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The defensive front player Jeremy Ratliff (Jeremy Ratliff) ended the Chicago bear team. In the past 3 seasons, he has only made 17 appearances for the team. On Tuesday, local time, the team announced that he was cut off because Ratliff and the team general manager had a quarrel. Then, the bears will be announced before the first round of the Pittsburgh Steelers show Ziggy hood (Ziggy Hood) added into the list. bear's general manager, Ryan Pace, said: "I think it is the best choice for the team to break up with Jeremy. We thank him for his contribution to the team and hope that his future will go well. We are very excited about Hu's accession. " in 2012, Ratliff and the Dallas cowboy owner Jerry Jones (Jerry Jones) broke out in conflict. The 34 year old has been banned in 3 games this season, in the past two Zhou Junxian. The bear team will be more dependent on Will Sutton, Jarvis Jenkins (Jarvis Jenkins) and new rookie Eddie Goodman (Eddie Goldman).American football leads a new round of Chinese and American sports diplomacy , NFL global market leader, executive vice president Mark · Mr. Waller and the president of the Chinese people's Association for external friendship, Ms. Li Xiaolin, . Star Tennis is playing a more and more important role in today's Chinese and American sports diplomacy. During an official visit to the United States just ended, Chinese President Xi Jin cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ping was invited to visit the United States Lincoln middle school in Tacoma City, watched the school football team training, and received a gift to the school football players of the "1" written on the front, the back says "XI" in American olive and a football jersey. ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??3??????????????????????|????????????A???????????????? ????????????????????????????????NFL???????????????????????????????쨲???????·????? Mr. Waller gave a comprehensive introduction to the development of rugby in the world, including in China, to the president Li, and the two sides have increased mutual understanding and communication, laying a good foundation for further cooperation. has changed the world's ping-pong diplomacy since 1971, and successfully opened the door of Sino US relations and set up a model of sports diplomacy. Sports has always been a bridge and channel connecting friendly communication between Chinese and American people. With the deepening of Sino US sports exchanges and cooperation, the ball is driven by the ball, and American football is becoming the main force of sports diplomacy between the two countries. As the first major sport and the first professional sports league in the world, has great influence on American Professional Football League NFL. 70% people in the United States are NFL fans, and the number of viewers watching the Super Bowl in the NFL finals is even more than the number of voters involved in the U. S. presidential election. In recent years, the number of NFL fans in Europe and China has also been growing rapidly. According to authoritative statistics, at the end of 2014, Chinese fans who expressed interest in NFL and American football had reached 17 million 700 thousand. In fact, the number of American football fans in American football has increased by 10 times in the past 5 years. The number of clubs and teams in American rugby sports has reached nearly two hundred. Chinese youth in the American rugby movement not only improved their physical quality from speed, agility, flexibility, but also cultivated their leadership, teamwork and courage. cultural exchanges have been playing a unique and important role in Sino US relations. Sports as a bridge and link between Chinese and American people, has become the "cultural exchange" in the two countries with its unique charm.has spent 20 years with the packers before the team president, judge Robert -J. pullins (Robert J. Parins) has died at the age of 98. When retired, he pushed the team to hire Bob - Haran (Bob Harlan) and let the latter take over his work. Haran's wrapper is very strong, 3 times to the super bowl, 2 wins. , "that's one of the best things he has ever done," Jack Koeppler, a late deceased member of the packaging company, once said in 2006, "a big business." Judge Parins to make the football operation right not to be a coach arrogate contributed, he established the current functioning general manager system.'s first playoff match will be launched between the Atlanta falcons and Losangeles rams. This is the second team in the history of the playoffs, the last hand, the last hand, the falcons led by Michael - Vick to win 47-17 Saint Louis rams. But in spite of this, the ram is still slightly superior to the historical record of 47 - 29, 2 - flat. The last time the two teams played outside linebacker, Falcon young Vic - Beasley successfully taught GF man, Falcon 42-14 to wash the ram, RAM collision again this year is no longer on the season the rams, Falcon is no longer the last season's final falcon, what will be the result? This is the since the 2004 season the rams playoffs for the first time, but also for the first time since the 2003 season in the National League West title. This season in the young coach Sean McVeigh led rams played a whirlwind attack wave, the team reversed the decline, in the occupation bowl squad rams have 5 players selected: Falao - Cooper, Jonny - Haeckel, Greg - Aaron, Zuerlaien - Donald and Todd - Gly. This season the main running show Weigeerli offensive comprehensive and dominant, and ultimately to 2093 yards and 19 yards ran mixed touchdowns to lead the league; lead by Robert - Woods and Cooper - Karp's not well-known catcher group, but also to the fans to bring enough surprises. On the defensive side, Aaron Donald played a varied role this season, playing the role of front line versatile in the new defensive system, which is superior to that in the previous season. Both the offensive and the defensive are all bright. I'm afraid the return of the playoffs is only a lack of experience. Atlanta falcons eventually won the NL division series at the end of the ticket, the second consecutive season reached the National League playoffs. Although the team played a little more than the previous season, they still have a strong threat at the offensive end. Julio - Jones and Arrakis - Mark are the best evidence of the career bowl list. With respect to the lack of playoff experience of rams, last season was the Super Bowl runner up to many seasoned Falcon in this respect, to know that in the playoffs last season, "Iceman" Matt Ryan from 1014 yards and 9 touchdowns and 1 interceptions. Although their pass offense is a bit back, they still have the ability to blossom more. In defense, the East Tower in the offseason for the Falcon's front - more of a threat to know this big guy and a tip end of the offensive line, the power of nature can not be underestimated. Also have good offensive and defensive end spot, may be more than one of the ram falcon is the only playoff experience.

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