration, with bright green thin vertical stripes, formed as vertical stripes turf texture appearance, showing the team has a regular and favorable sense of organization. The shirt also incorporates the "V" pattern that symboliz cheap nfl jerseys free shipping es victory. It is a metaphor for the team's infinite desire for victory. also uses the traditional Club Jersey white appearance, Jersey front joined the "West Lake ten" in the "Leifeng Pagoda" silhouette pattern, directly to the beauty of the West Lake original presented in the design. Add the colorful white and green two colors to make the stadium shirt the most praised shirt after the press conference. goalkeeper Jersey, home court have light yellow appearance, and to the South with rivers and lakes landscape for inspiration, design V shaped water ripple through the chest, shoulders and sleeves. The show on the pitch as rippling rhythm; away goalkeeper clothes with cool black appearance. The gradient triangle pattern design with the regular arrangement of the shirt front, bring out of the ordinary visual experience. also, in order to celebrate the 20 year old birthday of green city football, the new season's shirt also added a number of commemorative clubs to set up 20th anniversary special design. foreign design team effort new adidas let Chinese and Western more artistic The birth of the fresh version of the war robe comes from a team of Japanese designers. Talking about the first time to Zhejiang Greentown Club shirt design case, the Japanese designer responsible person said, this is an interesting challenge and an opportunity, he believes that football is a cross international sport, but also know Zhejiang Greentown club is an international vision team, so in the design to create new styles, in the creative performance it took a little time to think, to imagine how the historical culture and the spirit of the China club into a design height and depth. in the design of the draft, the Japanese designer to understand Duizhang Greentown is "perfect conjugal bliss" this idiom for performance, then the overall design 〉 JerseyIt's one thing for to design a defensive plan to deal with Rob Gronkowski, and it's another thing to really keep him on the court. , some team coaches are defending the new England patriot's super near front through some specific tactics. Some teams, such as Washington red skinned coach Jay Gruden, choose a more traditional way. He said, "I think it still needs team strength. You can say that you need a double person to wrap him up, but if you do this, there is always a catch player who is 1 to 1 against your defender. So I think the man is probably the best choice. Our people need to give pressure, no matter who is the opposite. " is generally the Gelon Khodorkovsky compared to the legendary former tight end Toni - Gonzales (Tony Gonzalez), but Gruden made a different comparison, he said: "he is more like a great basketball player, Stephen - Curitiba (Steph Curry) or Lebron James (LeBron James), he is able to score. So we only need to limit him to complete some incredible scores. Before he catches the ball, we need players to go around and try to create balls or block him. if all this doesn't work? You can only hope that the Gelon Khodorkovsky morning ate.Cincinnati tiger will play the role of Cleveland Brown Hill Jeremy in the next match, which will make sure that a runner in the tigers will take the main workload. according to the team's official website news, the team another runner Giovanni - Bernard (Giovani Bernard) told reporters that the new rookie will start. Bernard also said he was willing to take any position to help the team win. has let the two young runner score the ball in the past three weeks. Hue Jackson, the offensive coordinator, said on Wednesday that he wanted one of them to have more ball possession times. , "I used to let a player occupy most of the times of the ball, because this can make the runner really become excellent, and they must be honed to get a good performance," Jackson said. "You have to feel about the game. We have two excellent players, they are different types of players and we will let them speak with their performance. But I think we are going in a very good direction... They are very good. I just think I didn't do it well this week. These words, together with the fact that Hill got the first chance, symbolized the rookie should have most of the opportunity to hold the ball. has been holding almost the same number of times as Hill (33 and 39 times each) since Bernard's three match. However, they scored an average of only 3.9 yards in the three games. In Bernard Hill injured as a power running back in the team take to punch the ball when the task successfully - and Jackson in Oakland in the past when the Raiders use Darren Mcfadden (Darren McFadden) and Michael Bush (Michael Bush) a running back history such that the rookie team will be next to three consecutive home court schedule relies on that person. Bernard will continue to undertake the task of changing attack rhythm and passing the ball from the backcourt, which is the most suitable thing for his physical condition and technical ability at the beginning.NBA star private car once a year NBA all star in addition to enjoy the wonderful game, all the stars of the car is certainly worth a visit. Kobe, who has the highest annual NBA salary in the 2014-2015 season, can get $23 million 500 thousand. It's perfect for these professional players to buy any luxury cars. Its ?

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